Magenta Grasses at the Newburyport Famers Market

I exhibited one of my unfinished paintings, "Magenta Grasses", at our art show two weekends ago to get thoughts and comments. I was totally surprised by the responses! I told several viewers that the next step for this work would be to add more of the yellowish color over the magenta (basically, covering up 3/4 of the obvious magenta areas). What a surprise... again and again several people said how much they liked the magenta, and that the strong color behind the movement of the grass was what they found so intriguing. So needless to say, this piece may have a real magenta zip to it in the end.
Look for this finished painting during the Newburyport Farmers Market this Sunday, May 22, 9-1, at the Tannery. I love all farmers markets... and this one has a lot going on. You can get breakfast, find your garden goodies, be entertained by musicians, visit with artisans, and grab lunch all at the same place. It's like a mini-festival ... what a day. So grab your shamma-lamma and take a little trip.

Wonderful Lois

This is the scene from about 2 hours before our Art on Union Street opened... and this is Lois Matheson doing one of the things she does better than anybody on the planet - organizing visuals and display for the best impact. She came in on Friday and performed her magic by grouping colors and themes, and by "building up" and coordinating signage so everything was SO easy to see. My head had been swimming in last minute details and Lois basically just jumped in (with a cup of hot tea for me) and took over. Two hours later she left, and the place looked FANTASTIC. Thank you, dear friend!


A painted chair for New Outlook Teen Center

Ok! Time for some crazy fun... what will it be? I have some ideas and I am leaning in the direction of flowers... maybe poppies, but I will try not to paint them, as my daughter Maizie would say, like "old lady flowers". She said that to me years ago and I can't forget it. It's not that there is anything wrong with old ladies... hey, that time is just down the road a bit! But she said it to remind me to paint the unusual. I love her take on what is visually interesting... she's never in "the box". So, flowers, out of "the box", is what it will be. The project: During April vacation, members of New Outlook's Young Women's Adventure Group built Adirondack chairs with "Girls at Work" a NH non-profit dedicated to empowering girls through woodworking and carpentry. Artists will paint the chairs. (I have one of them). They will go on display as art installations at businesses in Exeter and Portsmouth from early June to mid-July, and the public will have the chance to bid on the chairs during an online summer auction. All proceeds will benefit the New Outlook Teen Center in Exeter. I can't wait to see them all! Stay tuned... more to come :-)

On the Beach abstract

SOLD "On the Beach", 24x30, acrylic on canvas. There is always a connection to make with color... everyone has a different way of looking "into" art and deciding what it means to them and how it works for them. "H" came to the ART ON UNION STREET and explored and soaked in the day. She was drawn to this one and a few tiny pieces. When I delivered the painting, she treated me to tea and gave me a tour of her art in her home... honestly, I could accomplish an entire art appreciation course just by listening to others as they explain why they love what they love and feel what they feel about color and art. "H" had so many pieces that meant so much to her... all ranges of work, all conditions... some perfect and fresh, some very old and very worn... some quirky and whimsical... but all very beautiful. I felt like she was allowing me to see into her heart as she described the origins and the thoughts around the art. My painting, "On the Beach", had significance to her as a reminder of times at the beach with her father and family... a very precious time in her life. Thank you, "H", for the opportunity to share in your vision.


Chick pics by Deb McLarnon

Every year at ART ON UNION STREET I look forward to the baby chicken pictures by local photographer Deb McLarnon. I just can't pass them up! These are a few of the cards I claimed this year. Thank you, Deb, for bringing your treasures to the show again!


Thank you to Cymbidium Floral...

Even more visual delights for the art show were provided by Cymbidium Floral. Jessica Christoferson's floral arrangements were stunning and filled the room with a beautiful elegance. Thank you, Jessica, for being a part of the 6th annual ART ON UNION STREET.
Some of you may have been missing the fabulous jewelry of Lily Designs this year.... do not worry!...Lisa Cochran has promised to return December 2 and 3 for the holiday show. In the meantime, find her designs at Cymbidium Floral or go to her new website.

And the winner is...

What a great weekend! Thank you to all who came. Conversation, art, friends, landscaping idea seekers, the community artists, the NHSPCA, DeColores.... what a time. More details to come, but first, an announcement... the winner of the gift basket generously donated by Anna Hardy Evans Furniture from IN-HOME is Christina Dragon. Christina, I will call you soon! Congratulations!


And the winners are...

There was a whole lotta lookin' going on.. and we had several "almost right" guesses. The winners of a pack of postcards are Diann S., Karen G., Debbie M., Tracy M., and Pat S.P. Congratulations! I am also giving out another pack for the most effort to Brittany S. for her determination :-). Brittany is an artist and I think every red mark she saw looked like a ball to her... but after several attempts, she finally found it. (Brittany, you know I say this all with an understanding smile on my face.) Thanks for playing everyone! See for the red ball.