Rose Bryant Original Paintings, Something Cute

Just finished these two little pieces and had to post them. Yesterday, I received a "call to artists" from Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth. A "call" is a message sent out inviting artists to submit work to an event or show. The gallery then "juries" the art and says "yes" or "try again later". I haven't exhibited there before so I thought I would give it a shot....
NEXT is the really cute part. The gallery is renovating an old vending machine. They are calling it the Teeny Tiny Art Vendor... and it will sell handmade original art in miniature form. A person plunks some money in, pulls a handle and art appears. AND the buyer doesn't get to examine the specific art before the purchase... only a sample of the artist's style on display. Crazy.
Pictured here are two pieces from my collection of twelve. These are different from my usual tiny paintings in that they are on mat board, not canvas, and they are a little bigger - 3x4 inches each. All of the paintings in this series are little landscapes. Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes... I think it would be a kick to be represented by a vending machine. Will it be "yes" or will it be "try again later"?
Thanks for looking!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Ossipee Mountains From Lake Waukewan"

This tranquil scene is in Meredith, New Hampshire on Lake Waukewan. The painting is a 24x30 acrylic on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. It is a commission that was painted for seven siblings who gave it as a gift to their parents for their 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend. This particular view is a sight appreciated everyday by the couple from their home in a truly beautiful area of New Hampshire near the Ossipee Mountains. I enjoyed working on this for the family... and I hope you enjoy seeing it.


Great things around the corner...

I feel I have been in a whirlwind these last few days. So many new things to report... My art days at Churchill's Gardens start this Saturday. I will be painting on location using my smaller canvasses. Hope you can stop by to say hello!
Also, Trends, in downtown Exeter, NH has a selection of my local scenes on cards. And starting in August, I am exhibiting landscapes at The Willow in downtown Exeter... the photo shown here is "Red Landscape" soon to be delivered. And, last but not least, the Beacon Hill Art Walk, with so many crazy artists and great conversations... It is one of my favorite places to be.
All the calendar and website information is in my exhibit schedule to the right.
Be sure to scroll down to the "Swaying Grasses" painting... I included a full description of my painting process for all you budding artists. Have a fabulous day in the sun. I hope your gardens are flourishing! Rose
P.S. My next post on June 22 will be about a special painting based on the Ossipee area... I can't reveal the details just yet :-)


New Outlook Teen Center

This little spot of color was just completed yesterday with some of the teens at New Outlook. We all were completely absorbed in creativity for an hour and a half with our tiny canvasses... always fun and rewarding. Thank you Whitney and Sarah for keeping me in the loop with the wonderful things you are doing with the kids.

This tiny painting is a 3x3 inch acrylic on canvas. I had to post it because it is green and ... just because. Enjoy!


Rose Bryant Original Painting. The Aloe Plant

This piece is a little blast from the past. 16x24 acrylic on gypsum board. It is one of my first recycled art projects.... leftover gypsum board stripped of the top paper layer. Then carved into and scraped for texture and design. Many layers of acrylic paint went into this one after the priming. The entire piece is mounted on board for stability and the finish is an acrylic sealer. It was a fun one to work on at the time... lots of grit from carving the dampened gypsum and lots of paint. I love the blues in this.
Enjoy! And have a great day.


A new painting for the Beacon Hill Artwalk in Boston

"Swaying Grasses" 54x36 acrylic on canvas, triptych, each panel 18x36.
It is always fun to experiment with different ways of painting. Like painting from a black and white photo, or painting upside down. This painting was done in my garden using lily stalks as a guide. I started by painting the canvas in oranges and dark blues for a first coat and letting it dry. Then, working with the canvas horizontally, I arranged actual lily stalks as I wanted for my composition. (Some vegetation was altered for this project, but it will regenerate next year!) I then painted around the lower sections of the leaves with a mix of raw sienna, white, and a little yellow oxide. I painted the upper portion in raw umber and white. Then, I took the lilies away. The stalks were painted in combinations of white, raw sienna, a little raw umber, and a little green oxide. After that, I continued to work and blend until the darker color was like velvet in some spots and the neutrals were very earthy. The hardest part for me is knowing when to stop, but I managed not to overdo this one... the oranges and blues of the base coat still peek through in spots next to the stalks. I love the flow and movement of this painting... it makes me feel happy and rested. I hope you enjoy it, too. Please, pass this on to someone who needs a little color in their day. Have a great weekend. Rose


Rose Bryant Original "Ginkgo Dreams" Triptych

My newest large "atmospheric" work has just been installed at Divine Cafe and Grille. I love working in this style.... loose, soft, not too specific. I see it functioning as a "feeling" for a room above a sofa, as a surface on a textile, or maybe even as a soft sheet of gift wrap. I just recently went to the SURTEX trade show in NYC as an observer. The event is a huge buying and selling venue for the surface design industry. I met many artists... it was very inspiring and I can't wait to explore more.
Shown here is one of three panels of my painting "Ginkgo Dreams". Each panel is 24x24, so when mounted together vertically or horizontally, the total size is 24x72. It is $650. As you go in the cafe, it is around to the left. Let me know what you think!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "A Girl and Her Horse"

SOLD 16x20 acrylic on canvas
Sometimes when I am asked to do a commission, I almost feel like an actor who "gets into character". I enjoy hearing about the meaning behind the request, who the people are for whom the painting is intended.... or what the place or environment is about. I enjoy the emotional investment I make in the process... it makes my decisions clearer and hopefully my work more appreciated by the person requesting the painting. For this commission, a family came to me for a special "sweet sixteen" birthday gift for their daughter. After looking at several photographs and watching video images the daughter had put together to a favorite piece of music, I settled in on this particular moment. For me, there was no mistaking how special this love is to her. Enjoy. Rose