Kayakers on the river. Rose Bryant Original

The sun is going down on the studio.... but the paint brushes are still moving. This new painting, "Kayakers on the River" will be at Art on Union. Thank you Lianne for the inspiration! I couldn't get a grip on the direction for color for this one (see post on 4-11 for the "before"). It went through MANY changes to say the least... and then my artist friend Lianne directed me to some color solutions and now I think I have it... for now, anyway :-).


Tiny Trees

It's all a process... here are current Tiny trees. The first photo with under painting of green and first coat tree and first coat sky. The second photo with second and third layers finished... ready for varnish. My larger paintings are done similarly... with underpainting, then darks/bolds, then working lighter to the end. See all 500 tiny paintings this May 10 and 11 at Art On Union... yes, 500. :-). Trust me, it is VERY good practice.


More New Art for Art on Union

The studio is cooking... art on the easel, art painted upside-down (one of my favorite things to do), and brushes ready for washing.... again. Be sure and "like" Rose Bryant Original Paintings on facebook... more process pics to come. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Dawn Amey, Dale Atkins, Art on Union

LOVE these! Two artists who will be at Art On Union this May.... yippee-i-"o's"-ki-ay  (very weak pun :-)


Poppies at the Willow....

I love the Willow. Whenever I hang art there I am rewarded by the fragrances of wonderful candles and body, all the color. These little poppies are 12x12 inches... they make a very nice "hello" above a door or opening... and they put me in the mood for things to come. I look forward to the days this spring when my neighbor, Dale, and I have tea outside and wait for the poppies to bloom. Small things can be such big events.


And the winner is...

Ok... this is NOT an April Fool's joke. There are nine of these little jesters... and 8 of them will still be at our May 10 and 11 Art on Union Street open house.... along with about 500 other tiny paintings. The larger image here now goes home with Samantha Wilcox. Congratulations, Samantha! I hope this tiny painting brings you a smile.