Flower Spray original painting by Rose Bryant

SOLD "Flower Spray" 11x14 acrylic on canvas. Speaking the same language... again, here I am talking about "speaking the same language"! I still don't know the reason, the why, the how it all works ... but people come together for the same music, the same food, the same color. Why is it that as humans we can essentially point at something and nod or raise our eyebrows... and the person that is with us can respond with turn of the mouth or a shoulder shrug... and we "know"? When I painted this, I was "in" the painting... it flowed through my hand, I was happy to be pushing the paint around and realizing the surprises with each color. When it was done, it still spoke to me. When it was put on the wall to find another home, it still spoke to me. Now, it has a wonderful new home. With a person who feels the joy that went into it. She has written me. And I can't really find the words to describe the connection that I feel. We don't have to see each other's faces, I know how she feels (or I like to think I do:-). I am glad it brings her to her own place of happiness... enjoying the same language. Thank you, AE.


Flower Field at The Willow

Flower Field. 12x12 acrylic on canvas. I'm trying a different style... one that looks more like tapestry or fabric. I started with a blue underpainting and then progressed to lighter colors. This painting was first shown at our Art on Union Street open house and is now at the Willow in downtown Exeter near the boathouse. I'm feelin' the urge to continue the style in yellow oxide, cream, and rich reds...
Thank you to everyone who visited for the open house... it was so great to see you. We love the party, the conversation and the energy. Thank you all for being a part of my art community... see you in 2012!

Business for artists

For some time I have wanted to share the talents of Lois Matheson with my fellow artists... She is my business guru, the energy that keeps me in a sane direction, and an all-round fabulous source for anything "business". Lois and I are preparing a business session specifically for artists to take place in early-to-mid February. She will be the business counselor and coach... I will have a few marketing and art show tips. The goal of the session will be to help you, the artist, form the beginnings to a structure for your year. We are limiting the meeting to five artists. The event will be here at my studio in Exeter. Please, feel free to pass this along to a friend. I will update you through this blog and through facebook with specifics. Looking ahead to new adventure is always fun.... but sometimes scary. If you have thought about forming a business plan, this may be a good opportunity to take a jump. :-) Best in health and happiness for 2012! Details to come.