Flower Spray original painting by Rose Bryant

SOLD "Flower Spray" 11x14 acrylic on canvas. Speaking the same language... again, here I am talking about "speaking the same language"! I still don't know the reason, the why, the how it all works ... but people come together for the same music, the same food, the same color. Why is it that as humans we can essentially point at something and nod or raise our eyebrows... and the person that is with us can respond with turn of the mouth or a shoulder shrug... and we "know"? When I painted this, I was "in" the painting... it flowed through my hand, I was happy to be pushing the paint around and realizing the surprises with each color. When it was done, it still spoke to me. When it was put on the wall to find another home, it still spoke to me. Now, it has a wonderful new home. With a person who feels the joy that went into it. She has written me. And I can't really find the words to describe the connection that I feel. We don't have to see each other's faces, I know how she feels (or I like to think I do:-). I am glad it brings her to her own place of happiness... enjoying the same language. Thank you, AE.


Flower Field at The Willow

Flower Field. 12x12 acrylic on canvas. I'm trying a different style... one that looks more like tapestry or fabric. I started with a blue underpainting and then progressed to lighter colors. This painting was first shown at our Art on Union Street open house and is now at the Willow in downtown Exeter near the boathouse. I'm feelin' the urge to continue the style in yellow oxide, cream, and rich reds...
Thank you to everyone who visited for the open house... it was so great to see you. We love the party, the conversation and the energy. Thank you all for being a part of my art community... see you in 2012!

Business for artists

For some time I have wanted to share the talents of Lois Matheson with my fellow artists... She is my business guru, the energy that keeps me in a sane direction, and an all-round fabulous source for anything "business". Lois and I are preparing a business session specifically for artists to take place in early-to-mid February. She will be the business counselor and coach... I will have a few marketing and art show tips. The goal of the session will be to help you, the artist, form the beginnings to a structure for your year. We are limiting the meeting to five artists. The event will be here at my studio in Exeter. Please, feel free to pass this along to a friend. I will update you through this blog and through facebook with specifics. Looking ahead to new adventure is always fun.... but sometimes scary. If you have thought about forming a business plan, this may be a good opportunity to take a jump. :-) Best in health and happiness for 2012! Details to come.


Fusion at Art on Union Street

I have a friend who gets lost in the process... actually I have MORE than one friend that gets lost in the process... I guess that's the way it goes when you LOVE making stuff. Deb Wheeler-Bean is going to be here with these smart looking little things - handbags, clutches, and wallets. She and wool fiber artist Lesley Hansard made these just for fun. They are constructed of recycled plastic bags... a little funky folly for the holidays! Join us this Friday and Saturday.


Ready for fun! Holiday Open House Dec 2&3

The time is near... and I think we will be ready when the doors open, but there is always that last mad dash before we can settle in and enjoy the company of friends.

This year we have so many wonderful things in store... and my friend and interior designer, Renee Carman, is one of them. She is bringing her design "first-aid kit" to the open house. Got a sad little place in your home? Or need a fresh room "do"? Friday and Saturday only, you can get a free 20-minute design consult with her...

Bring your photos or your laptop and your questions. Sign-ups are required. See the schedule to the left or go to ART ON UNION STREET to see more. Spaces are filling up, so don't la-de-da-dah!
Another wonderful thing is a special painting give-away. Everyone who drops their name in the art hat at our Holiday Open House is entered into a free drawing for one of my original paintings... ANY painting, your choice, with a maximum price of $225. No purchase is necessary... just your friendly face :-) Be sure to take a look at ART ON UNION STREET artists... We are all excited to welcome you! See you soon and have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to the holidays. Best to you in color. Rose


New Signs

Adding some "splash" to a sign that will be at the end of our street for our big Art on Union Street. Above that is my studio sign... I'm repainting it as well for the show... and so it will last through the coming New England winter. But for today, no more thoughts of winter, I will enjoy the glorious sun!


Midnight oil

Actually, I am not burning the midnight oil... just can't do it. I get up too early to last that long. BUT, if there is a midnight oil for me, 6-9 pm would be it. Stuff on the table... getting ready for the Open House December 2 and 3. Next week I will concentrate on finishing larger works. Every time I make a mark in color, I am in awe... not because of the product or how I have done it, but because with each color stroke, I realize the possibilities are really and truly endless.. and that I absolutely love the color mark-making. I remember when I taught my art classes from my studio, and watched the children paint. I was in love with their marks in color and THEY were in love with their marks in color. What a happy bunch we were!


"Where are my scissors?" challenge results!

Boy, it was great to hear from all of you.... you sent stories of your children participating with you in this challenge, stories of experiences with scissors (some a little dangerous :-), stories of where your family always kept scissors when you were growing up. Some of you counted seven scissors in the photo.... and I became a little concerned :-). Most of you found all of them ... yes, the correct answer IS five. After a random pick of all the names in the hat, we have three winners. Ann Howland, Jeremy Townsend, and Nicole Scali. Congratulations! And thank you to all who joined in... I hope you enjoyed the visual challenge.

Have a very colorful day,



Where are my scissors? Give-away

When I set up for my art shows, I always take scissors... sometimes more than one pair... just so I have them when and where I need them. My "scissors" are somewhere in this photo. If you can find them, you could win a gift... or feel accomplished....or enjoy the fact that you have a good sense of humor. The question is HOW MANY SCISSORS are in the photograph? All correct answers will go into the art hat. Three winners will be picked and can choose one of the five art items in the photo at the top. My Exeter, NH bandstand print or one of four of my art card packs (10 cards with 10 envelopes). Send me an email with your answers. Contest is over and winners announced Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, 8am. Happy hunting! (Sidenotes... You may need to click to enlarge the photo ... and I posted the photo in black and white because the orange handles would have been too easy to spot :-). Good luck!!

Consider friending me on facebook. I love to share color (mine and others) and I love feedback. I'm the Rose Bryant with the black and white flower picture.

Updates on our upcoming Art on Union Street artists will be posted there.
Best in color to you all!



Seacoast Artisans, Nov 5, 10-4

Straight from my art table to Portsmouth this Saturday. Full production here at the studio... thank goodness for sunny days. Look for me at booth #27. Also, mark your calendar for December 2 and 3. My goal is to have 500 Tiny Paintings to exhibit at our Holiday Open House. I have about 250 now. That will mean 250 new ones... Oh my. I...must...keep....painting.


Clams in a car

Ok, sometimes you just HAVE TO. On one of my last visits to Virginia, my family and I piled into a smallish car. I turned the camera to the back of the car without viewing and snapped. This is not cropped, not framed, not manipulated, no preservatives and nasty food additives. I love it for so many reasons. There is symmetry, but not too much. There is movement and gesture even though they are squashed in like clams. I know who they are without the faces. To me it is a story... of life and what my family does. It's funny and I smile when I see it. I can hear their voices. These three people love each other so much. We have all been there in a little car... hoping that someone would NOT take this picture. I can't paint it. It would never have the same meaning. Why is it on my art blog? Because it is family art.


Running Bunnies

Ok, whimsy time. I am working on tiny paintings today. Our ART ON UNION STREET holiday open house is a little over a month away and to "prime the painting pump" I work small and get a lot of thoughts down. Sometimes something tiny really grabs me and I will paint it larger and in similar colors to the tiny ones. Right now, it's 3x3 inch "Running Bunnies"... will there be a larger version at the open house? I don't know :-)


Marsh at Sagamore Creek

Now on exhibit downtown at the Willow, the final art from the detail posted earlier. Total dimension 24x48 diptych.
I love the beginning stages of the painting process... the world is big... so big that somehow putting one thought together on a canvas seems limitless. The first marks are loose and rough... really delightful and fun - I know whatever marks I make are not final but fluid. As the painting continues, my decisions are more focused with a certain amount of expectation ... which can make me a little crazy. Once I get through the "decisions" the last details come a little more easily - more light? more dark? more of my favorite colors? At that point I can see the whole, the all and decide how I feel about it. In the end, when the varnish goes on, the color REALLY begins to live on its own. Sometimes when I step back from a finished work... I feel like it is an offspring (no offense to my children :-))... but it is then something that has come from me that is not me.
Ok, enough of this art babble. If you want to see it, check out the Willow downtown. Say hi to Julie for me.


Sagamore Creek Marsh Detail

I'm already inspired by the thought of fall colors... this detail is from a much larger painting in progress. There is no lack of beautiful changing landscape here in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. I can walk less than a mile east and see a marsh from a tidal riverbank. I can travel a little more and get to ocean. And just 15 miles west I can see rolling hills that lead to mountains. (I throw this visual imagery in with the hopes that more of my Virginia friends will take the bait!) The image here is from one small area of the painting that is about 11x14. The total painting is made of two canvas panels... each one is 24x24 inches making the entire painting 24x48. When finished, I will take it to the Willow downtown on Water Street to hang in the back gallery. I'll keep you posted.... Have a colorful day :-)

Rose of Sharon... a sign of change

I love my Rose of Sharon.... It grows tall enough that when I stand in the kitchen I can see it swaying through the living room window. Makes me feel like my little "intown" home is in the country. Pretty soon the fall crisp will take over and the color here in New England will burst into orange and gold and red. Love the seasons.


finishing touches magenta

SOLD I just put the last bit of magenta and then a good coat of varnish on a painting that I love. It really speaks to my graphic design roots... and I am so glad the boldness in this one spoke to a couple at the Cape Elizabeth Engine One Labor Day Art Show. This was the the 44th annual art show put on by the Cape Elizabeth fire department. Amazing. Engine One finds community sponsors to help fund the event and the awards. There are over 100 artists each year that pay a fee for their "space" to display work. The fees and sponsor donations help support the needs of the fire department. I am glad to be a part of it... thank you, Engine One.
And thank you to DM and EM... it was great meeting you. I hope you enjoy your new color for many years.


A little fun at the National Gallery

Ok, just so you know, if you start making faces, taking funny pictures and laughing a little too loudly while at the National Gallery, you WILL see museum security guards. My husband and I enjoyed a less formal side of art this August while on a trip to visit family and friends... :-). These are some of our favorite pieces.


South Portland Art in the Park

Thank you to all of you who stopped by my space... It is always lovely to see you. The South Portland Art in the Park is one of my favorite art shows to do. Mill Creek Park is beautiful, the food is great, and my artist friends are a wonderful source of inspiration. Click here to see more pics on Facebook. Mark your calendar for next year if you are looking for a fun outing. Saturday, August 14, 2012. Just across Casco Bay Bridge is downtown Portland, Maine. You cannot beat it!


Portsmouth Harbour near South Street

The view from New Castle is wonderful. At one point as you get closer to Portsmouth, you can see the colorful houses that dot the shore. Always a charming sight. The piece pictured here above the fireplace is of that area and a little more. Thank you to G and E... I loved working on this for you.


South Portland Art in the Park Saturday

South Portland Art in the Park is tomorrow at lovely Mill Creek Park from 9 to 5. I am at site #5. Join me and tons of other artists for a fabulous day! Watercolor, photography, acrylic, oil. And the weather is going to be PERFECT. While you are in the Portland area, you can check out the Portland Headlight, go to a charming shop or cafe, or take in the coast.... either way, it's all good.
Best in color.... Rose

Finishing touches

I just finished and delivered a commision this August for a lovely family in New Castle. It is of a view of Portsmouth from one of the areas across the water in New Castle. The original direction given to me was a run-on of descriptive possibilities... water, coastal, beach, marsh, blues, greens, (not pink... got it, Ed!), light in feeling, somewhat abstract, but still recognizable. We looked at the place the painting would finally be hung. They looked at pictures of my work and showed me other images they felt comfortable with. I showed them three "sketches". Then many days later, a viewing of progress on the canvas, then conversation. Making a painting for someone else always starts off as a big informational stew... and then somehow, one piece emerges. The process was a joint effort... the owners had visual boundaries and concepts they felt comfortable with in art and they were able to share them with me as I worked on the painting. The painting is now happily hanging above their fireplace... and it was just in time for a wedding party for their son and his wife. (No pressure there! :-). Thank you G and E, for having my work in your home. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Painting Babies

I don't know... a little wierd, but I absolutely LOVE the painting of "Roulin's Baby" by Van Gogh. I rounded the corner in the National Gallery of Art last year and there it was... even more wonderful than it is on the postcard in this photo. (By the way, this postcard was sent to my husband in 1978 by a previous girlfriend at the time... evidently we share similar tastes :-) And I've hung on to the card and to him a lot longer than she did). I'm going soon to visit the painting again. In anticipation, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate the same color simplicity as in "the baby" painting... but not use actual human babies in the process. I don't think I could pull that off and still be considered sane. So I'm thinking of using another kind of baby. My neighbor, Lisa, has all kinds of animals running around in her yard... dogs, puppies, chickens. Her pug puppy, Cupcake, is SO cute. So I'm leaning in the direction of this little pug face. What do you think? Green, white, a touch of blue and a soft mention of redish mauve. Will it work?


Swimming in Sunlight

SOLD Two little paintings at the Willow... Swimming in Sunlight and Barn on a Soft Day. Someone was feeling a summer moment at the Willow. These are two of the softest, lightest paintings I have done... usually my brush goes straight to the strong saturated colors and it usually takes all my strength to lighten up a little. I love light and soft neutral colors, and I love when I can maintain them in my painting. The Willow is a favorite place of mine in downtown Exeter. I love being able to have my work there... Julie's color sense and choices of home furnishings give my art a perfect home. Swimming in Sunlight has a sister painting... another soft, floating watery image with fish... and is still at the Willow if you are inspired by these. It is a 12x12 deep profile gallery wrapped canvas finished with a UV resistant varnish - needed to protect it from the summer rays of the painting :-)

A good thing...

Lisa from New Outlook just stopped by to thank me for participating in the Community Chair Project... so nice to get a personal "visit thank you" which also included a fabulous mug. The fundraiser raised $3500 for the teen center... and I understand their were a lot of happy chair recipients. I followed the bidding online and wondered who the owner of my chair would be... hmmmm... was that you "S. St. M"? Thoughts are in the works for the event again next year. But now, it's time for tea from my new mug. Thank you, New Outlook, for the fun.


For a friend

Today a friend from long ago called. We talked of home, business, directions, changes... all the things you catch up on when you haven't spoken in years. She is an interior designer, a re-maker of things for your home, and a lover of cottage chic. These flowers are from my gardens... they remind me of home grown charm and easy days. They are posted here for you, Tricia. I hope you have a great success in planning the next adventure.


New painting for the Willow... Orange Poppies

My newest painting, "Orange Poppies" is on its way to the Willow today. It is a diptych, 22x14, on deep profile canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. Hot orange was calling me this time... If you want to take a close-up look, drop by the Willow just steps away from the PEA Boathouse on Water Street in downtown Exeter. I am also taking in more of my Exeter Bandstand prints today.

The bottom picture is of Liz of Riverlsea Farm at the Newburyport Farmers Market a couple of Sundays ago. I was her next door neighbor with my tiny originals. I'll be there again this Sunday... sounds like it will be a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Join us if you can, 9-1 at the Tannery.


Sunny day at Portsmouth Open Market

Ok! What a day.... I saw so many familiar faces. Glennis, Sam, Greg, Lisa and friend, Susan, Judie and friend, Bobby and Karen, Donna, Sarah, Erin, Cheryl, Ruth, Wendy, and met many more. Jazz fest one block over, museum grounds open, and food... couldn't be a cheerier day. I also got a chance to meet some other fabulous artists... one was Susan Gorman's friend, Emily (sorry, Emily, I can't remember your last name) who's work I love. The top photo is of her color-filled creations. If you look closely you can see some crazy things used as "art". I'm not sure when my next date is there... This art market takes artists unreserved if there is room, so I will wait for a sunny forecast and put it out to the universe then. If you like my vibe, send this to a friend or post it on your FB. Many people tell me they check out my blog for good places to go or to experience some positive energy... I hope you come along! Be sure to check out my exhibits page for other summer gigs.



This Sunday... Jazz Fest, Art market, Wizard of Oz

I will be at the Portsmouth Open Market on Strawbery Banke this Sunday with my art. There is a Jazz Festival going on across the street at Prescott Park and then in the evening is the Wizard of Oz performance. What a day! Get your blanket, your pik-a-nic basket Boo Boo, and do it up.

BLOG or FACEBOOK SPECIAL: Come to the market and tell me you saw this on my blog OR facebook and get one free Rose Bryant postcard 10-pack (with envelopes) with your purchase of any one of my tiny paintings! Hope to see you there.


Cape Ann Farmers Market

Ok... so this is NOT the farmers market... but it IS on the way just outside Ipswich, MA. The rte. 133 drive to the Cape Ann Farmers Market is charming and pleasant, and this is just one of the many visual inspirations that appear as I drive to set up my tiny paintings. Hmmm... I think there is a marsh series in my future.
On a different note, for those of you interested in giving back to community AND having something of a conversation piece in your yard... click here to view the New Outlook Teen Center auction chairs.
Have a great day... May color be in your heart,


Auction chairs for New Outlook Teen Center

The website is up... take a look by clicking on this post title. All for a great cause. Fourteen chairs have been made and painted. The bidding starts July 2. Mine is pictured here and can be seen in person at Exeter Hospital. Once you get to the Auction site, look to the left to "View All" and click. Hmmmm, I think this chair would go nicely on a sunny porch, in an icecream shop, or perhaps as someone's special birthday party throne. Where would you put it?


Beacon Hill Art Walk

Another wonderful day in Boston yesterday! It was so great to see friends and family stop by... even those playing pranks (Steve!). Thank you Nick, Carol, Mal, Alan, Dieter, Kathy, Steve and daughter, and Charlene for seeking me out. Two other artists friends were showing as well that Sunday... Catherine Nolan and Jenny Page. The day was beautiful, the back alleys were lovely, and the music was great. My spot was right across from the duo that played. Look for me at Putnam Place again next year. It is just off Charles Street. You can see the little opening leading to Charles Street in the photo above. The story on that snappy hat I'm wearing.. it is my father's grass cutting hat... he was willing to part with it and now I wear it to my art shows... it is a lucky art hat held together with masking tape. Join me at my next show at the Newburyport Farmers Market this Sunday, June 12, 9 am to 1 pm. Music, food, farm goods, and artisans. Hope to see you!

Best in creativity... Rose


Every year like clockwork...

This photo is from a recent slightly overcast day... but the effect is still the same. I love this rhododendron... my goal is to each year carefully clip from the bottom and let the top continue up until it is a massive pink puff reaching the second floor of my home.


Magenta Grasses at the Newburyport Famers Market

I exhibited one of my unfinished paintings, "Magenta Grasses", at our art show two weekends ago to get thoughts and comments. I was totally surprised by the responses! I told several viewers that the next step for this work would be to add more of the yellowish color over the magenta (basically, covering up 3/4 of the obvious magenta areas). What a surprise... again and again several people said how much they liked the magenta, and that the strong color behind the movement of the grass was what they found so intriguing. So needless to say, this piece may have a real magenta zip to it in the end.
Look for this finished painting during the Newburyport Farmers Market this Sunday, May 22, 9-1, at the Tannery. I love all farmers markets... and this one has a lot going on. You can get breakfast, find your garden goodies, be entertained by musicians, visit with artisans, and grab lunch all at the same place. It's like a mini-festival ... what a day. So grab your shamma-lamma and take a little trip.

Wonderful Lois

This is the scene from about 2 hours before our Art on Union Street opened... and this is Lois Matheson doing one of the things she does better than anybody on the planet - organizing visuals and display for the best impact. She came in on Friday and performed her magic by grouping colors and themes, and by "building up" and coordinating signage so everything was SO easy to see. My head had been swimming in last minute details and Lois basically just jumped in (with a cup of hot tea for me) and took over. Two hours later she left, and the place looked FANTASTIC. Thank you, dear friend!


A painted chair for New Outlook Teen Center

Ok! Time for some crazy fun... what will it be? I have some ideas and I am leaning in the direction of flowers... maybe poppies, but I will try not to paint them, as my daughter Maizie would say, like "old lady flowers". She said that to me years ago and I can't forget it. It's not that there is anything wrong with old ladies... hey, that time is just down the road a bit! But she said it to remind me to paint the unusual. I love her take on what is visually interesting... she's never in "the box". So, flowers, out of "the box", is what it will be. The project: During April vacation, members of New Outlook's Young Women's Adventure Group built Adirondack chairs with "Girls at Work" a NH non-profit dedicated to empowering girls through woodworking and carpentry. Artists will paint the chairs. (I have one of them). They will go on display as art installations at businesses in Exeter and Portsmouth from early June to mid-July, and the public will have the chance to bid on the chairs during an online summer auction. All proceeds will benefit the New Outlook Teen Center in Exeter. I can't wait to see them all! Stay tuned... more to come :-)

On the Beach abstract

SOLD "On the Beach", 24x30, acrylic on canvas. There is always a connection to make with color... everyone has a different way of looking "into" art and deciding what it means to them and how it works for them. "H" came to the ART ON UNION STREET and explored and soaked in the day. She was drawn to this one and a few tiny pieces. When I delivered the painting, she treated me to tea and gave me a tour of her art in her home... honestly, I could accomplish an entire art appreciation course just by listening to others as they explain why they love what they love and feel what they feel about color and art. "H" had so many pieces that meant so much to her... all ranges of work, all conditions... some perfect and fresh, some very old and very worn... some quirky and whimsical... but all very beautiful. I felt like she was allowing me to see into her heart as she described the origins and the thoughts around the art. My painting, "On the Beach", had significance to her as a reminder of times at the beach with her father and family... a very precious time in her life. Thank you, "H", for the opportunity to share in your vision.


Chick pics by Deb McLarnon

Every year at ART ON UNION STREET I look forward to the baby chicken pictures by local photographer Deb McLarnon. I just can't pass them up! These are a few of the cards I claimed this year. Thank you, Deb, for bringing your treasures to the show again!


Thank you to Cymbidium Floral...

Even more visual delights for the art show were provided by Cymbidium Floral. Jessica Christoferson's floral arrangements were stunning and filled the room with a beautiful elegance. Thank you, Jessica, for being a part of the 6th annual ART ON UNION STREET.
Some of you may have been missing the fabulous jewelry of Lily Designs this year.... do not worry!...Lisa Cochran has promised to return December 2 and 3 for the holiday show. In the meantime, find her designs at Cymbidium Floral or go to her new website.

And the winner is...

What a great weekend! Thank you to all who came. Conversation, art, friends, landscaping idea seekers, the community artists, the NHSPCA, DeColores.... what a time. More details to come, but first, an announcement... the winner of the gift basket generously donated by Anna Hardy Evans Furniture from IN-HOME is Christina Dragon. Christina, I will call you soon! Congratulations!