Looking for things to do? Save the date for Open Studios at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH. May 1+2


You are invited!
It has been a crazy year. We hope you can join us to lighten the day, breathe in the color, and talk to creative spirits about what they have been working on. 

There really is so much news to share. Ask Artist Explores the World about her renovated school bus. 
Check in with Artful Harper Studios about a new non-profit she and Sarah Wrightsman are starting through their podcast Creative Guts. 
Ask Anne Kenny of Industrial Quilts about her recent art trademark challenges (which have her convinced she is ready for a legal career!). 
Find out from Ree Katrak about her latest studio move. 
Check in with Artsy Barsi about how her crazy school year has been (she is an art teacher). 
Talk with Deb Wheeler-Bean about her decision to run for the school board. 
Touch base with our guest artists Jeff Whittum (metal) who was just featured on Chronicle...and with Dale Atkins (potter) who just became a grandmother.
You can ask me how my year has been and I might be able to remember, but I am not sure!!!

Needless to say we will all have some catching up to do. Hope like heck to see you.

Stay well, everyone.


OPEN PAINT at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH


Event with Rose Bryant at Art up front street studios and gallery
Wednesdays 6 PM EST – 8 PM EST
Price: $30 each session · Duration: 2 hr

Make art and share creative energy.
No instruction, but conversation is welcome.
Bring what you want to work on.
6 people maximum.
Stretched out in the back studio on tables.
We will all be at least 6 ft apart from each other.
We can't accommodate drop-ins (for obvious reasons).
⭕ Session 1, Wednesdays, 6-8pm $30 for 3 Wednesdays
Nov 11, 18, 25
⭕ Session 1, Wednesdays, 6-8pm $30 for 3 Wednesdays
Jan 13, 20, 27
⭕ Session 1, Wednesdays, 6-8pm $30 for 3 Wednesdays
Feb 10, 17, 24
Masks required, windows will be cracked, heat on (but dress warmly just in case of draft).
Hot tea, cocoa, seltzer available but need to be consumed in the kitchen or front gallery so we can stay masked in the back.
Send us an email to sign up.
Reservations are needed.
Here's to getting through winter!
check out our website for fun art pics 


Tiny art for the holidays at Art Up Front Street

How are you doing? OK? 

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. Hopefully these little sparks of color will brighten the day. 

If you are interested in purchasing, I can ship, or I can arrange for a safe pick-up at the studio. 

Thank you all for coming in and keeping things in motion as we all navigate these days. We love seeing you! 

We also have fun news to report if you have not seen already. Art Up Front Street was featured on NH Chronicle. (see video at link). Thank you to the team at Chronicle! What a nice opportunity - one that we will never forget.

Enjoy the color below and contact me by (studio) phone or email if you have questions. 

If you would like a video spin around my studio, I can "try" that. It could be good comic relief. 

Tiny Paintings are $26 each or 3 for $69. Thru December 23 enjoy a 10% discount.

Tiny Paintings are $26 each or 3 for $69. Thru December 23 enjoy a 10% discount.

For more of my color and to see what is available or what has been sold, take a look at my previous posts in November.

Happy Holidays. I hope you all have a healthy holiday and new year.


Private Art Lessons for Adults

 "I want to explore something different..... I need a little time to nurture my soul..... I really want to paint something for my child's room.... my sister.... my first art show....."

I hear so many good reasons for stepping out to make that first move... or to respark creativity. 

I work with adults on a very flexible basis. If you want one-on-one time to explore acrylic painting... or ... if you would rather paint in your own studio and only want the occasional consultation, arrangements can be made.

Times are generally, 11am or 1pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $40 an hour.
I schedule the same time slot for you each week.

We can meet every week, every other week, or schedule consultations once a month. We can work either inside the gallery surrounded by art or outside in the studio garden surrounded by nature.

.... currently taking sign-ups. Contact me at if you have questions or want to take a studio tour to see if this is a good fit for you.


Five original paintings by Rose Bryant at Art Up Front Street

 Shown are a few of my original paintings ... variations in style and technique. I love painting with whatever energy I gather for that painting. There are five with this post ...Some are smaller. Some are larger. Some are more abstract, some are more representational.

If you are planning for winter and looking for color to lighten your time and place, let me know by email to 

If needed, I can take a video of the art as it looks on the studio walls and then send it to you. Or if you want to facetime live, we could do that, too. Shipping is available. Also, safe pick-up can be arranged at the studio. We are open five days a week. Tuesday - Saturday.

Each one shown here is $475, painted on canvas, and wired for hanging. 

"Snow Street" by Rose Bryant, 20x24 on canvas, $475

"On My Table" by Rose Bryant, 18x24 on canvas, $475

"Color Energy" by Rose Bryant, 24x24 on canvas, $475

(sold) "Distant Light" by Rose Bryant, 16x20 on canvas, 🔴 $475

(sold) "Music" by Rose Bryant, 24x30 on canvas,  🔴$475


Sometimes "paintings" just appear, but most often inspiration seeps in....from a friend, from a place, from a conversation, from an emotion. 

"Snow Street" is inspired by our quaint neighborhood street on a fresh snowy day. I took a photo just after only a few cars had traveled down the street (no snow plow yet). It was a beautiful quiet soft time.

"On My Table" was painted during a painting time/ art lesson with a dear friend (someone who brought her children to my art classes years ago). The fun thing about this exercise was that we both used a 2 foot brush to keep ourselves from getting too tight with details. That was SUPER fun (and funny).

"Color Energy" started as a black and white experiment. Then other things "appeared". Eventually the painting worked it's way to color segments in the composition.

"Distant Light" was painted with a friend in a "lesson/ painting session". I love the process of painting with others. My friend had a photo he had taken of a beautiful spot... and we both worked from the same imagery. I learned. He learned. Conversations about approach are so enlightening. And then seeing how we each moved through the painting process was (some word that I don't have in my vocabulary).

"Music" was painted one night at the studio when we had a wonderful a capella group visiting (The Afternotes!). They came to practice at the studio. Wonderful! A few other visual artists came and made art. A few friends came just to listen. It was so special. So many energies coming together to be inspired by the other person's energy. Wow. We will do this again as soon as Covid is done!