And the winner is...

Thank you, all, for trying this little contest. The titles you submitted were so inspiring... I wanted to paint a little something for each of them! (Judging from the titles, it seemed that some of you may be a little hungry) The selection was a little more difficult than I anticipated, so the next time I do the "name that painting" contest, I may keep my title to a three word maximum :-)
This is how I chose the winner: A noun in common was first priority. And then I went with any articles (I think I've got the right term). The title is actually "A Day at the Shore" and the winner is Lucy with "Nestled in For the Day". Congratulations, Lucy! Please, email me your address and I will drop this little nougat in the mail.
See more "confections" at our open house May 7and 8. Have a great day and please, feel free to send my color along to a friend.


Name that Painting Give Away

Time for a little sunny-week fun. This tiny painting, 2.5x3.5 inches, already has a title on the back... the first person who comes the closest to guessing it, wins! HINT: The title is less than six words. RULES: ALL entries need to be left in the comment section of THIS blog post. Look down and click on the word "COMMENTS" to enter your title. I will post (and contact) the winner on THURSDAY. Good luck!
New adventures... One of the things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the summer is outdoor festivities. This year, I am joining the kind people at the Newburyport Farmers Market. I have signed up for four market dates... Sunday, June 20, July 25, August 29, and September 19. Details to come, but click the link to get the skinny on the market. Lastly, if you have time today, there is a wonderful alzheimers awareness quilt show at RiverWoods. It ends today and is open 9-12. Scroll down to click on the picture with a link for directions. Have a fabulous Spring day.... don't forget to send me your entry titles via the comment section below :-)


Getting ready for "Coastal". May 7&8 Open House

This may be an abstract to some... but I look at this as representational. To me this is a landscape. I sense a marsh. I see a sky. I feel distance, but a quiet calm. I am always amazed at what a brush stroke will do... just the scruff of green makes trees. And a swash of blue makes sky.
My artist friends and I are almost ready for you to visit in May. We are so excited. New this year are the luscious handmade botanicals and soothing lotions of Rebecca Ross of White Lily Teas, plus the whimsical creations of Keith MacLeod Metalworks. Terry Braun returns with his stunning hand-hammered copper and bronze pots. There's more... join us.

Mandeville Canyon and Morr Interiors. Sea Glass Village

This is REALLY fun. Mandeville Canyon and Morr Interiors are now in the final stages of pulling together the interior for Sea Glass Village in Wells Maine. I love what Mandeville and Morr do... so cool with design, very tied to local artists, and always seeking environmentally friendly solutions. Pictured on the left are Renee and me holding a new "what if" for the Sea Glass space. See more of this at the Open House here on Union Street May 7 and 8 (Eight Artists: Three Studios"). And the pic on the right is Renee with another "what if" of mine for above the massive stone fireplace. This painting was on display at the Willow in downtown Exeter and will soon be at Sea Glass Village. More pics to follow. There is a photo shoot planned for May.

RiverWoods Quilt Show for Alzheimer's Awareness

A must see. My friends at RiverWoods are just the best of the best when it comes to community. Please, check this out. Sunday and Monday. Click here for directions.


Getting ready for "coastal"

Beautiful days! So inspiring. Here are a couple of pictures of works in progress. I am doing a commission for Mandeville Canyon Designs which involves paintings for a coastal resort community... Sea Glass Village... in Wells, Maine. These are still unfinished, but this sunny day in New Hampshire makes me want to "bust out" and share them.
Also, just a side note from yesterday regarding a photo my husband took. He gets such a kick out of this outfit he feels the need to take a picture. I like what I am wearing... I think he does, too? But this is my point. He CLAIMS to not care what people wear how they look... so why does this strike him as something to document? Leave me a comment here. I would love to know what you think!