You are invited...

So fun. We are setting up now for our open house this Friday and Saturday. Nick Dawson and Ben Phillips are on one corner. Lily Designs is on another and I am right next door at 8 Union. Lori is setting up her pottery tonight. Deb is coming tomorrow with her beautiful prints, Terry will be in soon with his voluptuous metal pots. Lisa's mom is already in with her hand painted wine glasses and the CUTEST little handpainted salt and pepper shakers. The picture above is of my first-ever gift tag collection. My friend, Melanie, has been working away with me today varnishing and packaging. We just put these together and I had to share them with you. Each little tag is smaller than a business card and they come eight to a pack. I will have these and more visual treats waiting for your holiday eyes.
Look for the black and white signs... they will lead you to the sparkle.


Fort Myers "Lover's Key State Park"

One of my favorite places is Lover's Key State Park just south of Fort Myers. So pristine, so quiet. The beach in the sun and the seagrapes that grow everywhere. It is amazing what you can find once you get off the "Tamiami Trail". This painting is in its final stages for our open house. A triptych with each panel 24x30 inches... the total painting is 24 x 90 inches. As the weather gets colder, I'm letting this memory keep me warm :-).


Win a "chunk" of color! 10 to be given away...

Really?... Can this be? Yes, and it's free. Each little "chunk" is an assemblage of handpainted paper and acrylic on canvas. All are 4x4 inches and 1 and 1/4 inches deep. Each is varnished to a slight sheen, signed, and quite cute when plopped on a shelf in a little nook, on your desk or in a book case. Makes a great gift for the color enthusiast in your life. GIVE-AWAY DETAILS: Save the date for Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4, for our HOLIDAY Open House. While here, enter your info AND your choice. A WINNER will be picked every hour starting at 3pm on Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday. Five will be given away on Friday and five will be given away on Saturday. If you are here for the hour overlap, then you can enter again. Each hour after the draw, the fishbowl is dumped and new names go in. Bring a friend who has never been to our event and you can ENTER TWICE. Sounds better than BINGO to me :-) !
(Apologies to those subscribed to this blog for the number of repostings. I had a type glitch with blogger that took me a few tries to correct.)


Happy Anniversary to "R" and "J"

This past spring I met a lovely couple. They had previously seen my exhibit at the Divine Cafe and Grille and had come to the Spring Open House on Union Street to check out more. They found a tiny little Olive painting and bought it as a gift for "R"'s brother who is an artist and designer in California, knowing he loves small art. This October, "R" contacted me without "J"'s knowledge seeking a gift for their anniversary... their FIRST anniversary.
It took him a little while and three trips to decide which would be best. He stayed focussed on what he thought "J" would like. Art is such a personal thing. He picked this one of the birds on the beach for the whimsy and the color. They both love color ...and I get the sense they both are all about enjoying life and finding good energy.
Well, the response was a good one....
"Hi Rose, "J" loves the painting! It was so much fun to give that gift to her."


Exeter New Hampshire in the fall

This is such a nice photo. I love the fullness of the plant, the color and the various stages of bloom. This beauty is right at the entrance of the Willow in downtown Exeter... where I will be this Saturday from noon to 3pm during the Fall Festival. Hope to see you.
I had a wonderful visit from a friend this past Friday. Judy came to visit with her box and bag full of over 200 original miniature paintings she has been collecting for alost three years. She loves them all. They all have a story... countries of origin, artists she loves, some artists she can't find anymore, some are framed, some are in sleeves, some have certificates of authenticity, some are whimsical, some are very representational. It was wonderful for her to think of me as someone who would enjoy her "obsession". Thanks, Judy!


"Doodle, in the Light" painting at The Vision and The Word Exhibit in Exeter

There is a great show opening this Saturday at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery. The Vision and The Word. Collaborations between visual artists and poets. "Doodle in the Light" is my painting of our family cat. My husband entered a little written piece for the show... the first time we have done a collaboration like this. He wrote from the viewpoint of our cat as he (Doodle) updates his Twitter account... really funny. If you are a cat person, you will love the humor. The opening reception is Saturday, at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery, 12-4.
Next weekend, October 16, is the big Fall Harvest Festival in Exeter. If no rain, I will be outside The Willow Shop working on tiny paintings from noon to 3. Stop by and say hello. I will have a few of my tiniest works on display while I paint, plus Julie and the gang at the Willow will be offering specials that day. Look for my blue and white striped beach umbrella. For more info about Exeter, go to Visit Exeter NH. Hope to see you at one of the events!


Rose Bryant Poppy Painting goes to RiverWoods in Exeter

This little burst of color could be yours! How's that for a tease? This October 16, RiverWoods in Exeter is hosting their annual fundraising gala event. This year the beneficiary is Child and Family Services. My little poppy painting is one of the MANY items up for auction at the event. Get your tickets now and party with your friends... there will be good food, lots of fun, and great auction items.


Blue Moon Reception .... Thank you all for coming

SOLD   "Bay of Fundy", 16 x 20, by Rose Bryant
The party was a great. We saw many familiar faces plus some new ones... thank you to all for dropping in and sharing your thoughts and comments. And thank you to Brian Crowley for showing his wonderful perspective through his photography. Brian's work pulls you in as you try to figure out how he takes his images... mysteries like which way a reflection goes, is the camera on the water or is he in the water, ...or knowing you are looking at a tree, but not knowing if you are looking up or down. And thank you, "C.", (the new owner of the "Bay of Fundy")... I hope it brings many moments of inspiration in your home office. Blue Moon is a wonderful host and I really look forward to their transition to a larger restaurant next month. Our exhibit will continue through September 24... so if you haven't had the chance, do stop in. Thank you to the SAA for organizing the exhibiting artists and to Kathy Gallant for always providing a wonderful venue to promote the arts. Feel free to contact Brian Crowley for info about his photographs here. And of course, you can always drop me a note anytime. Enjoy the pics from the party... most taken by my friend Ute. See you at the next show.

And the winner is...

Wow, there were lots of good eyes for this one... All the names went into the "art hat" and Wade C. is the lucky winner of the tiny olive painting! For those of you still on the hunt, click on the Blue Moon reception info to the left and scroll down. The salt shaker is in front of the blue painting. Thanks to all for participating and sending in your nice comments. Keep an eye out ... more give-aways are coming in the future.


Free Tiny Olive Painting Give-Away

Here's a little fun for the foodies. There is a photo of a salt shaker on this site. Find it and drop me an email with its location. All the correct guesses go in the art hat... and from them I will pick a winner for one of these little "hors d'oeuvres". The painting is only 2x2 inches tiny. HINTS: you don't need to go through past posts, but the answer does have something to do with tonight's reception at Blue Moon. All entries need to be in by this Saturday 10 pm. Good luck! Thank you to everyone who stopped in at Cape Elizabeth... and what a special surprise to see friends, Cathy and Guy, and Kathy and Leo, all the way from my town of Exeter. Have a beautiful weekend!


Cape Elizabeth this Sunday!

Thank you everyone who stopped by my space in Ogunquit and Newburyport last week. If you are up for a little more coastal action, come out to the Engine One Art show at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine this Sunday 10-4. It is a beautiful place... The Portland Headlight has been an inspiration to so many artists and Maine coast lovers over the years. You will be able to find me at site #35... Just look for the umbrella! I found a link to an artist who will be showing there that I've never met. Check out his work. Hope to see you there!  


"Docked on the Squamscott" at Blue Moon

I never run out of images to paint in Exeter. There is so much history here, beautiful old homes, rivers under bridges, a busy little downtown... the problem is deciding which one to commit to without being distracted! This painting is one of my nineteen on exhibit along with Brian Crowley's six photographs, one of which is a very large... a really huge 48x34 inch color print of ... woops, can't tell you 'cause it might spoil the fun if you haven't seen the show yet.
Just know that if you get to Blue Moon on Friday, September 10 (5-7pm) for our reception, you will be kicking off an evening of fun in Exeter that can continue late into the night... Because right after our party, you can hop over to the beautiful old Exeter Town Hall for the "EMERGING ARTISTS: 30 Artists under 30" with LIVE MUSIC by Comma. Young, interesting, perhaps daring-adventurous art of all kinds by young, highly-talented and excited artists. The gig there goes from 7 to 10. My good friend, and studio assistant, Melanie Platt is one of the artists participating in the show.... so I know where I'm heading after Blue Moon shuts down! Hope to see you on the 10th.


Oh my gosh.... the South Portland Arts in the Park

Another beautiful day this past Saturday... how did we get so lucky! Over 150 artists around a lovely pond in charming Mill Creek Park just over the Casco Bay Bridge from downtown Portland Maine. This is the second year for me... and I know it will be on my permanent list of favorite art shows to do. The organizers are all volunteers. They include student work and offer scholarships to those continuing on to art school. Music all day, donuts and coffee in the morning for the artists, and artist awards that are nothing to sneeze at (I guess it should be "at which to sneeze", but doesn't that sound just a little goofy?) I don't want to jinx things, but go ahead and mark your calendar NOW for a visit the second Saturday in August 2011.
My next show in Maine is Thursday, August 26 at the Ogunquit Sidewalk Art Sale. 10-6. And then I do another show in Cape Elizabeth, Maine at Engine One on Sunday, September 5th, 10-4. What a great way to spend the end of the summer... plus I get to see my husband's family who kindly makes me treats and drops in ...sometimes with Penny, the Chihuahua in tow!


Lily pad abstract at Blue Moon

Summer brings so many ideas for painting... I call this one Lily Pad "Quilt". Whenever I try to paint lily pads, I lose my place... each plant is perfect and crisp, but I get lost finding the edge or light I have just painted. So I decided the collection of plants floating on the top of the water reminds me of a quilt. All the beautiful, shining, circular shapes just flow into one mass of texture. This is a smaller 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas board. It is in a wide black frame and is one of the featured paintings at Blue Moon right now... but it is hidden somewhere... where water flows. Drop by Blue Moon to see if you can find it. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for the Art party Friday, September 10, 5-7pm. Have a great summer day. Thanks for looking!


Rose Bryant. Brian Crowley. At Blue Moon. August 3 - September 24

I can't believe how quickly this exhibit date came up. I put my name in the pot to do an exhibit at Blue Moon about two years ago. It seemed at the moment like it was so far in advance. In the meantime, a collaboration with a good friend and photgrapher who has a fantastic eye has evolved. Brian Crowley is sharing the exhibit with me as the featured photographer. I love his style... always on the go. Looking for the next venue. Ready to jump in and make his visual statement. I can't even tell you the number of things he's accomplished .... you'll just have to go to his site ....and trust me, that will still be just the tip of the iceberg. He never takes just "the scenery shot"... there is always a twist to make you ponder. So here we are, now, ready to put up the show. Mark your calendar for the reception on Friday, September 10 5-7pm to get a close-up of what we do and to chat (The party, by the way, flaunts the cuisine of the fabulous Blue Moon Market). Thank you so much to Annick of the SAA for coordinating the exhibit and Kathy Gallant of Blue Moon for having us! Dates: August 3- September 24. Hours: M-F 10:30-7, Sat 10-3.


Divine is now a THREE-DAY CAFE!

This may be a funny thing to post... since this is an art blog, but my friends at The Divine Cafe and Grille have been going full speed ahead with their plans now to get their "specialty" vegan burger to market. They have been producing their burgers and running the cafe for three years. I have had the honor of showing my art there for that entire time (plus, I use my exhibit there as a reason to frequent the cafe on a regular basis)! Bonnie and Denis and gang have been burning the midnight oil to bring a dream to reality ... Now they have their vegan burger with Dole and Bailey distributors, The Golden Harvest, UVM, Hampton Natural Foods, Exeter Hospital, Timberland, Philbricks Fresh Market, and MORE are to come. To streamline operations internally, the Cafe is going THREE-DAY starting August 1st., 2010. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 7:30-2:30. CONGRATULATIONS to Bonnie and Denis!


Newburyport Farmers Market and Tiny Paintings

Summer days are great. Time for packing, and hauling and adventure. The photo at the top is of a few of my recent tiny paintings... not finished, but close. They are 3x3 inches and smaller, and are enjoying a summer day in the shade. To the left is the back of my car in June just before taking off to the the Farmers Market. (If you are an artist looking at this and wondering how I could possibly cram all my show stuff into what you see here, rest assured that this was not the end. You know how it goes! Of course there was more.) And the photo at the bottom is of of my set-up at the Farmers Market. My next date there is Sunday, July 25. Hope you can stop by and say hello.  The next exhibit I have of my larger paintings is at Blue Moon in August and September. More details to follow.

Inspiration from so many places

This time of year fills me with options for future ideas for painting. Nature has such odd wonderful shapes... sometimes you just don't realize how different all things are until you really "look" at them. And then if you take the shapes and interpret them in your own color choices... wow... there is no end, absolutely NO end. I have never understood people when they say they are bored?!
This great little pink Mountain Laurel flower on the left was given to me by Sanatani... another person who admires nature's shapes. She wanted me to see the flower just before it opened. Look closely.


Jeff Hyland with Art-Speak

My friend and artist/landscape designer, Jeff Hyland, was commissioned by the City of Portsmouth’s Cultural Commission to develop a piece of public art. His "The Spirit of Janus" is one of six pieces of temporary art that has been installed around the City. His piece can be seen at the corner of International Drive and Exeter Road at the Pease Tradeport.
Join all the artists involved with this Art-Speak project on Thursday, June 24, from 6-8 at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel to celebrate the official launching of Overnight Art 2010 and help support public art in our communities. Hope to see you there!


A great day

Inspiration comes from so many places... and these past two weeks have really just been so full of family and friends that the words for it are hard to find. Events like witnessing unions I never thought I would see, hearing from old friends who are putting together a long overdue gathering, going to a fabulously touching art opening at the Norman Rockwell Museum (for Jeanne Steig and William Steig), meeting the mother of my daughter's boyfriend for the first time, and then, for the hundreth umpteenth millionth time ( many times is that?!), having a laugh with a neighbor. When my world feels right, my purpose feels right. And color is very good.


Blue Moon exhibit coming in August. Brian Crowley, Rose Bryant

Here is a sneak peek at one of my paintings ("Pond in New Hampshire" 8x10 acrylic on canvas) for the Blue Moon exhibit I am doing with photographer Brian Crowley this August and September. The first time I heard of Brian's work was years ago when he was photographing trees... from the top (way up in the top).... looking down through the branches and the leaves to the ground. The perspective is stunning.... something you would never see unless you are a tree climber. His spin for the Blue Moon show?... We'll have to wait and see. Our reception is Friday, September 10, 5-7. Mark your calendar... more info to come. Currently, one of my friends, Ethel Hills, has her beautiful abstract landscape work up now... the party is this Friday, 5-7.
Last minute teacher gifts are in my studio for those of you looking for a spot of color for someone special. Postcard 10-packs with envelopes are $10 and the tiny paintings are $22 for the olives and $26 for all others. The tiny paintings here are some of my favorites... Are the cats watching olives?.... or are they watching bugs? Just shoot me an email if you want to pop by and see what's in. I have more than 200 tiny paintings and about 80 card packs. Have a great day.... I hope it includes lots of color!


Rose Bryant at the Drift Gallery

Wow... It has been a while! We just got back from a family member's beautiful wedding in Greensboro NC. Weddings are so crazy and wonderful... happiness, excitement, new faces, and conversation. Congratulations to John and Shandra!
On the art front.... my friend Ali Goodwin just had a grand opening at her new gallery in Kittery, Maine... the Drift Contemporary Art Gallery. She invited me to show a couple of pieces, so take a look and stop in sometime.
"Yellow Gold Cosmos" below has just found a new home. It is a three panel painting with a total size of 48x20 inches that was on exhibit at the Willow in downtown Exeter. I look forward to finding out the new owner's thoughts and where they decided to hang it... I always love to hear the story.


Friday 1-7 and Saturday 10-4, Join us!

SOLD This painting is hot off the easel. It has already gone with Mandeville Canyon Designs and Morr Interiors to Sea Glass Village Resort Community in Wells, Maine. It is of Nubble Light and is a large 36 x 52 acrylic on board... more info about that installation later. The images, though, of the painting progress for this piece will be at our open house this weekend along with lots of other fun and some really nice artists and designers. So for all you students of process.... come and take a look. Snack, chat, and take in some color. Hope to see you this Mother's Day Weekend!


Swaying Grasses

SOLD   "Swaying Grasses" is a three-panel, 54x36, acrylic on canvas. It was recently picked up from the Willow in downtown Exeter by its new owner. I hope it brings years of pleasure to her... it was a fun one to work on. This may sound a little silly, but many of my paintings take on a special meaning for me.... I remember a I mixed a color, how the composition was determined, or even the smell of the day. This one was created using plant materials from my garden as a guide directly on the canvas. I was outside, in the sun on a really calm day.... very happy to be able to do what I do.


And the winner is...

Thank you, all, for trying this little contest. The titles you submitted were so inspiring... I wanted to paint a little something for each of them! (Judging from the titles, it seemed that some of you may be a little hungry) The selection was a little more difficult than I anticipated, so the next time I do the "name that painting" contest, I may keep my title to a three word maximum :-)
This is how I chose the winner: A noun in common was first priority. And then I went with any articles (I think I've got the right term). The title is actually "A Day at the Shore" and the winner is Lucy with "Nestled in For the Day". Congratulations, Lucy! Please, email me your address and I will drop this little nougat in the mail.
See more "confections" at our open house May 7and 8. Have a great day and please, feel free to send my color along to a friend.


Name that Painting Give Away

Time for a little sunny-week fun. This tiny painting, 2.5x3.5 inches, already has a title on the back... the first person who comes the closest to guessing it, wins! HINT: The title is less than six words. RULES: ALL entries need to be left in the comment section of THIS blog post. Look down and click on the word "COMMENTS" to enter your title. I will post (and contact) the winner on THURSDAY. Good luck!
New adventures... One of the things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the summer is outdoor festivities. This year, I am joining the kind people at the Newburyport Farmers Market. I have signed up for four market dates... Sunday, June 20, July 25, August 29, and September 19. Details to come, but click the link to get the skinny on the market. Lastly, if you have time today, there is a wonderful alzheimers awareness quilt show at RiverWoods. It ends today and is open 9-12. Scroll down to click on the picture with a link for directions. Have a fabulous Spring day.... don't forget to send me your entry titles via the comment section below :-)


Getting ready for "Coastal". May 7&8 Open House

This may be an abstract to some... but I look at this as representational. To me this is a landscape. I sense a marsh. I see a sky. I feel distance, but a quiet calm. I am always amazed at what a brush stroke will do... just the scruff of green makes trees. And a swash of blue makes sky.
My artist friends and I are almost ready for you to visit in May. We are so excited. New this year are the luscious handmade botanicals and soothing lotions of Rebecca Ross of White Lily Teas, plus the whimsical creations of Keith MacLeod Metalworks. Terry Braun returns with his stunning hand-hammered copper and bronze pots. There's more... join us.

Mandeville Canyon and Morr Interiors. Sea Glass Village

This is REALLY fun. Mandeville Canyon and Morr Interiors are now in the final stages of pulling together the interior for Sea Glass Village in Wells Maine. I love what Mandeville and Morr do... so cool with design, very tied to local artists, and always seeking environmentally friendly solutions. Pictured on the left are Renee and me holding a new "what if" for the Sea Glass space. See more of this at the Open House here on Union Street May 7 and 8 (Eight Artists: Three Studios"). And the pic on the right is Renee with another "what if" of mine for above the massive stone fireplace. This painting was on display at the Willow in downtown Exeter and will soon be at Sea Glass Village. More pics to follow. There is a photo shoot planned for May.

RiverWoods Quilt Show for Alzheimer's Awareness

A must see. My friends at RiverWoods are just the best of the best when it comes to community. Please, check this out. Sunday and Monday. Click here for directions.


Getting ready for "coastal"

Beautiful days! So inspiring. Here are a couple of pictures of works in progress. I am doing a commission for Mandeville Canyon Designs which involves paintings for a coastal resort community... Sea Glass Village... in Wells, Maine. These are still unfinished, but this sunny day in New Hampshire makes me want to "bust out" and share them.
Also, just a side note from yesterday regarding a photo my husband took. He gets such a kick out of this outfit he feels the need to take a picture. I like what I am wearing... I think he does, too? But this is my point. He CLAIMS to not care what people wear how they look... so why does this strike him as something to document? Leave me a comment here. I would love to know what you think!