Tulips on the Hill

Doing this little painting was a very freeing experience. No prior plan was formed other than the intentional painting of a red ground color. After that, color was dipped and put on the canvas. As the brush moved, the image evolved. In the end, the "sticks" and "spots" felt like something growing, so I added a sky and enhanced the details. It feels childlike and full to me. This painting is a 6x6 inch acrylic on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. Its price is $115. It is one of nineteen on exhibit at the Exeter Hospital now through January 7th. Take a look at "Where you can find me in 2008" for my current shows. If you want to be added to my email list, click here.
Enjoy! And Happy Holidays.


Do You Like My Dress?

This little piece pulls my head out of the current hectic pace and takes me to a lighter place. I look at it and love the "I'm having fun" feeling it brings me. My girl in "Do You Like My Dress" is now dancing her way through the Exeter Hospital corridors. Please, stop in to see her and my other 18 paintings that were just hung today. This painting is a 12x12 acrylic on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. Its price is $185.
Our open house two week-ends ago was a blast. So good to see friends, have a glass of wine and eat a little sushi. Thank you to all who stopped in for the party! Now on to the Exeter Arts Committee's Annual Holiday Show. It starts tomorrow and is always a good time.

Happy Holiday Season,


The Dancer II

"The Dancer II" is a smaller version of a painting previously done. It is one of a series of "sketches" I did to commit to looseness while working. I feel my work is much better if I don't try to over-do. This is a 4x6 acrylic on paper board sealed with a UV resistant varnish. The price is $70 and is one of several at my open house this weekend. Please, click on the flier for all the details. Hope you can join us for some treats of the holiday season! Rose


Sneak peek at the bargain box.

Lisa, Lori, Deb, Sandy, Jaye and I have been doing double time to get ready for our Holiday Open House. I found a few treasures to offer up for the creative thrifty. You get a discount 25% of the proceeds from the bargain box sales goes to Cross Roads House.

Original art, pottery, stunning one-of-a-kind beaded creations, photography, hand painted wine glasses, and my world famous vegetarian sushi are on for Friday night. Join us!


Ten New Tiny Paintings

These little sketches are a mere 2.5x3.5 inches. I love doing them... they are fun to plan, fun to use for bigger work, fun to just play around with for the compositional possibilities. They are all acrylic on a canvas frame, sealed with a UV resistant varnish, and come with a tiny little artist bio to match the size. You can see them at my Open House this Friday and Saturday.
Thanks for looking,


Barn in a Blue Field

Barn in a Blue Field is a pleasant departure for me from my usual strong golds and oranges. I feel as if I am being pulled deep in to the painting even though the size is a small 6x6. This painting is acrylic on board, sealed with a UV resistant varnish and framed in a trim little rosewood colored frame. The price is $125. It is one of many small paintings set for my open house November 21 and 22. Happily, the little 4x6 painting in my earlier post below, Fort Rock Farm Landscape, found its way to a family with three children who attended the Montessori school there on the property.

And to continue the farm theme... Divine Cafe and Grill is hosting a Flapjack Fundraiser for the Save Fort Rock Farm Fund this Sunday, 8-5, $12 adults, $8 children. Join them for a fabulous gathering of friends and good food (and real maple syrup!). My postcards pictured to the left will be on sale as part of the fundraiser. $12 for a pack of 10 with %50 of each purchase going to the fund.
Thank you for looking...
Please, send my color to a friend.



Fort Rock Farm Landscape

I couldn't resist a different approach to the previous Fort Rock Barn painting. This painting, "Fort Rock Farm Landscape", is a very small 4x6 inch acrylic on paper board. It is one of many 4x6 paintings I recently completed for my upcoming Open House on November 21 and 22 (see below). Some of the paintings are landscapes, some are abstracts, some are just experiments with color. I love this small format for its instant gratification... it is a great way to progress to larger work. My painting of "Wild Horses" from the previous post found a quick home. It was SOLD to a horse lover.
Thank you for looking at my color! Please, share it with a friend.


New Paintings at FaLaLo in Portsmouth

These little paintings are all 6x6 inches, acrylic on hardboard and sealed with a UV resistant poly for a lasting finish. Each is mounted in a one inch rosewood stained frame. They are at FaLaLo on Ladd Street. Drop in sometime and check out the neat fair trade items they have... good for gifts and good for the artisans represented. Mark your calendar for our Holiday Open House on Union St.... see below. And don't forget to vote this Tuesday! Happy Halloween.
Thank you for looking.


"Tall Grasses" Debut at Womenade Benefit

I felt the urge to shift to more neutral colors and satisfy a slight abstract need this month.... "Tall Grasses" is a large, three panel, acrylic on canvas. Each panel is 18x36, total size is 54x36. The deep edges of the frame are painted with the image. It is signed and it is sealed with a protective UV resistant varnish. The price for this piece is $575. It will make its first public appearance as a part of the Womenade of Greater Squamscott Craft Fare '08 Benefit this Tuesday night at the Lazerowich home at 1 Wingate Landing, Stratham, NH from 4 to 8pm. Please, join us!
For those of you who were wondering, my work will be returning to the Divine Cafe in November. And save November 21 and 22 for my Winter Open House. I would love to see you all for the season's festivities. Details are in "Where you can find me in 2008".
Thank you for looking and have a wonderful fall day.


Swasey Parkway in the Summer Light

Swasey Parkway is one of Exeter's most beautiful spots. I, as well as thousands of other residents, have walked, biked, picnicked, and played here. The light on this particular day was spectacular and I couldn't resist the moment. This 11x14 acrylic painting is sealed with a permanent protective varnish. The image continues around the deep edges on the sides for a "chunky block" feeling. The price is $185. Please, contact me for an appointment to view this painting in my studio. In November, it will go on exhibit at Divine Cafe and Grille.

SAVE THE DATE! Third Annual Winter Open House, November 21 and 22. Once again Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs and I are opening our studios for our fabulous event. Bigger and better than the last. More details to come.

For a complete list of where my work can be seen, please, look to the right in "Where you can find me in 2008". And do pass this site on to another friend who may need a little color...
Have a great day!


Fort Rock August Morning

The beautiful calm at Fort Rock Farm is a wonderful thing. My bike ride out in the early sun this August day to take the reference photos was just as great. The painting is a 14x11 acrylic on canvas. The deep edges of the frame have also been painted with the image. It is sealed with a varnish for protection. It is being shown on Monday to an interested party. After the appointment, it will be hung at Divine Cafe and Grille (perhaps?!). The cafe has been open for a whole year now! And I am celebrating the year with them by offering a free lunch item for any purchase of ANY of my art there ... including the funky little color blocks or prints. This offer is good only through September 30. Just ask for Bonnie or Denis at the cafe. Please, pass this blog on to others that could use a little spot of color in their day.
Thank you for looking!


"Morning Marsh"

Lovers of the water can feel the morning's softness in this painting. Fresh off the easel, "Morning Marsh" is one of two new paintings to be exhibited at Abercrombie's Seafood Grille. It will join my solo show there sometime in September. The painting is a 40x30 acrylic on canvas with deep edges. The sides are painted with the image so no frame is necessary. It is safely sealed with a protective varnish. The price is $425.
September Special! Free Lunch. I am celebrating the one year anniversary of my solo exhibit at Divine Cafe and Grille. The gang there is wonderful and I have loved being a part of their good energy and kindness. For the entire month of September, purchase any art of mine at Divine and get a Free Lunch Item ... If you don't have time for lunch but want to purchase a painting, you can get a gift certificate to use later. This special applies to all art for sale including the monoprints and funky little color blocks. Menus and Divine information are at Thank you in advance for stopping in!
And one last special for Labor Day weekend. FaLaLo in Portsmouth, the eclectic little Fair Trade shop on Ladd Street, is offering 10% off any purchase Friday through Monday.

If you have any questions about my art, please, let me know...
Have a great Labor Day weekend!



Cat Snoozing

I couldn't resist this scene. My friend, Dale, had just given me this GREAT chair, and then my cat, of course, did what cats do... The moment was so peaceful that the cat actually slept right through the rough sketching and underpainting (no surprise). The painting is a 24x24 acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas. The deep edges have been painted with the design so the image continues on the sides. It is sealed with an archival varnish. The price is $250. You can find this painting at Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street in Exeter. Take a trip to the cafe sometime and tell me what you think! Thanks for looking.



Two Limes and a Teapot

Yes, I know there is a lemon in there... but I liked the sound of "Two Limes and a Teapot"! This serene painting is a 12x12 acrylic on canvas. I tried something a little different when blending the shadows... I think it worked well. One half of the hairs of the brush contained the dark paint for the shadow and the other half contained the lighter. I painted both colors with the same stroke at the same time. Fun. I also really focussed on light,shadow, and composition for clarity of information and simplicity.
This painting and the "Olive Party" from my earlier post are two of several now on display at Abercrombies Seafood Grille on Rt. 1 in North Hampton. Abercrombies has refreshed its menu and is in the process of putting on a new face. You will see my work as you enter the lobby. Please, let me know what you think!
Thanks for looking,

Look for me at:
The Divine Cafe and Grille (solo show) on Lincoln Street in Exeter
Abercrombies Seafood Grille (solo show) in North Hampton
FaLaLo in Portsmouth
Caffe Fresco (solo show) in Hampton in October/November
My Winter Open House in November
The Exeter Hospital (solo show) in December
The Holiday Art Show in downtown Exeter in December



"Olive Party"

A little fun and whimsy for the day. This painting is part of a series of happy olive paintings. It is a 24x30 inch acrylic on canvas. It is for sale and will be one of several paintings of mine in varying themes on display at Abercrombie's Seafood Grille this fall. The floating olives in different sizes create a playful free falling feeling. If you are interested in this painting or one like it, do let me know. I think it makes a great piece for a funky kitchen or a hall wall or wherever a little energy is welcome! Enjoy and thank you for looking.



"Fish in Summer Waters" at Divine Cafe

"Fish in Golden Waters" (small photo left) has found its way to a new home. The owners of the painting are expecting their first child, and I understand the painting will be hung in the new baby's room... so nice. The painting in the larger photo, "Fish in Summer Waters" is my newest painting. My goal was to create another calming image of fish in water, but I wanted to try different colors and communicate a frothy appearance. I love the blues in this one. I tend to lean toward yellows and reds when I pick up a brush... so choosing blues and greens is a good change for me. Drop in at Divine sometime and tell me what you think. If you are interested in any of my work there, just let Bonnie know.
I've had some recent great news... the owners of Abercrombie and Finch, a restaurant on Lafayette Road in North Hampton, have asked me to create new art for their walls. They are remodeling soon to make the interior lighter and more open. I am wildly happy about this opportunity to show my work and excited for the owners in their new adventure. More on all of this progress later.
Thank you for looking. Have a great day.
To visit my studio gallery by appointment only, call 603.772.9369.
For images of paintings sold, go to
For paintings available, visit Divine Cafe and Grille (breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday) on Lincoln Street in Exeter, and FaLaLo on Ladd Street in Portsmouth.


Beacon Hill Art Walk

What a wonderful day it was at the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston this past Sunday. This was the first time I had entered this show and I just loved being able to get a glimpse of the private gardens and walkways in the community. All sorts of visual art in alleys, tents, and on terraces... plus musical performances filled the hill. The larger photo above of the tabletop arrangement is of a portion of my display for the show. And the smaller photo is of my painting titled "Martini Dance" (SOLD) which found its way to a very happy new owner at the art walk. I was also really honored that I won a third place ribbon that day for my body of work .... so exciting. And I look forward to next year's art walk! Keep in touch... my next blog entry will include new work, some commissioned art I will be starting, and information about how to purchase my pieces online.

Hope you all have a lovely day... Thanks for looking at my color!
See my work currently at:
FaLaLo on Ladd Street in Portsmouth and at
Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street in Exeter!



Thanks to all for stopping by my annual spring open house. It turned out to be a fabulous weekend. The painting shown here of a bunch of flowers is titled "Let's Go to the Opera" ...reminds me of people standing and singing. This was one of the "tiny paintings" shown at the open house... it is only two and a half by three and a half inches. I will have more of these paintings, plus others, at my next show at the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston this weekend on Sunday, June 1, from 12-6. Hope you can make it. It is a lovely event in the alleys and gardens of Beacon Hill.

My work is also now at a new shop in Portsmouth NH called FaLaLo on Ladd Street. It's a cozy little spot near Bead Shine that serves up a conscientious mix of fair labor, local creations and art. I could not pass up this crazy little bag (small photo) made of ... can you guess?... recycled juice pouch containers!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 28 at 11am is the ribbon cutting party for the new cafe deck at Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street. Hope you can mosey down for the fun... let me know what you think of the new little flower painting on the left as you walk in. I named it "Carla". I don't know... it just seemed like a "Carla".

Have a great day,


Spring Open House!

(SOLD) The spring rain may fall this week-end, but not to worry! We have color and sparkle and things that smell good. Join us for a two day art experience... Three Studios, Six Artists on Union Street in Exeter. This Friday 4-8 and Saturday 10- 4. Bring a friend, a mom, the whole family or even your pet and drop in and say "hello".
Happy Mother's Day to you all!


Ten Tiny Paintings for May 9 and 10

Each one of these original painting miniatures is just a little bigger than a business card... 2.5" x 3.5". They are all painted on a tiny canvas stretched on a tiny wood frame. I base-coated each with a color, then painted the image, and sealed it with a permanent clear varnish. Every painting is titled, signed, and dated on the back, and comes with a tiny little artist bio. They can be used as a gift, coffee table art, a doll house original, a serving tray decoration for a tea, a thank-you for a wedding party or bridal shower, or sent in the mail as a cheery greeting to someone special.
These tiny paintings and much more will be at my Open House May 9 and 10 for the "Three Studios: Six Artists" show all on Union and Front Streets in Exeter. Dale (Framing and Painting Restoration), Lisa (Lily Designs Beading Studio) and I have a little artist enclave here and we are welcoming ... Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, and Heidi Brightman Handmade Natural Soaps. Lots to take in for a fun Mother's Day outing. Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-4.
Thanks for looking and please, pass this site on to other friends if you like my work!

Drop me a note to receive my updates.
My website:
For great food and art!:
Beacon Hill Art Walk June 1. Come to see me!
Rose Bryant Correspondence Cards at Screamer's Cafe in Stratham and online at


Yellow Gold Cosmos

My newest six panel painting, "Yellow Gold Cosmos" is on the tall wall at Divine Cafe and Grille. Look straight ahead just as you walk in the door. It is made of three 18x24 canvas panels and three 12x36 canvas panels. Each panel is done in acrylic paint on a deep profile canvas frame with painted edges and sealed with a Liquitex non yellowing varnish for permanence. Stop in for a look or a bite to eat and let me know what you think.
Mark your calendar for my Spring Open House May 9 and 10! "Three Studios: Six Artists" all on Union and Front Streets in Exeter. Dale (Framing and Painting Restoration), Lisa (Lily Designs Beading Studio) and I have a nice little artist enclave here and will again have three others joining us... Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, and Heidi Brightman Handmade Natural Soaps. We will have a lot for you to take in for a fun Mother's Day outing. Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-4.
Thanks for looking and please, pass this site on to other friends if you like my work or know of someone looking for color!

Have a glorious sunny day.
Spring Open House May 9 and 10 on Union St.
Beacon Hill Art Walk June 1. Come to see me!
Rose Bryant Correspondence Cards for sale at Screamer's Cafe in Stratham and online at


New painting in the works for Divine

Pictured is a sneak peek of the next large painting in the works (the underpainting is pictured here ... colors will change drastically in the final version). It will hang on the tall wall at Divine Cafe and Grille on Lincoln Street to replace the "Asparagus Birch" and should be up by the end of the week. I think the title will be "Yellow Gold Cosmos". I just love the cosmos flower... it is so old-fashioned and willowy. Drop in at the cafe to check it out and tell me what you think!
Have a lovely spring day,


Spring Open house May 9 and 10. Paintings, beaded jewelry, natural soaps, pottery, photography, frame and painting restoration.
Beacon Hill Art Walk June 1.
Rose Bryant correspondence card packs for sale at Screamer's Cafe.


Asparagus Birch Finds a New Home

Hello to you all and happy spring. A lot has gone on since a little over a week ago. We have started a kitchen renovation (not pictured) and we had a bit of major tree surgery.... so the regular activities here have been a little disjointed, and I am guessing this is just the beginning. It is all good, though, and I can't wait to see the final product. We have a good friend, Denis, working with us on the construction.
Art news: My huge painting "Asparagus Birch" previously hanging at Divine Cafe and Grille (pictured) has a new owner... Martha. She has the perfect space for it... a gorgeous home with vaulted ceilings, and the wall on which the painting will live is a very warm, receptive, medium-dark gray. My painting (now hers) is in very good company, as well, with other art and color filling the home. I love to see how collectors of my art choose to show the paintings... I always feel like the art belongs exactly where they put it. The painting is acrylic on four separate canvases. Each canvas is 24x36 inches so the total size is 48x72 inches. All panels are framed in natural poplar.
Coming event: Mark your calendars for May 9 and 10... Spring Art Open House at my studio and the studios of two other friends on my street! More to come. Enjoy the day and thank you for looking!


Happy April Everyone... from The Dancer.

(SOLD) The painting pictured here is a 12x12 acrylic on canvas. It is now in my solo show at the Exeter Public Library. I like the feeling of the freedom and movement in it.... makes me really ready for the sunny days ahead. This painting started with a sketch. Then I turned the sketch upside down, transferred the image to a canvas and actually painted the image upside down. Sometimes I try different angles and placements for painting... it makes the process less tight... not confined by expectations, and you never know how the piece will end up. I thought this one said "fun".

Spring always brings new growth... and now you can find my cards for sale at Screamer's Cafe in Stratham . I am in the process of expanding that direction, so if you know of a busy little boutique or shop, let me know!
On a musical note: Hope you can join the gang at the Divine Cafe this evening. They are having their first "Acoustic Cafe Thursdays" from 5-9. Serving dinner and jamming. BYOB. Tell them Rose mentioned it. No special services will happen, but they will smile.
Thank you for looking... If you like my color please save this site and send it on to a friend.
Feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section.
Have a lovely day!


First painting on ebay!

This painting, "Stormy Marsh" was inspired by the shore in Hampton. I wanted to paint something on a small scale that appeared to have lots of space and depth. The vastness does translate well here and even the small subtle brush strokes of color represent large amounts of information. I am always amazed at how that can happen. This is one painting in a series of landscapes I've just started. It is 6x6 inches, acrylic on double gessoed masonite. To see a close-up or to bid on this painting on Ebay, please, click here.
More exciting news... a purchaser of one of my larger landscape paintings from Breaking New Grounds, a coffee and dessert cafe in Portsmouth, asked if she could use the image as a logo for her new shop in downtown Portsmouth. The plan is for a summer or fall set-up.... I will keep you posted!
I have just listed more art card packs on Etsy and more are on the way. The line consists of different designs from my original paintings packaged as 10 correspondence cards with 10 envelopes.
Mark your calendars for my Spring Open House Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10. Lots to see. This is always a fun event. My artist neighbors and I get together and open our studios for two days. Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, Dale Atkins Painting and Frame Restoration and I all have studios on the same street in the same block. This time joining us we have Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, Heidi Brightman Simplicity Soaps, and Autumn Wilbur Toe Stories. I will have wall to wall paintings and more... plus, my studio/kitchen is in the process of a remodel so this should be interesting!
Also, stop in and visit my solo shows at the Exeter Public Library (downtown) and the Divine Cafe on Lincoln Street in Exeter. I am sure you will find some color to kick your spring in to gear.

Thanks for looking, I hope you have a swell day!



Youth Art Show and Diane's Home Show

Hello Friends,
What a busy and wonderful weekend!
Saturday was the opening of a very popular art show in Exeter... the Youth Art Show. It is a show of student work from kindergarten through grade twelve. It is made possible by the Exeter Arts Committee, teachers in the SAU 16 district, several dedicated volunteers, and of course the students! The show is inspiring, genuine, and buzzing with the energy of young artists and their families. It runs Saturdays and Sundays, 12-4, through March 30 at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery... check it out if you can.
A separate event on Saturday night was a new experience in my personal art adventures. A wonderful person and friend held an open house for me, Lisa Cochran of Lily Designs, and Lori Martone Pottery. We all brought our creations. It was a lovely way to connect with interested art lovers and a great opportunity to party. The painting pictured is one of several I had on exhibit in her lovely home. Thank you Diane!
Ebay is just around the corner, now. Please, check back often to see my paintings coming soon for auction and if you like my work, please, do pass my site on to others.
Thanks for looking!


My New Exhibit at the Exeter Public Library!

Much of this past Monday was spent taking down my show at the Exeter Day Spa, changing some pieces at The Divine Cafe and Grille, and then hanging thirty four paintings (my very kind and supportive husband helped) using ladders and fishing line at the Exeter Public Library! Lots of work but well worth it. The library is the largest space I have exhibited in... and I am very proud to have gotten to this point. I have had lots of positive feedback so far with this show and I just love seeing the off white walls filled with color. My exhibit will be there through April. Hope you can check it out.
Thank you to Chris, Cathleen, Amy and Kim for letting me borrow your pieces to add to the show.

Another pleasant thing happened last week. A fan of mine purchased my painting "Out the back Window" for her husband, but even better than that, she had invited me over earlier for tea and I got to see HER art and how she lives inside her four walls. I found a lot of similarities in our styles (except she is much neater). I saw some art she had found on ebay... really fun. It was a lovely outing. Really refreshing. Thank you again Amy.
I have included here a painting, "Tall Pitcher", from my show at the library. Do stop in!
Thanks for looking.


House portrait finished

This project has been a fun one. The version pictured here is the final piece delivered. I like the colors and the huge variations from the original photograph. This rich saturated color is the direction I feel best working in. Let me know if you have any comments!

In about two weeks I will start posting my work on e-bay. Check back. I am sure there will be something fun.



House portrait underpainting

Today I continued working on a second newer painting of the same house I had started on another canvas a fews ago. I reached a point in the first painting and could tell I had gotten too tight.... so I started the second one and like it much better. The loose brush and the full color of the underpainting are really invigorating, and I want to add only minimal color at this point to smooth out the intensity of the red and still keep it playful and rich. When my client sees the two paintings... she will have a choice. Pretty cool. One thing I have found is I can never tell what someone else is going to like and what a good thing that is. The expectations could overwhelm me. This piece is acrylic on 18x24 canvas. I will have the finished piece tomorrow.


A pleasant surprise today

This morning I went to the Divine Cafe and Grille for breakfast. I love the owners and folks there... they are all really great people and their mission is to make good food with the least impact on the environment possible. I came to know them in August 2007 when they were building and getting ready to open. At that time I asked the owner, Bonnie, if she had plans for the walls and showed her my work. Our energies meshed well and it has been a nice journey since then. I have been their artist since the first day. Today, as I entered, a friend who had just finished breakfast with her family, approached me and said she wanted to purchase a painting there... she did.... I am honored.
The painting shown here, Out My Back Window, is not the one sold today, but is a new one just finished last week. It was fun to paint. I like the color. Hope you enjoy it!


My First Day

This blog is a part of a new adventure for me. For about a year and a half now I have been producing my own work to exhibit and show. I have been inspired by many artists - some here in New Hampshire, some in museums, some on the internet. I have been particularly fascinated by the artists of the painting a day practice. I admire them and I can see with my own work the results that come from following a goal to produce on a regular basis... only good things...even if the painting is bad, the true results are good. I learn more about who I am, what I can achieve, and how good it feels to paint when I know what I am putting down is right.

I owe this beginning of my online communication to my husband who has put everything in place to help me get started. He also doubles as what he and I call "The Art Advisory Board".... you know... the other set of eyes that helps you realize what your paintings are actually saying. He has supported me while I have changed gears from teaching private art classes for ten years to producing and exhibiting my own work.

The first painting I am posting is "Color on the Table" because it is representative of the looseness, the color, and the energy that I want to have everyday when I get to the easel. I did this painting last year and I think about it frequently when I ask myself "what is the goal?"

Two other people I must mention so they know how much they have influenced me are my friends Dale and Lisa. Dale, an artist herself, is constant artistic encouragement. And Lisa, a designer, can network a room of people so everyone in it feels like they are all each other's best friends. Both of them have been strong associates in business and friendship.

Please, save my site and check back often... more is coming. Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy my work.