SOLD in uptown Exeter, NH at Art Up Front Street

Oh my goodness, such a happy painting, but I am sad she is no longer here! My work over the last year keeps flowing to more abstract imagery and feelings. At the same time I feel a need to do more figurative work. hmmm. Maybe something to consider when we have our figure drawing nights. Loose movement, color-rich, abstract, but still a human shape. After the holidays we plan to start up again with figure drawing at Art Up Front Street.... so we shall see. Thank you to Bob M. for stopping by the studio and for welcoming this painting to your home. I hope it brings you smiles! 


Painting in the garden this September 2019

 We had fun this past June and July. 
My next session:
Thursdays, September 5, 12, 19.
10AM to 1PM
Pick one day or all days.
Bring your materials.... it can be ANYTHING you want to do... drawing, writing, collage, painting,...
We have chairs, tables, room for your easel, umbrellas, and a canopy if needed. Parking is on the left rear side of the studio in the back lot. Bathrooms, water, accessible. 
Open to all abilities and mediums. Take a break with us to sketch, paint, or watch a process. There is always tea... and a little snack. 

Maximum 8 participants.

$5 each day. 
SIGN-UPS NECESSARY. No drop-ins. Thanks.

Sign up by email to


Thank you for coming!

Our Open Studios this May 4+5 was just lovely. Thank you to all who visited, chatted, and purchased. So much good feedback from everyone. I loved seeing you and meeting new friends. Here are a few of my paintings that found happy homes :-). Thank you to Kathy C., Doug F, Amy K, Mary C. and Laurie D.
The bottom photo shows a group of three poppies, one of which was also sold. Enjoy the color!

If you are looking for more inspiration, join me this Saturday. I am doing demo paintings all day at the studio. We will have tea and cookies... plus two very short tours at 10 and 2 will be given to those who have never been.
Happy Mothers Day everyone!


A little color fun outside

I always look forward to spring because I can't WAIT to get back outside for projects. There is just something about painting large stuff on large surfaces. Even though this is tiny (and somewhat formal) Exeter I love splashing around with color exteriors. Almost all of this color was applied with a sponge roller (except for lettering). We have had people to stop and take pics, people to shout from their cars while I was painting, and people to touch base with me that I have not talked to in a long time!
.... LOVE spreading color joy to the neighborhood and the passers-by. Hope it makes someone's day brighter.



We have 9 (yes, 9) artist studios... and 2 guest artists for the show. Our space continues to improve... 2500 square feet of fun stuff to make you happy. 

You WILL find LARGE and small here for the open studios. You will find prints and cards. And you will see some sweet little things that will make you go "awww....".
Join us May 4 and 5.... first weekend in May.

Painting in the Garden at Art Up Front Street

Join me this summer for very laid back art days. 
Pick one day or all. 

5 THURSDAYS in JUNE and JULY this summer.
Sign up for one or all by email to
We will be in the back yard... we have tables, chairs, umbrellas and a canopy.
Open to all media... so bring whatever you want to work on!
Some people sketch, some paint, some write.
No instruction, just a simple time to gather and create.
Take a break with us to create or watch a process.

Free parking is on the left rear side of the studio in the back lot. Bathrooms, water, tea are within an easy walk.
$5 for each day.
Sign-ups by email to are required. See you soon...


Spheres and Lines exhibit at Art Up Front Street

Hello, almost spring! This winter was an exploration for me of a more abstract body of work. My urge was to work organically ... making one thought, then another. 
I remember the days of my youngest "students" - preschool and kindergarten aged children. They really were not the students, though, but rather they were the teachers.

I watched them unfold their thoughts one step at a time. Enjoying each mark. Not over-thinking. Sometimes working so briefly their work looked like a modern stroke from a famous conceptual contemporary artist. Other times, working so long their work was a soupy ooze from corner-to-corner. 

Sometimes when the soupy ooze would drip to other parts on the easel, they would continue to paint the drip on the easel. All the while really only watching for what happens to the paint being pushed by the brush.... never watching the paint being pushed for a goal of satisfying an expectation of a potential viewer (the parent or adults in the room).

The biggest gift at that point in my art life was the gift of being lucky enough to watch their process. Now, finally, at this stage, I feel a true freedom to "make". Why did it take so long? 

If you want to come by for a conversation, please, do! If you want to make art but have a few fears, please, come and sit and watch.

For more info about my show, click HERE