Marsh near the Trees

SOLD One of my favorite things to paint is a loose landscape... the possibilities of composition and color are endless. And what I really love about the process is how the human eye will complete a thought. Sometimes all the details aren't exactly as they would appear in life or the colors are vastly different from reality, but your eye wants to create a perfect place or feeling. And really ...all that matters is how you feel about what you are seeing in the moment. This painting is a 30x40 acrylic on canvas that was on exhibit at The Willow in downtown Exeter. It has now found a warm home for the holidays. Ten of my paintings are currently on exhibit there.
Be sure and get to Exeter this Thursday for huge dose of charming New England holiday celebrations.... the tree lighting, the downtown shops filled with gifts, the Festival of Trees, the Holiday Art Show on the second floor of the old town hall, Santa, hayrides and much more.
Then on Saturday and Sunday, join the 75 artists at the Button Factory on Islington Street in Portsmouth. It is packed ...and
Kind warm wishes to you and your family this holiday season.


Thank you for coming...

Thank you to everyone who stopped in at our open house this past weekend. It was great to see and chat with all of you. A friend who dropped by sent this note... so sweet. That's one of the great things about art... when you share a color, an image or an art conversation, you make a connection that stays in your heart. Thank you also to Deb McLarnon, Lisa Cochran, Dale Atkins, Lori Martone, and Terry Braun for sharing your creativity.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


Pink Poppies at our Open House this Friday and Saturday

SOLD A good friend of mine and I swapped perennials about five years ago at a yard sale. When she gave them to me, I literally just opened up the earth and plopped in the dense chunk of growth. Every year I think of her (actually, I think of her more often than that) as I see these wonders of nature explode. The poppies have been the topic of conversation with several neighbors... good gardening tips have been shared...tea has been sipped in anticipation while waiting for the sun and wind to force another pod open.... All these things happen because of this gift of color that sits spectacularly in my front garden. Amazing. This painting is from a photo I took this past spring. It is 16x20 and will be on exhibit this weekend at our open house... along with my 500 TINY PAINTINGS. Please, invite a friend and join us...


Looks like gift wrap!

Four of my newest paintings now hang at Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street in Exeter. They all have a similar pattern and when grouped together look like wrapping paper.... hmmmm maybe someday? Each panel is 24x36 inches so the entire piece is 4x6 feet. They fill the wall up to the second floor mezzanine in the cafe. All it needs is a big red bow! Hope you can stop in sometime to take a look. Divine is open Wednesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

My fellow open house artists (Deb, Terry, Lisa, Lori, and Dale) are getting ready for the big days November 20 and 21... We will have new art, lots of fun, and "Maurice" welcoming all at 8 Union with beverages and treats. Click on the flier for the specifics. See you soon! Have a great day and many warm cups of tea.



Rose Bryant 500 Tiny Paintings

This little winterscape is 2.5x3.5 inches and is one of 500 tiny works to be on display at our November Open House. I can see myself hunkering down this fall and getting lost in the process of creating them. Everybody has their therapy... and this is mine. When I get overwhelmed with the details of business and life, sometimes I just plop down and soak in the color. I am so entertained by spreading the paint and seeing images appear. Even the simplest of brushstrokes brings a huge sense of satisfaction and calm... almost as if someone else has created this and I am just here to enjoy it. Some of my friends ask... "Are you REALLY going to paint 500?" Yes... and I will love every minute of it.

Willow Shop Fun: Exeter's Fall Festival is this weekend. Mark your calendar for 12 noon this Saturday for Mandeville Canyon Designs decorating event at the Willow downtown. Treats, great ideas, and wonderful color and items for your nest.


Congratulations to Gwen and Tracy!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. There were over 50 responses... more than I expected. So I decided to pick two winners rather than one :-)

Everyone was given a number, the numbers went in a hat, and my trusty husband, Mal, did the draw. The hat, by the way, is one that my father used for years while cutting grass... I loved it so much, he let me keep it. And now it is my art hat. Thank you all again for the really good input and all the kind compliments. Gwen and Tracy, I hope you enjoy the tiny works! Rose


Win a Tiny Painting! Thank you

Enter my free drawing for a tiny painting by telling me what you think about the clarity and colors on this site. Sometimes different computer screens show colors and text differently. If you can take a moment, please, email me here and I will put all the responding comments in a random pick for a free tiny painting. The winner will get to choose between a tiny sunflower painting "Little Cindy" or a tiny lily pond painting "Lily Pond #2" (they are each 2.5x3.5 inches). I will post the winner's name (First name and last initial) on Thursday, 10/8 by 3pm. Then I will mail the painting out to you by Friday, 10/9. Thank you so much in advance for your time (and your input). And good luck!

More news: Interior designer, Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs is holding a free design demonstration this Thursday evening at 7 at The Willow Shop in downtown Exeter. You should check it out... and pick up a few tips for rejuvenating your fall. I understand there are treats involved. Click on the leaf for more information and to rsvp.
Have a beautiful fall day!


"Girls on the Beach" have enjoyed the summer!

SOLD Summer is over and the girls have had a great time. They were beaching at The Works Bakery Cafe only for a short time before they found a new home. The new owner saw them and had to have them as a gift for her husband... (thank you, Catherine.) My solo exhibit at The Works continues through October and then look for me at Breaking News Grounds November and December.

Mark your calendars for our annual holiday open house here on Union Street and Front Streets in Exeter, November 20 and 21. Lisa Cochran with her one of a kind beaded jewelry will open her studio (next door). Dale Atkins Painting Restoration and Frame Repair will be demonstrating how she repairs damaged fine art and family heirlooms at her studio (across the street). And Lori Martone, potter, Deb McLarnon, photographer, and I will be here at my (bustin' at the seams) studio. Joining us for the first time this year is Terry Braun... with his hand hammered copper pots. They are beautiful and earthy and his process is an incredible labor of love. See you there!


Rose Bryant Original Paintings, Olives for York Art in the Park 2009

SOLD I had fun with the floating fruit for the Wright Start. Still in the mood... so the olives sort of "flowed" right out of my brush. This painting is a 48x20 triptych. Each panel is 16x20. I will have this painting plus others....including my Tiny Paintings (2.5x3.5 inches) at my booth. Take 1-A (which is York Street) into York and look for Moulton Park. I am at space #41. Food, beverages, fun and a lovely setting. This show offers four different prizes for artists... so the color should be good! This Saturday, 9-4. Hope you can join us!


South Portland Art in the Park.... thank you for stopping in...

A belated "thank you" to all of you who visited my art booth this August at the 30th annual South Portland Art in the Park. It couldn't have been a lovelier day at Mill Creek Park. This was my first year seeing and participating in the event, and I was amazed at the beauty of the setting... the trees along the park's edge, the pond and fountains in the center, the music and all the artist neighbors. Mark your calendar for the first Saturday in August 2010... I will see you again.


Floating Fruit for the Wright Start Preschool

SOLD One of my favorite places on the planet is the Wright Start Preschool. Such fond memories. My children went there, and I love (and will always love) the teachers. They make everyone feel welcomed in their nurturing environment.
The Wright Start is a preschool that operates in the Early Childhood Education Program for the Seacoast School of Technology (one function of our public high school SAU 16). A lot of titles to throw around and keep straight... and over the years they have had a mouthful of explaining to do when they've describe who they are.
Essentially, the Wright Start operates as a teaching lab for high school students. The high school students (under the direction of the program director) complete early childhood course work. They also work with the preschool students (who are taught by the preschool teachers). What makes this program so wonderful is that all the students, both high school and preschool, benefit from the interactions with each other.... it is fantastic meshing of missions.
In the spring I was asked by the Wright Start to create art to help warm up a very large horizontal wall space above the preschool kitchen cabinets. My goal was to create something cheery, fun, thought provoking, and easily recognizable by the students. The individual panels are all 2x2 feet, so the entire piece is 2x10 feet. It is the longest painting I have produced... and one of the most fun. The installation is happening this week and parent orientation for the preschool is September 9th. I will have more details later!


"Do You Like My Dress?"

SOLD This girl (the painting) ran around Portsmouth and was spotted by a mom who just had to have her for her own daughter. I love the whimsy of this... how many times have you been asked "Do you like my dress? :-)"

Rose Bryant Original Paintings "Sunflowers"

This little diptych of golden yellow sunflowers was recently done as a commission for someone who loves to incorporate pieces of art and architecture done by people she knows personally. In her home are curtains, tile work, built-in cabinetry, and lighting fixtures that are art ... all designed and made by personal acquaintances. What a nice story she can tell to all who enter. "Sunflowers" is a 20x32 inch diptych and each panel is 16x20. Thank you for looking...


100 Tiny Paintings at South Portland Art in the Park

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. But these little paintings are fun to do. I love the miniature exploration of color relationships. Much of the appeal is knowing that I will see the faces of people as they pick them up, match them with partners, or decide which to give as gifts and which to keep for their own. The viewers become designers and artists themselves as they line them up and hold them next to one another. They decide if it "feels" right for them... all the things I do when I paint.
Pictured are 16 of the 100 I have painted for the South Portland Art in the Park this Saturday. They are each 2.5 x 3.5 inches or smaller. They are all varnished, titled, and signed ... plus they come with a tiny little artist bio tucked in the back. Just like a large work of art. Lots of fun in a tiny format. They are each $26 or three for $69.
Hope you can make South Portland a destination on Saturday... It will be a beautiful day!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Two Lemons and a Lime"

One of the really neat things I enjoy about the painting process is the pleasant surprise when the varnish is applied. The layers of color are noticeably enhanced and intensified by the varnish. The contrasts are boosted. All things pull together. This 16x20 painting, "Two Lemons and a Lime", has so many layers in the reds that strong light makes it visually very rich. This painting has now been claimed by someone who is exploring her creative side. She loves and pursues photography and has taken painting classes. She is always in motion.... passionate about life, her family, and her work. I can easily see why the color in this painting spoke to her.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

Rose Bryant Original Painting "Girls on the Beach"

I just love the things summer brings. Neighbor gatherings in the backyard, outdoor concerts, dining with friends at sidewalk cafes. This group of gulls made such a nice visual... friends (perhaps) just hanging out. The painting is an 18x36 acrylic on canvas. It is one of 20 works in my solo show at The Works Bakery Cafe starting this Friday. The Works is a hopping place right in the heart of Market Square in the charming seacoast town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My show will be there August through October. Drop in for some color and a morsel on one of your summer outings.
Thank you for looking at my color... do pass it along to a friend!



Rose Bryant Original Paintings. "Big Sky Over the Marsh" at The Willow in August

SOLD Sometimes it is just a feeling, sometimes its a need for a color, and other times it is a desire to paint with big broad strokes. This painting started with all three. I knew I wanted a painting that would simply come out of me with ease... without hesitation or over evaluation. For this, the basic composition was determined and then the color was applied richly and loosely. Layers were added and scrubbed in for depth and texture... sometimes the physical action of moving my arm around is the best part of the process. "Big Sky Over the Marsh", is one of several landscapes that will be on exhibit in August at The Willow in downtown Exeter. It is 30x40 inches and sealed with a UV resistant varnish. The image is painted on all sides of the gallery wrapped canvas. Hope you enjoy the view!


Rose Bryant Original Paintings Petite Art in the Park

Yesterday I painted at the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point State Park for the Petite Art in the Park Fundraiser. That same day a band out of Boston, "Entrain", played their evening as a part of the summer concert series. Wow... art, the ocean, sunlight, and "Entrain"... how cool is that? All the artists participating in the fundraiser created art 10x10 inches or smaller. The art show and sale event is this Sunday, July 12 from 11-3 at the Science Center. It is a charming fundraiser with a simple concept ... go out, enjoy the day at the ocean, and buy a piece of art for a flat $75 to support the Center. My little painting above is 6x8 inches and titled "Odiorne Point". Hope you can make it! Rose


Rose Bryant Original Paintings. Well, it was "yes".

My little paintings are at Three Graces and they along with other art in the Three Graces "Teeny Tiny Art Vendor" will debut this Friday, 5-8 pm, during Art Round Town in Portsmouth. Hope you can drop in to chat with Kim, the gallery owner, about this fun adventure.
On a different note, if you are lookin' for llamas and a little drawing fun, my first class is July 8. Email me for questions or to sign up. Have a great day! Rose


Rose Bryant Original Paintings, Something Cute

Just finished these two little pieces and had to post them. Yesterday, I received a "call to artists" from Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth. A "call" is a message sent out inviting artists to submit work to an event or show. The gallery then "juries" the art and says "yes" or "try again later". I haven't exhibited there before so I thought I would give it a shot....
NEXT is the really cute part. The gallery is renovating an old vending machine. They are calling it the Teeny Tiny Art Vendor... and it will sell handmade original art in miniature form. A person plunks some money in, pulls a handle and art appears. AND the buyer doesn't get to examine the specific art before the purchase... only a sample of the artist's style on display. Crazy.
Pictured here are two pieces from my collection of twelve. These are different from my usual tiny paintings in that they are on mat board, not canvas, and they are a little bigger - 3x4 inches each. All of the paintings in this series are little landscapes. Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes... I think it would be a kick to be represented by a vending machine. Will it be "yes" or will it be "try again later"?
Thanks for looking!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Ossipee Mountains From Lake Waukewan"

This tranquil scene is in Meredith, New Hampshire on Lake Waukewan. The painting is a 24x30 acrylic on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. It is a commission that was painted for seven siblings who gave it as a gift to their parents for their 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend. This particular view is a sight appreciated everyday by the couple from their home in a truly beautiful area of New Hampshire near the Ossipee Mountains. I enjoyed working on this for the family... and I hope you enjoy seeing it.


Great things around the corner...

I feel I have been in a whirlwind these last few days. So many new things to report... My art days at Churchill's Gardens start this Saturday. I will be painting on location using my smaller canvasses. Hope you can stop by to say hello!
Also, Trends, in downtown Exeter, NH has a selection of my local scenes on cards. And starting in August, I am exhibiting landscapes at The Willow in downtown Exeter... the photo shown here is "Red Landscape" soon to be delivered. And, last but not least, the Beacon Hill Art Walk, with so many crazy artists and great conversations... It is one of my favorite places to be.
All the calendar and website information is in my exhibit schedule to the right.
Be sure to scroll down to the "Swaying Grasses" painting... I included a full description of my painting process for all you budding artists. Have a fabulous day in the sun. I hope your gardens are flourishing! Rose
P.S. My next post on June 22 will be about a special painting based on the Ossipee area... I can't reveal the details just yet :-)


New Outlook Teen Center

This little spot of color was just completed yesterday with some of the teens at New Outlook. We all were completely absorbed in creativity for an hour and a half with our tiny canvasses... always fun and rewarding. Thank you Whitney and Sarah for keeping me in the loop with the wonderful things you are doing with the kids.

This tiny painting is a 3x3 inch acrylic on canvas. I had to post it because it is green and ... just because. Enjoy!


Rose Bryant Original Painting. The Aloe Plant

This piece is a little blast from the past. 16x24 acrylic on gypsum board. It is one of my first recycled art projects.... leftover gypsum board stripped of the top paper layer. Then carved into and scraped for texture and design. Many layers of acrylic paint went into this one after the priming. The entire piece is mounted on board for stability and the finish is an acrylic sealer. It was a fun one to work on at the time... lots of grit from carving the dampened gypsum and lots of paint. I love the blues in this.
Enjoy! And have a great day.


A new painting for the Beacon Hill Artwalk in Boston

"Swaying Grasses" 54x36 acrylic on canvas, triptych, each panel 18x36.
It is always fun to experiment with different ways of painting. Like painting from a black and white photo, or painting upside down. This painting was done in my garden using lily stalks as a guide. I started by painting the canvas in oranges and dark blues for a first coat and letting it dry. Then, working with the canvas horizontally, I arranged actual lily stalks as I wanted for my composition. (Some vegetation was altered for this project, but it will regenerate next year!) I then painted around the lower sections of the leaves with a mix of raw sienna, white, and a little yellow oxide. I painted the upper portion in raw umber and white. Then, I took the lilies away. The stalks were painted in combinations of white, raw sienna, a little raw umber, and a little green oxide. After that, I continued to work and blend until the darker color was like velvet in some spots and the neutrals were very earthy. The hardest part for me is knowing when to stop, but I managed not to overdo this one... the oranges and blues of the base coat still peek through in spots next to the stalks. I love the flow and movement of this painting... it makes me feel happy and rested. I hope you enjoy it, too. Please, pass this on to someone who needs a little color in their day. Have a great weekend. Rose


Rose Bryant Original "Ginkgo Dreams" Triptych

My newest large "atmospheric" work has just been installed at Divine Cafe and Grille. I love working in this style.... loose, soft, not too specific. I see it functioning as a "feeling" for a room above a sofa, as a surface on a textile, or maybe even as a soft sheet of gift wrap. I just recently went to the SURTEX trade show in NYC as an observer. The event is a huge buying and selling venue for the surface design industry. I met many artists... it was very inspiring and I can't wait to explore more.
Shown here is one of three panels of my painting "Ginkgo Dreams". Each panel is 24x24, so when mounted together vertically or horizontally, the total size is 24x72. It is $650. As you go in the cafe, it is around to the left. Let me know what you think!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "A Girl and Her Horse"

SOLD 16x20 acrylic on canvas
Sometimes when I am asked to do a commission, I almost feel like an actor who "gets into character". I enjoy hearing about the meaning behind the request, who the people are for whom the painting is intended.... or what the place or environment is about. I enjoy the emotional investment I make in the process... it makes my decisions clearer and hopefully my work more appreciated by the person requesting the painting. For this commission, a family came to me for a special "sweet sixteen" birthday gift for their daughter. After looking at several photographs and watching video images the daughter had put together to a favorite piece of music, I settled in on this particular moment. For me, there was no mistaking how special this love is to her. Enjoy. Rose


Off to New York City

I am taking a little "break". Going down to NYC for the Surtex show at the Jacob Javits Center. Lots of artists showing their designs for the home decor and gift industry. Today I go as an observer.... tomorrow a ....? Here is a photo from an earlier trip to Chinatown in NY. I think it would make a great crazy painting. It could even be an abstract.... the yellow dots really carry your eye. We'll see!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Exeter Bandstand"

SOLD The "Exeter Bandstand" now has a new home. This painting has a special meaning for its owner. Two mornings a week, very early... at 5:45, this person meets in the heart of Exeter with a couple of her closest girl pals and they head out for their run together. They enjoy their time with each other, they appreciate the day, and they love this routine that helps keep them "sane" and whole.
I love it when people share their stories with me. It brings even more meaning to my work. You just never know what speaks to the viewer...

Enjoy the day. Thanks for looking.


Rose Bryant Original Painting Exeter Congregational Church

SOLD This painting was on exhibit at our open house. It is an 8x10 acrylic on board, framed in a simple flat gold leafed frame (not shown). The colors are actually a little more yellow than represented here. The process of painting for this piece was a really fun exercise. I took a photo of the church in winter (the best time to see the whole building). In a photo editing program, I transformed it to black and white. Then, I inverted it and painted the entire piece (without stopping) upside down using a totally different palette from what was actually there. Doing a painting this way takes out all the "perceived" expectations of content and color. It simplifies the process and allows me to explore. The only color similar to the true image is the red on the doors... In real life this church is one of the most striking white structures in Exeter punctuated by its three red doors. This painting now belongs to a family for whom it has a special meaning... I think I can safely say the story behind its purchase for this owner is one of adventure and music, mixed in with a little touch of doubt. Thank you, Laurie.
Please, feel free to pass my color on to someone who needs different view!


Rose Bryant Poppy Paintings Love Rain!

Hello Friends. What a weekend we have planned... and a little rain just makes the color brighter. Each day now the poppy plants in my garden are getting bigger, and I know that when they pop the explosion is going to be beautiful. With poppies (and a slightly breezy day) you can literally watch the pods as they open. I would suggest getting a chair, a cup of tea, and maybe a good friend to share the experience. It is kind of like fishing... My parents would always sit and wait patiently for that nibble, that movement, and then... it happens. The cork goes under. In this case, the poppy pod starts to slowly unfurl. I will take pictures and save them for another day to paint a series.
Don't let the drizzle stop you from enjoying the color this weekend. We have beautiful visions of creativity for you to take in... this Friday 1-8 and Saturday 10-4. Look to the right for all the details. Hope to see you!


Rose Bryant "Fish in Summer Waters"

SOLD This painting has found a happy home. I always love hearing how people interpret my art... it makes me feel I have communicated my own feeling and energy to the visual piece. The new owner describes it best, "I like the fish painting because everything feels like it is in motion but not rushed. And the water is such a wonderful blend of reflected light and a sense of depth. I enjoy all your paintings and appreciate the variety of subjects, techniques, and tones in the work on display at the Divine Cafe (and other places I've enjoyed them). Kendra"
Hope you can make it to the open house this Friday and Saturday... more color in store, plus ... we have just added the Sanok Plant Sale! Open House details are to the right. Have a fabulous May day!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Koi"

The Koi fish have made their way to a new home... a home that also has a very strong affection for the Alewife fish! The new owner of this painting also received a gift certificate for a free lunch from Divine Cafe and Grille as a part of the April special offer. Thank you, Carol! If you are interested in the "Free Lunch" offer, look for the yellow flower painting on this page for the details. Have a great day and thanks for visiting.


Rose Bryant Original Painting at Families First Exhibit

Each year Families First invites local artists to submit original works to an exhibit which becomes the source for images used in their annual "Artists of the Seacoast" calendar. Over 100 pieces of art are entered. Thirteen are chosen (one of which is for the cover). The sales generated from the calendars help provide affordable healthcare, dental care, education, and other programs for those in need in the Seacoast.
I have entered the event for the first time and am looking forward to a flurry of fun, as well as seeing what the other artists are exhibiting. My painting for this exhibit is a 24x24 acrylic on canvas titled "North Church in Spring". A reception honoring all the artists is Tuesday, April 28 at 5:30 at the Discover Portsmouth Center. The 13 works to be used for the 2010 calendar will be announced that evening and the exhibit will be up through May 25. Be sure and keep an eye out in the fall for the 2010 calendar and help support a good cause!


Rose Bryant "Running Dreams" Sold at PHLY

"Running Dreams", pictured, is a larger 18x36 version of an earlier small 6x6 inch painting called "Wild Horses". I painted this imagery again because I loved the color and the free loose brush strokes of the original smaller piece and wanted to work it into a larger format. As an artist, I am always exploring what feels good to me for a "style"... and this direction is calling me. "Running Dreams" was on the walls at PHLY and has now found its way to a happy home. Thank you Deb and Mika at PHLY.
My exhibit runs through April and includes over 60 paintings. Stop in and check out the modern furniture and accessories, as well. It is all a visual treat.
PHLY is at 222 State St. in Portsmouth and is open Wednesday-Sunday.
Have a glorious sunny day! Thanks for looking.

Rose Bryant, Scenes of Exeter. "Exeter Bandstand"

A very popular sight in Exeter, the bandstand is right in the heart of downtown. I always feel I am in one of the most beautiful spots in New Hampshire each time I pass by it... it is just one of the many symbols of hospitality and charm in our small town.
This painting pictured is 11x14 on canvas. It is one of several images of Exeter to be exhibited at our next Art Open House and Boutique here on Union and Front Streets. Mark your calendar for Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9. We will have all kinds of great things to share.... Lily Designs one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry, Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, along with some of my most invigorating color.
Giving back to community: Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs will be donating a portion of her earring sales to Womenade and is also donating 100% of the net profits of the "Squamscott" pendant to Squamscott Community Commons. You can also give back by participating in the canned food drive. For each can of food you bring to the open house, you can take 2% off the purchase of any painting up to 10%. Everyone who brings food gets an art postcard as a "thank you" regardless of purchase. All donations are taken to the local food bank.
Hope to see you!
PS... leave a comment.... I would love to know your thoughts about my art.
And feel free to pass this site on to anyone who could use a little color.


Rose Bryant poppies at PHLY Friday, April 3 5-8

This little 6x6 painting joins its family of eight at PHLY... that's right .... EIGHT POPPY PAINTINGS. Four are 6x6, four are 12x12 and they are only at PHLY. Each painting is affectionately named with a Diana Ross song title like Baby Love, Come See About Me, or I'm Gonna Make You Love Me. Plus there are over 40 of my original works as well. Join us for a fun night at 222 State Street in Portsmouth this Friday, April 3 from 5-8 - all the galleries are open with receptions. Exhibit runs through April 26.
Hope to see you!


Purchase any painting at Divine Cafe and receive a Free Lunch

SOLD My friends at Divine Cafe and I are celebrating the beginning of Spring. Stop in and have a fantastic, wholesome, good to yourself, dining experience at the Divine Cafe, plus enjoy my color on their walls. While you are there say, "Rose Sent Me", and get a free "thank you" art card just for stopping in. If you see a painting you absolutely "must have", and then purchase it, your lunch for one is free that day or you can choose a $15 gift certificate to use for a later day. This offer is good only for the month of April. One art card per visitor, thank you. Happy dining!


"Tiny Paintings" at PHLY... a nice mix with the fabulous modern ambience.

I just dropped off some my paintings at PHLY and I was stunned by how beautiful and fresh the modern furniture and accessories are there. Honestly, your head will blow off when you see it. My "Tiny Paintings" site (which I originally planned to debut this month) will be up and running mid-May. Deb Orlando at PHLY thought my little format (less than 2.5x 3.5 inches each) would make a great addition to my show in April, so all of my inventory will be there for the month of April instead. Mark your calendar... for Friday, April 3rd, 5-8 for the opening reception. I will have over 50 pieces of original work plus tiny paintings. And Deb will have a collection of modern style you only see in magazines. Bring a pal to stroll around Portsmouth that evening... all the galleries have receptions that Friday night.


Friday, April 3, 5-8pm, Rose Bryant opening reception at PHLY

I'm now getting ready for a new solo show at PHLY in downtown Portsmouth. PHLY is a cool modern home furnishings retailer and gallery. The reception is Friday, April 3, 5-8 pm. The show will be up for a month but I hope you can join us on the first night for the fun and buzz around Portsmouth. This opening coincides with the Portsmouth art walk... and there is a lot to see and sample. The photo here is just a glimpse of what I will have at the exhibit... I can't show you the whole thing.... we need to leave something to the surprise! I'll have lots of new work, plus ten brand new paintings never shown.
Thanks for looking and please, pass my color on to someone who needs a lift.


Tiny Paintings at 51 Stratham Green

Greetings. Seems like we may be in for some warmer weather Saturday. Wonderful! A perfect reason to celebrate new spring color with us at 51 Stratham Green this Saturday, 7-9, during Diane's Almost Spring open house. My "Tiny Paintings", pictured, plus my cards, and paintings will be a part of the evening which includes Lily Designs beaded jewelry and Lori Martone Pottery. Give spring a little nudge and join us. Update: My "Tiny Paintings" page is almost ready for a debut. Coming next week, you will be able to see ALL of what I have in stock. Plus, you can send one anywhere, gift wrapped with a small sentiment. The paintings are are only 2.5x3.5 inches... more to come.
Spread a little color around and send this site to a friend.
Thanks for looking,


Lots of fun and color at Diane's.... You are invited!

Join us Saturday, March 7, from 7 to 9 pm, at 51 Stratham Green in Stratham, NH for a light evening of color and sparkle. Diane Smith's second annual "Almost Spring" open house welcomes Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, Lori Martone Pottery, and me with my original paintings and cards. Lots to see and enjoy as we count down to Spring's beginning! I will have several medium sized paintings, my tiniest "Tiny Paintings", plus card packs which include four new designs. Lisa will show her always luscious, one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry, and Lori will bring out her handmade pottery. Directions are to the right. Hope you can join us! The painting above is titled "Yellow Sky at the Lake" and will be at Diane's on March 7th. It is 6x6 on masonite, sealed with varnish and framed.
Everyone is welcome to soak up our color ... please, contact me for questions or respond to this post in the comments section if you think you can make it.
Thanks for looking!


Along the Squamscott River

Somewhat abstract but still indicative of flowing river scene, this painting was done from a photograph I took this past fall. I love so many things about Exeter and the view of the Squamscott from Swasey Parkway is high on the list. This little painting is only 4x6 inches. It is unframed on sturdy paper board and sealed with a protective varnish. The price is $70. Contact me if you are interested in seeing this art.
I was inspired yesterday to take a ton of photographs of some of my favorite spots in Exeter. The sun was great, the snow still covers the ground, and the bare trees allowed me to get some really nice details of buildings you can't see in the summer because of the leaves. I'll be completing some of those paintings this spring.
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Soft Ginkgo Leaves Original Painting

SOLD This is one of my favorite paintings, just completed for Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs. This is a 24x30 inch acrylic painting on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. It is another in a series of paintings to be used for a model beach cottage in Wells, Maine. When I work on paintings like this, I get to explore my graphic design roots and love of imagery in textile design. This painting can be anything... an image of calm for a space, a burst of color for a simple room, or a statement of organic intrigue. This particular painting is not for sale, but I can paint another of similar image and color. I hope you get the chance to take a look at Renee's model cottage in March. It is one of five models that will be open for preview... more to come in a later post. Leave a comment here....would love to know what you think.
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New Outlook Teen Center

New Outlook in Exeter is a wonderful resource in our community for afterschool activities and programs. The center has been providing a fun, safe place for youth to go for years. I had the opportunity yesterday to work with the teens there on an art process. We all did one of my all time favorite things.... work with acrylics on tiny canvasses. Everyone loved the format size... so easy to change your mind or to add or delete. I don't think it would be a stretch to say we found the process very meditative and absorbing. This painting pictured is a 2.5x3.5 inch acrylic on canvas. Enjoy! Rose


The Scissors

"The Scissors", 24x24, acrylic on canvas. This painting has a happy home.... I recently discovered it made its way to someone who was looking for a painting with a touch of red. The painting hangs at the owner's sewing table, near her mother's old Singer sewing machine, next to a window overlooking a view of a lake. She had been waiting for a piece to put in this very place and this one spoke to her. When I heard that, I was very touched... I always love to hear how people relate to my art and what their decisions are for its use. It makes something that is a personal endeavor on my part even more personal when I hear the story. Thank you Anne and Mark.
At the end of February, I am adding a separate page of "Tiny Paintings". These are my little gems that spark my creative juices and provide ideas for larger works. They are all original, full of color, very small... 2x2 to 2.5x3.5 inches, and are easily shipped to the universe. Stay tuned! Thanks for looking.