This weekend...A self-guided tour of artisans, makers, and New Hampshire businesses?

The person that keeps things running here :-). Ashley Platt, thank you! 
Yes!... the weekend is almost here... and we are looking forward to seeing people from all over the state (and beyond) for New Hampshire Open Doors. I am participating in the Seacoast Fine Art and Sugar Tour... one of several self-guided tours in the event. Lori Martone Pottery and I will be side by side on String Bridge (well... actually indoors in the mustard colored building :-) ) in Exeter   ...Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-5, this Nov 7+8.
Other fabulous artists (and humans) on this tour are Bruce Jones, Sandy McDermott, Heather Crowley, Norma Torti, and Barbara Mata. Paintings, pottery, watercolors, cards and creativity to make your soul say thank you. The "sugar" on our tour can be found at Brad Rice's Willow Creek Sugarhouse... what a nice combination of makers. Grab a friend and check out the New Hampshire back roads, artisans, and cafes...   See you soon!
print and carry with you


On String Bridge for New Hampshire Open Doors

Join us for this statewide event! This year I will be "on the rocks" (well, near them, safe and snug in the mustard colored building) on String Bridge. Lori Martone Pottery is right next door. All of my color will be HERE this year NOT at my Union Street studio. November 7 and 8... See you soon :-)


Summer Lawn Party, Thursday July 16, 5-8 pm, at the Exeter Inn to benefit T.E.A.M.

Thank you in advance to the Exeter Inn and Epoch Restaurant. They are the hosts of this fabulous first-time SUMMER LAWN PARTY. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Several artists' works will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit T.E.A.M. .... a local non-profit arts organization enhancing (by leaps and bounds I might add) the arts and music culture in Exeter. I will be painting "live" onsite. Hope you can join us and possibly leave with a little art and a reason to spread the word about your local artists and musicians! Music that evening is by GrooveLounge, David Ayscue, and David Drouin. Get ready for great tunes, treats, and color! See you Thursday, July 16, at 5 in the beautiful Exeter Inn courtyard.


American Independence Museum, Plein Air Saturday, June 6

Tomorrow... More than 20 artists will be out for the day painting to help support the educational programs at the AIM. Get the scoop early by walking around.... you may find something you absolutely MUST have for your home or as a gift for someone who has visited and fallen in love with Exeter.The event is sponsored by and supports the programming of the American Independence Museum ... 30% of sales go back to the museum. If you see something you love, but can’t make the reception (3-5pm) to purchase, talk to that artist on the street about purchasing.  Your transaction there with the artist will still benefit the museum!


Paint day outside... next date July 2

The weather was beautiful and the company was even better :-).... It was great to spend time with Debbie, Cate and Kathie. These photos are from yesterday... the third of three paint days at my studio. The next day is Thursday, July 2, from 10-1 (weather permitting). Bring your surface and your supplies. You can work in any medium you want... graphite, chalk, watercolor..... Bring a photo to work from or use the garden as your guide. This is not intended to be instructional (unless you want the input).... it is more a time for us to gather and to be in something creative. I have tables, chairs, umbrellas. We will set up in my back yard .... I will have tea and lemon water. The paint day is free, but you will need to reserve a spot... I keep the maximum number to five people. Hope to see you!


Private Lessons?

"I want to explore something different..... I need a little time to nurture my soul..... I really want to paint something for my child's room.... my sister.... my first art show....."

I hear so many good reasons for stepping out of the box to make that move into creating.

I teach adults on a very flexible basis. If you want one-on-one time to do drawing or beginning acrylic painting... or if you would rather paint in your own studio but only need the occasional consultation, arrangements can be made that way.

Times are generally, 10am or 1pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $40 an hour.
I schedule the same one-hour time slot for you each week (allowing time for catching up and sharing ideas. Sometimes the sharing process itself becomes the "thing" that continues the energy).

We can meet every week, every other week, or schedule consultations once a month. We will work either inside the classroom at ART UP FRONT STREET or outside in the studio's garden.

I am currently taking sign-ups.Contact me if you have questions or want to take a studio tour to see if this is a good fit for you.


Lori, Deb, Lois, Gaby, Willow Pond Farm and friends

 A little look at some of the set-up ..... be sure to scroll down though the posts if you missed them earlier. BIG thank yous and hugs to all of you who have stopped in over the 10 years of shows. We could not do this with out your smiling faces and friendship.  See you very soon.



Off the easel.... sneak peek

Everyone is arriving today with their work... Deb, Lois, Lori and Gaby..... and I can't wait to see what they have going on. Lori and I talked yesterday while she was opening a fresh kiln. To me, just thinking about that process is exciting... you open the hatch to see the results of ALL of your work. My studio is coming together .... still making room for the gang. Here is a sneak peek.... a larger abstract "Cows by the Stream". You will have to tell me if it "feels" like that to you! Plus a smaller piece that I started from the sidewalk in front of the Willow on First Friday Artwalk. The view is from under a budding tree branch looking toward the American Independence Museum. Also.... a first time appearance... a "test" tray full of "mini art" necklaces. See you this Friday and Saturday at Art on Union Street.


How can you NOT love an event that has a farmer :-)?

Willow Pond Community Farm has garden plants ready to be taken home and loved by you. We are thrilled that they are joining us again this year. Look for them under the tent... with all the REALLY GREEN stuff! See you at Art on Union.

These are cute.... Lori's tiny vases for Art on Union Street

Lori Martone Pottery... just how big do you think these are? I love them all....especially that little pot on the far right. Lori will be here at the studio WITH her wheel for Art on Union. Requests, anyone?


Recognize anyone?

Art on Union. Fingers crossed for great weather this year. Word has it that Lois (jewelry) is searching for more ideas this weekend at a glass show. Lori (pottery) has just finished some new pieces which include medium and small vases. Deb (photography) has more of her charming little chickies. Gaby (paintings) is putting the finishing touches on a new series of her color. Willow Pond Community Farm is already planting things in the ground... so we know what that means... they will definitely have vegetable garden plants to purchase here. Ashley (studio assistant) is gift wrapping give-aways (10 to be exact) that will be given away over the course of the two days at Art On Union. And I am waiting for the art studio cleaning fairy. Yikes!


Paint day thank you

Celebrating 10 years of art shows here on Union Street
10th Anniversary Special
Paint Day... pack your lunch
One or all 3 days… Thursdays
May 21, 10-1.  May 28, 10-1.  or June 4, 10-1.
Outdoors at Rose’s studio.
Bring yourself, your supplies and subject matter (or use the garden as inspiration).
No need to be super experienced….
Light instruction if you want it. Or just take it easy and watch others paint.
FREE, but reservations for each day are needed one week in advance.
Small group… Five people maximum per day. Adults only, please.
“thank you” from me to you for being in my art world.
To reserve the day, email or message me on facebook
See you soon, Rose


Something new this year....

Tell me what you think....
These are a start to other avenues? Fun little necklaces made with tiny prints of some of my original art. I'll have a small selection at Art on Union Street.


Art on Union Street checklist...

You may need a little list to make sure you take advantage of all the fun things for that Friday and Saturday.
1. See art (yes, very important).
2. Talk to friends you haven't seen.
3. Buy a vegetable plant.
4. Enter for 0ne of 10 doorprizes.... plus enter for the Rose Bryant $225 painting value give-away.
5. Enjoy treats.
6. Watch a painting demo, a pottery demo, and a jewelry making demo.
7. Snap a pic of yourself or someone you love in our Mother's Day "photo-op" flower patch.
8. Buy art for a special mom.... (or for yourself :-) )
9. Sign up for a group summer painting day (adults).
10. Take a moment to relax and absorb the good things creativity can do for your soul.

See you soon.

Bruce Jones Studio, IN-HOME, Mother's Day Weekend, too!
The party keeps growing. Art on Union Street is Friday 1-7 and Saturday 10-4. In conjunction with Art On Union, my artist friends, Bruce Jones will have his studio open on Saturday and Sunday, 10-5..... and Anna Hardy Evans of IN-HOME will have her event Saturday (tba). Pass it around :-).


This blue just sends me

Had to post....
This is Deb McLarnon's shot. She is the featured photographer at Art On Union Street this Mother's Day Weekend. I LOVE this color. Makes my head zing spring (not sing, but ZING, I tell you).


Charlotte's Garden

Working on a new set of paintings inspired by people I love. They are all abstract explorations in color. This is one of two titled "Charlotte's Garden". Charlotte is my husband's aunt in Portland, Maine. She is 94. She is an adventurer, a reader, a community doer. And she has always loved her flowers. We went with her and my husband's mom to NYC last fall, which is where Charlotte is originally from.... a very nostalgic trip. And this year, she wants to go back. She says "I love New York in the spring." So there we will go! To see more flowers.


Winter hibernation is over...

The birds' songs have changed. Spring is just around the corner. My paintings look "pretty cool" perched on top of snow, but I am looking forward to seeing them against the blue sky an outdoor festival, ....under a tent which is resting upon lush ...grass. What? ouch, was that my neck? A little spring whiplash just got me, but really, if you are an artist or anyone, for that matter, who is planning your summer days, you may be feeling that twinge, too. I can not WAIT to get out in my yard... and help mend the little trees and branches. Plus, I look forward to our Art on Union Street Mother's Day Weekend plans. This is our TENTH ANNIVERSARY event... a good time for reflection, AND a good time for future thinking. We are planning a party for you to enjoy. Happy soon-to-be spring, everyone.


Happy New Year and thank you....

What a beautiful year this has been. Life takes many turns and I am grateful for almost all of them. My husband and I joke about how we view things car breakdowns (none, thankfully though, this year to report :-)). In the past when something like that has happened, (after a few interesting words) we say... wow, we are so close to an exit. Or, there is a hotel nearby. Or let's take a walk around this town while the repair is being done. I hope we keep this attitude throughout our "future breakdowns". We feel we have been so lucky in life to be surrounded by good friends, a lovely and caring neighborhood, the opportunities to work with really creative people, and the warmth of family with all of its quirks and kinks. My husband and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in February. My siblings (two) have each celebrated their 30th anniversaries and my parents just celebrated their 60th. We have lost two kitties in the last two years. One was 22 and the second was 17. And probably to the dismay of veterinarians and to the kitties (most certainly), they were each fed dry kitty food almost exclusively. You don't need to know all this... but I am sure some of you have had made the same (minor) decisions. (Nice to know you are not alone :-)!) We all make decisions.... what directions to take in life, how to raise your children (we have two adults now... not "children" any longer), religion, how to handle illness, politics, but also how to get a good night's sleep or which soap to buy... It is crazy how BIG and then how small we all must be. None of this relates to art... (which is why you typically read this this dribble I write and look at these images I paint, right?)... except that the movement of my "art heart" is mixed with the events of my everyday living, big and small. My world is the color it is because of the big and the small... I can express freely ... and, thank goodness, you relate to it - on some level... with all of your own feelings, or life's loves, or desires. I feel there is a language in this visual communication.... a similar appreciation for color or imagery. There is something here that you and I "speak". I am here in color. You are here in color. We may each see "it" differently or take something different away from "it", but there is excitement to share and enjoy.... or compare. Thank you for participating in my color... for being a willing sharer, listener and appreciator. Thank you for telling me your own stories of your art and creative passions, your children's stories of art, how you have decided to paint your walls (!) and thank you for coming to my events and shows. Thank you for telling me how you have hung my art or why you have given it to a friend. Without your words and your support, my brush would lack at least two of the most beautiful reds it would need to live happily.
I hope you have a colorful and healthy 2015. May many happy moments fill your days. See you soon. (some of you may be visualizing and thinking "... hmmm... what two reds would she be missing?" I like how you think. :-)