Barn in the Distance

SOLD   The "SIX ORANGE ABSTRACTS" art brunch was a great time.... thank you to Julie, Trillium and Cathy at the Willow.... a few pics of the shop are here. "The Barn in the Distance", 24x36 acrylic on canvas, was one of the paintings at the Willow and it now has a new home. The owner was looking for a piece of art that would be a one-of-a-kind. She had spotted this a couple of months ago and came back for the event to take a second look and chat. She typically has purchased art prints or reproductions until now... and wanted to know my policy for reproductions. A very good question. So far, all of my work that has been purchased (more than two hundred paintings if you count the smallest tiny paintings) has been original except for one image of the Exeter Bandstand which was eventually sold as a print. Every year, I also turn a few of my images into greeting cards or postcards. I have also created variations of the same painting for a series, but they are never exactly alike. Things could change one day, but for now, its mostly original for me. I think my clients appreciate that.


A touch of orange texture

We're now putting the final touches on preparations for the art brunch this Friday and Saturday. This photo is a taste of the color you'll see at the Willow... it is a cross-section of a larger painting which is a 12x36 on canvas. In this piece I explored a "dry brush" technique and use of collage to create texture. The colors of the paintings in this exhibit range from deep orange-red, to warm butternut, to creamy light orange and are on canvases 30x40 inches down to 4x4.
Julie, Trillium, Cathy and I look forward to seeing you at the Willow. Things to savor, six Willow give-aways, and lots of color.
Hope you can join us!


Six Orange Abstracts Art Brunch

Happy winter day. One thing I love about winter here in New England is that the cold... and the white... and the ice... make some things better. Kind of a funny thought, but coffee smells better, warm cats are welcome, people laugh more (in a nervous sort of way) while running to get out of the cold, the gesture of helping someone with a winter scarf or coat says you care, and warm colors and fire are almost intoxicating. My urge to paint in orange has taken over and the desire to work with just the basics of color and composition is finding its way on canvas. I hope you can join us at the Willow for my first series show of warm color, Six Orange Abstracts (click for details).. a good reason to come in out of the cold!


Happy 2010

SOLD  The color in this painting is so cheery, it had to be a part of my New Year's greeting. It is an 11x14 painting of a dinghy docked in the river in Exeter. I took the photo in the summertime, turned it into black and white, and then painted using color combinations that really intrigued me. The painting is now "docked" in a home of full of thoughtfulness.
As for 2009 and 2010, I can hardly describe the kind of wonderful holiday season and New Year my family has had. As I get older, I love and appreciate things so much more...  honest sincere growth encourages me to weed out the insignificant.  I was lucky enough to spend wonderful moments with my children and husband and take goofy pictures on which we will always look back and laugh, ... Incredible friends and a wonderful neighborhood enrich my life everyday, and I have two nephews who are planning weddings in VA and NC. "Skype" allowed me to visit with long-distance family over the holidays. Art adventures opened new doors. Little things like sharing a cup of tea with a friend in front of a tiny woodstove made chilly days perfect. My family also had some sadder moments this year, as all families have, but those events tend to decrease the miles and draw loved ones closer.
Thank you all for being a part of this year and for allowing me to share my color and thoughts with you. I wish you a warm 2010 and hope you all have many wonderful journeys ahead in happy blue waters.