First painting on ebay!

This painting, "Stormy Marsh" was inspired by the shore in Hampton. I wanted to paint something on a small scale that appeared to have lots of space and depth. The vastness does translate well here and even the small subtle brush strokes of color represent large amounts of information. I am always amazed at how that can happen. This is one painting in a series of landscapes I've just started. It is 6x6 inches, acrylic on double gessoed masonite. To see a close-up or to bid on this painting on Ebay, please, click here.
More exciting news... a purchaser of one of my larger landscape paintings from Breaking New Grounds, a coffee and dessert cafe in Portsmouth, asked if she could use the image as a logo for her new shop in downtown Portsmouth. The plan is for a summer or fall set-up.... I will keep you posted!
I have just listed more art card packs on Etsy and more are on the way. The line consists of different designs from my original paintings packaged as 10 correspondence cards with 10 envelopes.
Mark your calendars for my Spring Open House Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10. Lots to see. This is always a fun event. My artist neighbors and I get together and open our studios for two days. Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, Dale Atkins Painting and Frame Restoration and I all have studios on the same street in the same block. This time joining us we have Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, Heidi Brightman Simplicity Soaps, and Autumn Wilbur Toe Stories. I will have wall to wall paintings and more... plus, my studio/kitchen is in the process of a remodel so this should be interesting!
Also, stop in and visit my solo shows at the Exeter Public Library (downtown) and the Divine Cafe on Lincoln Street in Exeter. I am sure you will find some color to kick your spring in to gear.

Thanks for looking, I hope you have a swell day!



Youth Art Show and Diane's Home Show

Hello Friends,
What a busy and wonderful weekend!
Saturday was the opening of a very popular art show in Exeter... the Youth Art Show. It is a show of student work from kindergarten through grade twelve. It is made possible by the Exeter Arts Committee, teachers in the SAU 16 district, several dedicated volunteers, and of course the students! The show is inspiring, genuine, and buzzing with the energy of young artists and their families. It runs Saturdays and Sundays, 12-4, through March 30 at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery... check it out if you can.
A separate event on Saturday night was a new experience in my personal art adventures. A wonderful person and friend held an open house for me, Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, and Lori Martone Pottery. We all brought our creations. It was a lovely way to connect with interested art lovers and a great opportunity to party. The painting pictured is one of several I had on exhibit in her lovely home. Thank you Diane!
Ebay is just around the corner, now. Please, check back often to see my paintings coming soon for auction and if you like my work, please, do pass my site on to others.
Thanks for looking!


My New Exhibit at the Exeter Public Library!

Much of this past Monday was spent taking down my show at the Exeter Day Spa, changing some pieces at The Divine Cafe and Grille, and then hanging thirty four paintings (my very kind and supportive husband helped) using ladders and fishing line at the Exeter Public Library! Lots of work but well worth it. The library is the largest space I have exhibited in... and I am very proud to have gotten to this point. I have had lots of positive feedback so far with this show and I just love seeing the off white walls filled with color. My exhibit will be there through April. Hope you can check it out.
Thank you to Chris, Cathleen, Amy and Kim for letting me borrow your pieces to add to the show.

Another pleasant thing happened last week. A fan of mine purchased my painting "Out the back Window" for her husband, but even better than that, she had invited me over earlier for tea and I got to see HER art and how she lives inside her four walls. I found a lot of similarities in our styles (except she is much neater). I saw some art she had found on ebay... really fun. It was a lovely outing. Really refreshing. Thank you again Amy.
I have included here a painting, "Tall Pitcher", from my show at the library. Do stop in!
Thanks for looking.