Blue and red color for Open Doors November 8&9

Plus a little green, green-blue, orange, soft yellow, lime, peach, indigo, yellow oxide, periwinkle, warm lavender...
I took this photo and now I can't stop staring at it. It is not so much about the imagery as much as it is the color. I look at these relationships and I think, how does this happen in my brain and in my heart that makes this so mesmerizing? It is like the smell of coffee to me. It is like the scent of lavender. I can NOT let it go. And what I love and appreciate is that everyone has a different sensibility or tolerance of their own.... like my neighbor Beth and I talked about... It must be like cilantro -  maybe you like it or you don't. I like it. Actually I love it.


Recently sold

I love to see how others see my work fitting into their spaces. And I love to understand the reason why a certain piece of art was chosen.... each choice has a story. The new owners (J and P) invited me to come over to see how they had hung the painting. They live on the edge of a marsh ....and the landscape, so serene and lovely, seen from large windows to the left of the fireplace, is much like that in the painting. One would almost think this painting was planned for their room. But for them, just the opposite... this was a "find", not a commission. Both the husband and wife, separately and at different times, had seen the painting at The Willow (J, an artist herself, loves going into the Willow because it smells so good :-)). Later, they commented to the other.... "did you see ...?" and at that point the decision was made - it needed to be a part of their home. Once I saw the painting in their home, J commented that the art, with a few details added, could easily have been painted from their porch..... kind of gave me goosebumps. I guess it was just meant to be. A quiet scene in a very tranquil environment. It fits perfectly. Thank you J and P.


Bruce Jones Studio... it really is this lovely

Once upon a time, there was a studio, nestled back in the trees, beside a little road leading out of Exeter Town.... In that studio was a man who painted things of beauty, who read books on great artists, who loved his mentors and his own artist family members who came before him....
This sounds almost like a fairytale. But it is true! Once inside Bruce's studio, you sense his love for what he does, you see his work in frames, you breath the light that streams in the windows.
His studio will be open Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9, 9 to 6 both days. The address is 28 Dogtown Road. There are five artists in the Exeter area participating. Click for info.
See you soon. Enjoy.


Now this is just fun.... November 8 and 9

My art friend, Heather Crowley, will have her new yurt studio ready for New Hampshire Open Doors this November 8 and 9. How exciting! She and her husband, Brad Rice, will be sharing their East Kingston  "marker" on the NH Open Doors map. Heather is Willow Road Watercolors. Brad is Willow Creek Sugar House (which is how the map reads). Both have their own spaces. Brad's sugar house was hopping this past spring when the maple syrup was flowing. They have a lovely little set-up there. Be sure and check out the chickens, too. This will certainly be a wonderful stop for your Open Doors tour... you could talk endlessly about art, maple sugaring, and yurt building. Open 10-4 Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9.


NH Open Doors..... Join us.

Five spots in the Exeter area will be open for NH Open Doors. I hope you can join us. This state-wide event is coordinated by the League of NH Craftsmen each year. I am one of the artists participating, but just between you and me.... I can not WAIT to see internationally known Don Stone and his studio. He is tres fab (I hear)... and so now's my chance! :-)

Studio remodel

This is always the way for summer and fall in New England... we pack it in while the weather is FABULOUS. Besides me doing my usual flurry of art festivals and farmers markets this year, my studio got a much needed remodel and fresh coat of white. Yay! The old horse hair plaster and "sketchy" (small art joke) insulation are out. In are the new walls and windows. Getting ready now for New Hampshire Open Doors on November 8 and 9 during which several art studios will be open. More details to come on that, but for now here are some pics of my studio in the works. Art is going up as we speak. Drop in on November 8 and 9 to check out the finished space.... see you soon!