The view from String Bridge, Exeter, NH

One of my favorite places .... standing on String Bridge looking to the falls near the library. It is just "so Exeter". This painting, just off the easel, is on an 11x14 deep profile canvas and has been coated with a UV resistant varnish. The image is from a photo I took on a much warmer day.... now it is just pure winter outside - burr. I hope you enjoy this small bit of visual warmth :-). Happy Holidays.


Button Factory Studios Saturday & Sunday 11-5

George Beland, Sarah Minor, Erin Moran, Todd Bonita, Mega Stelzer, Robin Bettencourt, Julie Schmidt, Darlene Furbush Ouellet, oh my gosh just to name a few....  at the Button Factory
Get your cozy kicks on and pile in a car with your best friends.
See you there!


A little warmth.....

On the easel ... some thing to take the chill off. Now all I need is my cup of tea and some dark chocolate. I am getting ready for the Button Factory again this year December 7 and 8... so happy they've had me back as a guest artist for the event. The energy for the open house is amazing.... one of the highlights of the holiday art season.


Painting lessons....

"I want to explore something different. I want to create. I need a little time... to nurture my soul. I really want to paint something for my child's room.... my sister.... my first art show....."
I hear so many good reasons for stepping out of the box. Call me if you are ready.
I teach adults on a very flexible basis. If you want some one-on-one time (here at my studio) with drawing or beginning acrylic painting... or if you want to paint on your own but need an occasional consultation, let me know. The times available are roughly 9 or 11am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays mornings. The cost is $35 an hour.
I will schedule the same one-hour time slot for you each week (which usually spills over a bit for catching up and sharing ideas). Then I send you on your way to make the world a more colorful place. :-)
Some students come every week. Some have come every other week. Some have scheduled consultations once every two months or so.
I am currently taking sign-ups starting mid October. Happy fall, everyone.

Does it really have to be so bold? Yes.

A series in progress.... The top image is how it starts. A color on the whole canvas. The dark punctuation for composition. Then colors added. The bottom photo is taken on my front porch.... paintings still need "thinking" and more details in the poppy centers, but the direction so far is comfortable. Maybe these will be fabric? wall paper? prints? We shall see. And yes, it does have to be bold... I don't think my brush knows another way :-).


Swasey Parkway in Moonlight

SOLD 9.24.2013 The moon has been crazy the last few nights..... so bright... and my "Beauty Sleep" eye mask has had a hard time doing its job. :-). This image is from one of my favorite places in Exeter. My husband and I have walked this parkway so many times. Each time we walk it, we think "what a lovely town"... "how did we end up in such a nice place" and then we look for the turtle... probably the same turtle we watched 15 plus years ago with our children. The parkway is home to festivals, concerts, and farmer's markets. It is a place where people stop to have their lunch, finish their ice cream or just sit and watch the water. This painting, just off the easel, is 11x14 on a deep profile gallery wrap canvas. Now available for a preview.


Cape Elizabeth... Engine One Labor Day Art Show

Just a hint of what is drying in the studio. Tomorrow (Sunday) this fresh one will go to Cape Elizabeth. It is one in a series of paintings done with a striped tablecloth. I think I will call it "Tulip Pot with Curly Feet". Hope to see you! 10-4, Fort Williams Park, site #35. A little drizzle never hurt anyone, but bring your umbrella just in case.


Portland Sidewalk Art Festival, August 24th, 9 to 4

We are almost ready to go. The Portland Sidewalk Art Festival is one of the largest, longest running art shows in New England. Here is my latest color from the easel that's going with me this Saturday. Look for me AND Mal at N-10 (my favorite spot) which is a short walk from the monument and city center. If you haven't been to Portland in a while, this may be the time to go. Nice 70's temps, lots of art, great cafes, sea air.... love it all. See you there!


I'm taking dessert to my next art show

Join me.... There are going to be TONS of may actually find something delicious :-)

Social Artistry... a workshop in Exeter

Sounds like some very open ended fun!...."By attending the social artistry workshop, you will learn how to access your own creativity and latent capacities, like an artist does, and enhance your understanding of yourself, your art, your community and your world. These leadership techniques are applicable in all personal, creative, educational, business and faith communities. This workshop teaches these concepts in a manner engaging to both youth and adults. No art experience is needed. All materials are included." Contact Exeter Fine Crafts for more information 603-770-1489


South Portland Art in the Park... yeah, baby!

You've been checkin' the weather... keeping your fingers crossed... and it looks like it's going to be a winner of a day! Boy, have we had some rain today. But tomorrow, Saturday, August 10, will be lovely - just right for an art show. South Portland Art in the Park is from 9 to 5. It's the 34th annual. I love this show. Great organizers, great artists, music, kid's activities, all in lovely Mill Creek Park. Hope to see you.
 My helper.... some of you may know him :-)


Art on Bartlett Saturday Sunday July 27 and 28

 I know this picture doesn't look like much of an art show, but even Thomas made his rounds at last year's event. Plus, in the pond behind the crowd was a canoe tipping contest. I always say, I do the shows I really like and this is one of my favorites.... just down the path from me were treats and beverages. Art, food, entertainment, nice people.... means the day is going to be good. I hope you can make it to Newburyport this weekend. Art on Bartlett, at High Street and Pond Street, 10 to 4 both days. Lots of art.... all originals. Thank you Margette Leanna and Rob Hahn for all your work!


Art give-away.... drawing is July 23

Still not on facebook? You may want to go ahead and just "give in" :-). Here is my next give-away. A 5x7 folded note card with envelope. The image? .... a shore scene with birds... hopefully your summer has included a bit of shore activity :-). And what is hiding under this card? hmmmmm little treats that will be at my next outdoor art show. To enter to win this card, post your response on Rose Bryant Original Paintings facebook page where you see this photo. All correct answers go in the art hat and a winner will be picked on Tuesday, July 23rd. And I will ship to you! The question to answer: Where is or what is the next outdoor art show for Rose Bryant Original Paintings? Good luck!


Beacon Hill....Thank you

The Beacon Hill Artwalk gang did it again. They make they day wonderful for the artists and the patrons. Tables at each major entrance, maps to art walk-ers, a check-in during the day to see how things are, great musicians... even the person who handled putting art images on the art walk website stopped by for a chat. My spot was fab.... we could just walk across Charles Street for a MUCH needed iced tea or frozen yogurt (it was a hot one that day!). Thank you, also, to the residents who welcomed us to their little gardens and terraces. All very very charming. I've already marked my calendar for next year....


Art Give-away!

Not on facebook yet? You may want to go ahead and just "give in" :-). Here is my next give-away. A 5x7 folded note card with envelope. The image is of a famous icon on the east coast. The original painting was 3x4 feet and now hangs above a fireplace at a lovely resort in (can't tell you :-)). To enter to win this card, post your response on Rose Bryant Original Paintings facebook page where you see this photo. All correct answers go in the art hat and a winner will be picked on June 10. Question to answer: Where is this place? OR What is this an image of? Good luck!

Poppies on the easel for Beacon Hill

Photos of my garden inspire me year after year... I use them all the time....
Shown are three 12x12 deep profile canvasses, clamped together from behind and secured on the easel. First the canvas is painted a color. In this case, alizarin. Then the outlines of composition in cerulean go on (hard to see here, but they are just visible enough for me to remember how I want the image to work). Then the dark "punch" of the flower centers and the dark blue/black shaded areas between the greens go on. Hot smudging masses of cadmium red. Marks of green fluid stems and foliage.... some of them over the red flower. Lighter greens over darker greens. Then the sky... put on with a fully loaded brush. Hints of white in the aqua to create variation and texture. There is still a little more to do... final decisions come slowly. I try hard not to over-do. See the finished painting this Sunday at Beacon Hill and tell me what you think.


Beacon Hill Art Walk this Sunday 12-6. Look for the blue stripes :-)

One of my favorite shows every, art, and people enjoying the day in the secluded back alleys and terraces of Beacon Hill. Art Walk info plus map... and nice article about the show. Look for me at Putnam under the blue and white umbrella. Hope to see you!


Subway murals in NYC

Just went to NYC this past weekend for SURTEX, an art licensing trade show. I was fortunate to be a supporter/helper for Natalie Timmons. (more on her later :-). I love going to New York...there's so much to see. These are floor to ceiling murals all made from tiny pieces of glass.... terrific. All in the subway... and all seen by thousands of people each day.
Here's a little more about them online


Thank you for coming....

What a weekend :-). It was so great to see so many of you for Art On Union. Thank you all for supporting our local arts community. We couldn't have asked for better days, better friends, or better creative spirits. Mark your calendar for Mothers Day Friday and Saturday 2014 for our 9th annual... 'cause we will be doing it again.


Festive Tree.... It's not too early. Here at Art on Union this weekend

My friend, Mike, is the designer for this great tree. The pics are shots from his workshop next door. He will be here at Art on Union with a sample taking orders for the holidays. All of the trees are made in Maine, sit beautifully on a table, and are collapsible... great for storing and re-using. I hear they are going to start a line of ornaments. VERY excited for them....


Slice of cake, a blueberry, or a tiny sofa anyone?

500 tiny paintings.... yes, really. (Not all pictured here, but trust me, the studio is bulging)


May give-away! Drawing is May 8.

On which online page can you find the wooden horse's tail? Send your answer via email or click on my facebook link to the left and comment on the "May give-away" post. All correct answers will go in the hat. The winner of a lovely pack of cards will be picked on May 8th! Good luck!

Loving lavender

More in the series with Kayaks.... really loving how the lavender works as water. On a different note, I have had to shift gears a little with my "thank-you-for-coming gift" for next weekend's Art on Union. Sadly my little arugula plants have remained the same size for almost two weeks! I will still have them available for those of you with greener thumbs than me, but I will also have alternatives for for the first 50 guests.... my favorites... the orange day lilies. See you May 10 & 11.


Kayakers on the river. Rose Bryant Original

The sun is going down on the studio.... but the paint brushes are still moving. This new painting, "Kayakers on the River" will be at Art on Union. Thank you Lianne for the inspiration! I couldn't get a grip on the direction for color for this one (see post on 4-11 for the "before"). It went through MANY changes to say the least... and then my artist friend Lianne directed me to some color solutions and now I think I have it... for now, anyway :-).


Tiny Trees

It's all a process... here are current Tiny trees. The first photo with under painting of green and first coat tree and first coat sky. The second photo with second and third layers finished... ready for varnish. My larger paintings are done similarly... with underpainting, then darks/bolds, then working lighter to the end. See all 500 tiny paintings this May 10 and 11 at Art On Union... yes, 500. :-). Trust me, it is VERY good practice.


More New Art for Art on Union

The studio is cooking... art on the easel, art painted upside-down (one of my favorite things to do), and brushes ready for washing.... again. Be sure and "like" Rose Bryant Original Paintings on facebook... more process pics to come. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Dawn Amey, Dale Atkins, Art on Union

LOVE these! Two artists who will be at Art On Union this May.... yippee-i-"o's"-ki-ay  (very weak pun :-)


Poppies at the Willow....

I love the Willow. Whenever I hang art there I am rewarded by the fragrances of wonderful candles and body, all the color. These little poppies are 12x12 inches... they make a very nice "hello" above a door or opening... and they put me in the mood for things to come. I look forward to the days this spring when my neighbor, Dale, and I have tea outside and wait for the poppies to bloom. Small things can be such big events.


And the winner is...

Ok... this is NOT an April Fool's joke. There are nine of these little jesters... and 8 of them will still be at our May 10 and 11 Art on Union Street open house.... along with about 500 other tiny paintings. The larger image here now goes home with Samantha Wilcox. Congratulations, Samantha! I hope this tiny painting brings you a smile.


One in a new series for Art on Union Street

Thank you everyone for recently sending me some of your favorite kayaking photos... can't wait to continue on them. This image is a 12x12 original an canvas finished with a UV resistant varnish. It, along with creations from some of my favorite folks, will be on exhibit this May 10 and 11, here at my studio for Art on Union. Happy paddling. See you then.

Recent color....

A little morsel that went to 3 on Main in lovely Contoocook, NH. It now lives with an admirer who breathes color every chance she gets.
A larger morsel that resides with Susan Gorman Intuitive Counselor in Exeter, NH.... maybe you have seen it? And yes, her walls are really that color. Very welcoming and peaceful... just like Susan.


Spring Snow by Rose Bryant

Just off the easel. "Spring Snow" 24x36 original on canvas. Inspired by the winter and the light and the need for spring. It is almost here in New England. Even though this morning was crisp (very crisp), our little crocuses on the sunny side of the house have been in bloom. So light, so white, so pretty. No one takes the snow too seriously now. We know what's coming.


Just around the corner... May 10 and 11

The days are sunny, the birds are singing. Time to plan our annual open house "Art on Union Street" for Mother's Day Weekend. Mark your calendar... we will have ... hmmmm, let's see... color, oh, and ... more color :-)


And the winners are...

Thank you everyone for playing.... again! Of all the answers sent in via email, facebook, and blog, we had four correct answers - plus, some EXTREMELY creative interpretations. It is always funny to me how so many people can see so many different things. The final answer is  two limes and two apples. This time I have to say my sister out did herself. I think she really wanted to win :-). She printed the puzzle, cut it apart, and put it back together. Then she sent me a picture of the final image. So .... needless to say, she has my vote for the most effort :-). The winners are Robin Eason, Tracy Hines, Jennifer Morriss, Deb Orlando and Iris Weaver! (Iris, I missed you on the first review. Sorry :-). I will be in touch to send a chicken card your way ... congratulations to you all!
The next give away challenge will be in March. Keep your creative eyes in shape....
and Happy Valentines Day!


Snow day give away... solve the puzzle

The top photo is the gift... a 5x7 Rose Bryant Original Paintings blank folding card of one of my most popular images. (I absolutely love the aqua). Enter to win this card by solving the puzzle (bottom photo). CHALLENGE QUESTION: When put together to look like the original painting, what is this puzzle an image of? Answers need to include "how many" of what you see. Respond to the post on my paintings facebook page, here in the comments, or to me by email.  I will pick FIVE winners from the correct answers by noon on February 14th. Happy Valentines Day!