Fusion at Art on Union Street

I have a friend who gets lost in the process... actually I have MORE than one friend that gets lost in the process... I guess that's the way it goes when you LOVE making stuff. Deb Wheeler-Bean is going to be here with these smart looking little things - handbags, clutches, and wallets. She and wool fiber artist Lesley Hansard made these just for fun. They are constructed of recycled plastic bags... a little funky folly for the holidays! Join us this Friday and Saturday.


Ready for fun! Holiday Open House Dec 2&3

The time is near... and I think we will be ready when the doors open, but there is always that last mad dash before we can settle in and enjoy the company of friends.

This year we have so many wonderful things in store... and my friend and interior designer, Renee Carman, is one of them. She is bringing her design "first-aid kit" to the open house. Got a sad little place in your home? Or need a fresh room "do"? Friday and Saturday only, you can get a free 20-minute design consult with her...

Bring your photos or your laptop and your questions. Sign-ups are required. See the schedule to the left or go to ART ON UNION STREET to see more. Spaces are filling up, so don't la-de-da-dah!
Another wonderful thing is a special painting give-away. Everyone who drops their name in the art hat at our Holiday Open House is entered into a free drawing for one of my original paintings... ANY painting, your choice, with a maximum price of $225. No purchase is necessary... just your friendly face :-) Be sure to take a look at ART ON UNION STREET artists... We are all excited to welcome you! See you soon and have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to the holidays. Best to you in color. Rose


New Signs

Adding some "splash" to a sign that will be at the end of our street for our big Art on Union Street. Above that is my studio sign... I'm repainting it as well for the show... and so it will last through the coming New England winter. But for today, no more thoughts of winter, I will enjoy the glorious sun!


Midnight oil

Actually, I am not burning the midnight oil... just can't do it. I get up too early to last that long. BUT, if there is a midnight oil for me, 6-9 pm would be it. Stuff on the table... getting ready for the Open House December 2 and 3. Next week I will concentrate on finishing larger works. Every time I make a mark in color, I am in awe... not because of the product or how I have done it, but because with each color stroke, I realize the possibilities are really and truly endless.. and that I absolutely love the color mark-making. I remember when I taught my art classes from my studio, and watched the children paint. I was in love with their marks in color and THEY were in love with their marks in color. What a happy bunch we were!


"Where are my scissors?" challenge results!

Boy, it was great to hear from all of you.... you sent stories of your children participating with you in this challenge, stories of experiences with scissors (some a little dangerous :-), stories of where your family always kept scissors when you were growing up. Some of you counted seven scissors in the photo.... and I became a little concerned :-). Most of you found all of them ... yes, the correct answer IS five. After a random pick of all the names in the hat, we have three winners. Ann Howland, Jeremy Townsend, and Nicole Scali. Congratulations! And thank you to all who joined in... I hope you enjoyed the visual challenge.

Have a very colorful day,



Where are my scissors? Give-away

When I set up for my art shows, I always take scissors... sometimes more than one pair... just so I have them when and where I need them. My "scissors" are somewhere in this photo. If you can find them, you could win a gift... or feel accomplished....or enjoy the fact that you have a good sense of humor. The question is HOW MANY SCISSORS are in the photograph? All correct answers will go into the art hat. Three winners will be picked and can choose one of the five art items in the photo at the top. My Exeter, NH bandstand print or one of four of my art card packs (10 cards with 10 envelopes). Send me an email with your answers. Contest is over and winners announced Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, 8am. Happy hunting! (Sidenotes... You may need to click to enlarge the photo ... and I posted the photo in black and white because the orange handles would have been too easy to spot :-). Good luck!!

Consider friending me on facebook. I love to share color (mine and others) and I love feedback. I'm the Rose Bryant with the black and white flower picture.

Updates on our upcoming Art on Union Street artists will be posted there.
Best in color to you all!



Seacoast Artisans, Nov 5, 10-4

Straight from my art table to Portsmouth this Saturday. Full production here at the studio... thank goodness for sunny days. Look for me at booth #27. Also, mark your calendar for December 2 and 3. My goal is to have 500 Tiny Paintings to exhibit at our Holiday Open House. I have about 250 now. That will mean 250 new ones... Oh my. I...must...keep....painting.