Happy New Year and thank you....

What a beautiful year this has been. Life takes many turns and I am grateful for almost all of them. My husband and I joke about how we view things car breakdowns (none, thankfully though, this year to report :-)). In the past when something like that has happened, (after a few interesting words) we say... wow, we are so close to an exit. Or, there is a hotel nearby. Or let's take a walk around this town while the repair is being done. I hope we keep this attitude throughout our "future breakdowns". We feel we have been so lucky in life to be surrounded by good friends, a lovely and caring neighborhood, the opportunities to work with really creative people, and the warmth of family with all of its quirks and kinks. My husband and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in February. My siblings (two) have each celebrated their 30th anniversaries and my parents just celebrated their 60th. We have lost two kitties in the last two years. One was 22 and the second was 17. And probably to the dismay of veterinarians and to the kitties (most certainly), they were each fed dry kitty food almost exclusively. You don't need to know all this... but I am sure some of you have had made the same (minor) decisions. (Nice to know you are not alone :-)!) We all make decisions.... what directions to take in life, how to raise your children (we have two adults now... not "children" any longer), religion, how to handle illness, politics, but also how to get a good night's sleep or which soap to buy... It is crazy how BIG and then how small we all must be. None of this relates to art... (which is why you typically read this this dribble I write and look at these images I paint, right?)... except that the movement of my "art heart" is mixed with the events of my everyday living, big and small. My world is the color it is because of the big and the small... I can express freely ... and, thank goodness, you relate to it - on some level... with all of your own feelings, or life's loves, or desires. I feel there is a language in this visual communication.... a similar appreciation for color or imagery. There is something here that you and I "speak". I am here in color. You are here in color. We may each see "it" differently or take something different away from "it", but there is excitement to share and enjoy.... or compare. Thank you for participating in my color... for being a willing sharer, listener and appreciator. Thank you for telling me your own stories of your art and creative passions, your children's stories of art, how you have decided to paint your walls (!) and thank you for coming to my events and shows. Thank you for telling me how you have hung my art or why you have given it to a friend. Without your words and your support, my brush would lack at least two of the most beautiful reds it would need to live happily.
I hope you have a colorful and healthy 2015. May many happy moments fill your days. See you soon. (some of you may be visualizing and thinking "... hmmm... what two reds would she be missing?" I like how you think. :-)