Rose Bryant. Brian Crowley. At Blue Moon. August 3 - September 24

I can't believe how quickly this exhibit date came up. I put my name in the pot to do an exhibit at Blue Moon about two years ago. It seemed at the moment like it was so far in advance. In the meantime, a collaboration with a good friend and photgrapher who has a fantastic eye has evolved. Brian Crowley is sharing the exhibit with me as the featured photographer. I love his style... always on the go. Looking for the next venue. Ready to jump in and make his visual statement. I can't even tell you the number of things he's accomplished .... you'll just have to go to his site ....and trust me, that will still be just the tip of the iceberg. He never takes just "the scenery shot"... there is always a twist to make you ponder. So here we are, now, ready to put up the show. Mark your calendar for the reception on Friday, September 10 5-7pm to get a close-up of what we do and to chat (The party, by the way, flaunts the cuisine of the fabulous Blue Moon Market). Thank you so much to Annick of the SAA for coordinating the exhibit and Kathy Gallant of Blue Moon for having us! Dates: August 3- September 24. Hours: M-F 10:30-7, Sat 10-3.


Divine is now a THREE-DAY CAFE!

This may be a funny thing to post... since this is an art blog, but my friends at The Divine Cafe and Grille have been going full speed ahead with their plans now to get their "specialty" vegan burger to market. They have been producing their burgers and running the cafe for three years. I have had the honor of showing my art there for that entire time (plus, I use my exhibit there as a reason to frequent the cafe on a regular basis)! Bonnie and Denis and gang have been burning the midnight oil to bring a dream to reality ... Now they have their vegan burger with Dole and Bailey distributors, The Golden Harvest, UVM, Hampton Natural Foods, Exeter Hospital, Timberland, Philbricks Fresh Market, and MORE are to come. To streamline operations internally, the Cafe is going THREE-DAY starting August 1st., 2010. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 7:30-2:30. CONGRATULATIONS to Bonnie and Denis!


Newburyport Farmers Market and Tiny Paintings

Summer days are great. Time for packing, and hauling and adventure. The photo at the top is of a few of my recent tiny paintings... not finished, but close. They are 3x3 inches and smaller, and are enjoying a summer day in the shade. To the left is the back of my car in June just before taking off to the the Farmers Market. (If you are an artist looking at this and wondering how I could possibly cram all my show stuff into what you see here, rest assured that this was not the end. You know how it goes! Of course there was more.) And the photo at the bottom is of of my set-up at the Farmers Market. My next date there is Sunday, July 25. Hope you can stop by and say hello.  The next exhibit I have of my larger paintings is at Blue Moon in August and September. More details to follow.

Inspiration from so many places

This time of year fills me with options for future ideas for painting. Nature has such odd wonderful shapes... sometimes you just don't realize how different all things are until you really "look" at them. And then if you take the shapes and interpret them in your own color choices... wow... there is no end, absolutely NO end. I have never understood people when they say they are bored?!
This great little pink Mountain Laurel flower on the left was given to me by Sanatani... another person who admires nature's shapes. She wanted me to see the flower just before it opened. Look closely.