And the winner is...

This month's winner of the "Nubble Lighthouse" art card (out of several correct answers) is Joanne King. Congratulations, Joanne! Thanks, everyone for chiming in via email and messages. The correct answer to the question "What kind of jar is Lori Martone bringing to Art On Union?" is ... a COMPOST jar. And most certainly her compost jars will make a lovely combo gift when paired with a garden plant from Willow Pond Community Farm. See you in two weeks at Art on Union Street!


Process simplified....

For the students out there..... this is pretty much how a painting goes. First, you determine the "thing" (what or how are you going to paint?) Then you decide your composition (don't over think that part). Then you explore the color (to me, THIS is where you engage and have fun). Then continue to apply paint (don't clean your brush... it is much more exciting that way). Add some details, then decide if you like it. And if you are like me, you will cover half of it up and start again. No worries! No mistakes! Just keep moving. Of course there are many ways to do each part.... but keep practicing. Then, you will look at your work and say "my goodness, I painted that! yay!".


Loving this warm amber and caramel color... by Lois Matheson

Lois is bringing her jewelry and her summer hats to Art on Union Street .... and on Saturday, throughout the day, she will be showing us how she ties-off, wraps wire, measures for size, attaches clasps, chooses the right glass, metal, and beads.... all with those little thing-a-ma-tiny tools she uses. Then she might even do her favorite bird calls. She is just crazy, that Lois.... :-)


Enjoying blues and greens....

Not quite sure where this is going at the moment... but I love the blue and green together. I am often inspired by a color combination I see in fabric, on a dinner plate, or a postage stamp... the inspiration for color comes from so many places. The image of the tree in this painting is based loosely on a photo I took while at Swasey Parkway in Exeter, NH. The photo is of a beautiful birch alongside the river... however here, a birch(?)... maybe not. But I enjoy the paint and fluidity... and thinking about our lovely town Parkway. See the finished piece at our ART ON UNION STREET this May 9 and 10.


Happy April..... some color to warm your day.

I think it will happen. Spring will come. I am opening the all the orange, red and magenta paints I can find! Is it working? Just varnished.... "Roses on Orange" 11x14 on deep profile canvas. Ready for May 9 and 10 here at the studio.