Free table top.... A blast from the past.

Some of you may remember this... The table top from my art classes... a Rose Bryant original :-). Many a child's (and adult's) hand pressed dough, painted, pounded, cut, and sculpted on this surface over the years. I had been hanging on to this since I stopped teaching my private group classes a few years ago and before painting full time. It is now time to send it to the universe... so it can live a creative life in someone else's home. The dimensions are 41x57 inches (no legs attached). It would be great with a new pair of legs or supported by milk crates which is how I used it for MANY years with my own children before it became a studio surface. Enter the drawing for it by leaving a comment on this blog.... a memory you have from my classes, a thought for a future use with you or a group you want to give it to, or just a "hello". You may not see your comment posted right away because comments are monitored before publishing. I will choose a random winner from the comments on March 8. Pick up only at my studio. Good luck and happy trails in art! Rose


Wright Start Preschool Fundraiser

In 2009 I completed a five-panel wall installation called "Floating Falling Fruit" for the Wright Start Preschool. Each panel was 24x24 inches with a total width of 10 feet. In 2010 they decided to use the designs for a fundraiser. So I prepared the printing orders and got the supplies. The highschool students and teachers sorted and packaged all the goods into card packs of 10 cards, two each of five designs, with 10 envelopes and attached the headers. Each pack sold for $10. They made $6 on each sale for the school. Such a fun thing to do.... all the preschool children recognize the art from the walls at school and can send a little piece of it to their family and friends. The Wright Start is gearing up for this year's sale of "Floating Falling Fruit". Order yours today... It will make you feel sort of healthy :-) plus you will be doing something good for a wonderful place that makes a difference in peoples lives. 603-774-8469.


Rose Bryant Paintings, now at The Works in Portsmouth

The Works Bakery Cafe is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and some tasty fresh-baked goodies. I just love the smell of their brewing coffee... or anybody's brewing coffee for that matter. This February, March, and April stop in and get a bite to eat. I'm the solo artist on exhibit. The Works is at 9 Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth.... a hoppin' place. Good people with a nice philosophy. Hope to see there!


BURRRRR! It's February!

Two wonderful winter warmers... a gift from Renee Carman, of Mandeville Canyon Designs that is now beginning to open and fill my room with fragrance... and a special one-of-a-kind tea blend designed by Lois Matheson, a multi-talented business consultant (also a tea lover and connoisseur). These little treats are reminders of how nice it can be to do business with people who are also friends. Both of these women are inspirations to me.... always upbeat and professional.

My newest painting, "Red Grasses" is fresh off the easel and will be down at The Willow this week (as soon as the snow stops :-)!). It is a diptych, each panel is 16x20 inches, acrylic on deep profile canvas. I love the way this image moves.... it is based on one of my previous images originally using browns and neutrals, but with this one I NEEDED to paint some extra warmth. The design of the grasses was originally made by using the foliage from lily plants in my garden. This painting is the first of several I am exploring using a grassy organic theme.... I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, snowshoe to the Willow to see this one and my other originals.
Stay warm and have fun in this crazy winter white.