Jeff Hyland with Art-Speak

My friend and artist/landscape designer, Jeff Hyland, was commissioned by the City of Portsmouth’s Cultural Commission to develop a piece of public art. His "The Spirit of Janus" is one of six pieces of temporary art that has been installed around the City. His piece can be seen at the corner of International Drive and Exeter Road at the Pease Tradeport.
Join all the artists involved with this Art-Speak project on Thursday, June 24, from 6-8 at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel to celebrate the official launching of Overnight Art 2010 and help support public art in our communities. Hope to see you there!


A great day

Inspiration comes from so many places... and these past two weeks have really just been so full of family and friends that the words for it are hard to find. Events like witnessing unions I never thought I would see, hearing from old friends who are putting together a long overdue gathering, going to a fabulously touching art opening at the Norman Rockwell Museum (for Jeanne Steig and William Steig), meeting the mother of my daughter's boyfriend for the first time, and then, for the hundreth umpteenth millionth time ( many times is that?!), having a laugh with a neighbor. When my world feels right, my purpose feels right. And color is very good.


Blue Moon exhibit coming in August. Brian Crowley, Rose Bryant

Here is a sneak peek at one of my paintings ("Pond in New Hampshire" 8x10 acrylic on canvas) for the Blue Moon exhibit I am doing with photographer Brian Crowley this August and September. The first time I heard of Brian's work was years ago when he was photographing trees... from the top (way up in the top).... looking down through the branches and the leaves to the ground. The perspective is stunning.... something you would never see unless you are a tree climber. His spin for the Blue Moon show?... We'll have to wait and see. Our reception is Friday, September 10, 5-7. Mark your calendar... more info to come. Currently, one of my friends, Ethel Hills, has her beautiful abstract landscape work up now... the party is this Friday, 5-7.
Last minute teacher gifts are in my studio for those of you looking for a spot of color for someone special. Postcard 10-packs with envelopes are $10 and the tiny paintings are $22 for the olives and $26 for all others. The tiny paintings here are some of my favorites... Are the cats watching olives?.... or are they watching bugs? Just shoot me an email if you want to pop by and see what's in. I have more than 200 tiny paintings and about 80 card packs. Have a great day.... I hope it includes lots of color!


Rose Bryant at the Drift Gallery

Wow... It has been a while! We just got back from a family member's beautiful wedding in Greensboro NC. Weddings are so crazy and wonderful... happiness, excitement, new faces, and conversation. Congratulations to John and Shandra!
On the art front.... my friend Ali Goodwin just had a grand opening at her new gallery in Kittery, Maine... the Drift Contemporary Art Gallery. She invited me to show a couple of pieces, so take a look and stop in sometime.
"Yellow Gold Cosmos" below has just found a new home. It is a three panel painting with a total size of 48x20 inches that was on exhibit at the Willow in downtown Exeter. I look forward to finding out the new owner's thoughts and where they decided to hang it... I always love to hear the story.