"Hurricane" Art give-away this Friday

What a day. Sandy is making her way through. Lots of people on the east coast are experiencing some mayhem today. So this is for you. It's a simple challenge this week... actually, not so much of a challenge as it is a recognition of Mother Nature. This little painting is 2.5x3.5 inches - an abstract titled "Wind and Water" - reminiscent of the energy around us now. The tiny painting will be lovingly given to the winner of a drawing this Friday at noon.

DIRECTIONS: To get your name "in the hat" do the following: Describe, in one word, your thought for these days.

Send an email with your "thought" or post your "thought" at this link on facebook. ALL responses will go in the hat. Good luck :-), I hope you win (and stay safe this week).


And the winner is....

Well... this was a quite a challenge for some, and then quite easy for others (judging by how quickly the responses started coming in!). Our winner of the tiny Chinese Lantern is...... Bonnie David. Congratulations, Bonnie! Bonnie, could you send me a note regarding where to ship? Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy this little pop of color.
The answer to the challenge "total size of my most recent diptych" is 30x80. Thank you all for playing again. Your visual detective skills are really sharpening!
The next and FINAL give-away until December will be posted on Monday, Oct. 29 and drawn on Friday, noon, Nov. 2. The info will be on the blog and on facebook. Until then, have a great Halloween!


Special offer. At 14 Cedar Street November 10&11

I am sooooo excited about doing this show. The 14 Cedar Street Studio in Amesbury, MA is a beautiful building full of wonderful artisans.... I am thrilled to be a guest there this season. As a little thank you for coming, I am giving out one Rose Bryant folded blank greeting card with envelope (new designs) to the first 50 people at my booth WITH THIS COUPON. Instructions: You need to print and bring this image with you to get your free card. A nice start to the holiday season, I'd say!
(a little update 10/25: Printing any part of the wording in this offer or any part of the photo- "free greeting card"-qualifies as a "print". Some of you have had a little trouble printing.... hope this helps.)


Beautiful day for a give-away

Wow, THIS DAY IS GORGEOUS! The leaves are changing, the air is warm and breezy. A perfect day to offer up a little fall color. Shown is a tiny little painting of one of my favorite plants in my garden.... a Chinese lantern. I just love the pop of orange in the fall each year at my front door. The painting is 2.5x3.5 inches, and is signed and varnished. Drawing is on Friday at NOON :-).

DIRECTIONS to enter the give-away: "Like" this post on facebook AND quietly message me with the answer .... or email me with your answer. Only the correct responses will go in the hat.

The question to answer is: What is the total size of the most recent diptych I have completed? Do share with a friend who may love a colorful challenge. Good luck.


And the winner is....

So many of you responded...sometimes it gets a little crazy trying sort through the answers. Thank you all for the comments... I always enjoy the tidbits you tell me :-). Now for the winner of the greeting card.... It is Mary Sue Beeler of Clearwater, Florida. Congratulations, Mary Sue! I will pop the card in the mail.
The next give-away will be posted this Monday, Oct 22 on this blog and on facebook. That will be the third of four... so some of you still have a chance :-). Keep playing! And by the way, the clues may get harder still.
Have a great weekend.
Oh, by the way, the correct response is The Willow Shop.


Thank you, Jen...

I do love to paint. I love the smell of paint. I love the way the paint moves with my brush around the canvas. And, I love to paint for people who love color. I feel as if all that energy just swirls around back to a place that feeds the next beginning. This floral piece was done for a client whose office walls are a soothing, warm, light coral pink color. She explained to me how she wanted clients to feel in her office. She saw several samples of paintings and prints I had done... and eventually chose a small 4x6 print which represented some of the feeling, color and subject matter. The goal was to take that feeling and make it larger. The painting was done using five different reference photos of poppies I had taken from my own yard. I love those poppies... I know who gave them to me... I see their beauty each year in the spring. So... it was a very natural process to put my energy in the right place to work on this painting. Thank you, Jen, for appreciating my art... I hope you enjoy this painting for years to come. (painting details: diptych, each canvas is 30x40. total size 30x80 inches)


Art preservation. Keeping things stable...

Every now and then, a painting needs a little attention... the wire adjusted or the corners touched up. Here, my husband, Mal, reinforces the frame. One corner brace had started to lose its tightness so he cut a new brace and replaced the wiggly one. Thank you, Mal! Ok, that's it for his construction projects for a few days :-).


Art Give-away... Noon, Oct 19, is the deadline!

The give-away, a 5x7 folded blank note card with envelope.
Ready for the next challenge? For those of you just joining the party, I am giving away a little art each week this October. The clues are given on Mondays and the winner is chosen from all correct answers on Fridays at NOON. This is the second of four. (Oct 12,19, 26, Nov 2). Respond by email or facebook. If you respond by facebook, please, don't post the answer. DO "LIKE" and then send me a message with your answer.
The gift is above, a 5x7 folded blank note card of one of my favorite paintings "Tall Grasses". (The original is a large triptych made of three 18x36 canvas panels. It filled a lovely space in my studio. Now it fills a lovely space in someone's home.) The challenge question will take a little looking... it's not as easy as last week's :-).
This long image with yellow, red and white is a small part of a larger painting. Answer the question correctly by noon Friday, Oct 19:
Where is this original painting currently being shown?
OK. Ready, set, ...find color! :-)


And the winner is.....

Thank you all for participating.... The winner of the original painting is Lucile Sottery! Congratulations, Lucile. The answer to the challenge was, in fact, Rose's Garden. So many of you commented on how EASY the question was. But never fear... the next question (the second of four)will increase in difficulty :-) and will be posted on Monday on this blog and on facebook. Good luck!


Art give-away this Friday

Ok, a little overdue... but it's still all good :-). First, let me say thank you to all who have come to my shows this summer and fall. And thank you for taking an interest in my art... I love your feedback, your comments, and your enthusiasm. Anytime you want to send a photo of what you have done with my art, please, do. I would love to see.
NOW.... time for the give-away. This little painting is a 4x6 painting on mat board. It was painted from a photo of an area in my yard. (The painting can be detached from the surrounding yellow oxide mat and framed or remounted on another surface.)

The challenge: Guess the name of this painting.

R _ _ _' _    G _ _ _ _ N

Respond to this challenge (via email, blog, or facebook) with the correct answer and your name goes into the hat for the draw. One guess per person. Guesses must be made before noon this Friday, October12.... cause the pickin' is done AT NOON. Good luck!

Hampton Arts Network Art Walk

I stopped in for a visit this past Friday. Local art. Local business. Pictured are (top)"art walkers" at one of the tents, (middle) Kathy Collins (fiber artist), and (bottom) my friend, Karen Raynes of Marelli's Market (she is a super-gatherer-of-people-for-all-kinds-of-good-causes). The annual artwalk was this past Thursday and Friday and is a product of the efforts of the Hampton Arts Network plus downtown Hampton, NH businesses and volunteers. 

Virginia Beach Neptune Festival

a little rain, but still a fun day....  in front of fiber artist Inna Poole's tent.
I always feel for artists who show in the rain. Saturday was on the damp side, but Friday and Sunday were better. Lots of fun stuff... music, art, sand sculpture, food... thousands of people all along the boardwalk over this annual three day event. (By the way, the water at Virginia Beach at September's end is STILL warmer than the ocean in NH in the summer!)
beachcombings from Newbury, NH
It just so happened the very FIRST art tent of the day we dropped in on was that of a couple from Newbury, New Hampshire. A husband and wife jewelry making team called Beachcombings... beautiful sea glass from the coast of Maine. Funny how you can go almost anywhere these days and there will be a familiar connection.
my sister is the awesome photographer who took this picture. Thanks, Robin!


What's been on the easel...

It's been a busy September... with shows, a little family travel and painting commissions... I was beginning to feel REALLY out of touch and slightly "undocumented". I figured out why I like blogging - it is a way for me to actually see progress. Things come in. Things go out. My canvas is everywhere. My paint is all over me and my workspace. Stuff is piled on my desk... sometimes things can become a big stew, without closure, but when I take the time to write and post a photo, I get to look back and think ..."boy, I got through that," or "gosh, isn't that color crazy-great". I don't blog everyday, but I feel like I am doing myself a favor when I write here. It helps me process, communicate, AND document. Anyway... onward. Below are two pictures of recent progress... I just don't know what I would do without paint. Go crazy, I guess.