Private Lessons?

"I want to explore something different..... I need a little time to nurture my soul..... I really want to paint something for my child's room.... my sister.... my first art show....."

I hear so many good reasons for stepping out of the box to make that move into creating.

I teach adults on a very flexible basis. If you want one-on-one time to do drawing or beginning acrylic painting... or if you would rather paint in your own studio but only need the occasional consultation, arrangements can be made that way.

Times are generally, 10am or 1pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The cost is $40 an hour.
I schedule the same one-hour time slot for you each week (allowing time for catching up and sharing ideas. Sometimes the sharing process itself becomes the "thing" that continues the energy).

We can meet every week, every other week, or schedule consultations once a month. We will work either inside the classroom at ART UP FRONT STREET or outside in the studio's garden.

I am currently taking sign-ups.Contact me if you have questions or want to take a studio tour to see if this is a good fit for you.


Lori, Deb, Lois, Gaby, Willow Pond Farm and friends

 A little look at some of the set-up ..... be sure to scroll down though the posts if you missed them earlier. BIG thank yous and hugs to all of you who have stopped in over the 10 years of shows. We could not do this with out your smiling faces and friendship.  See you very soon.



Off the easel.... sneak peek

Everyone is arriving today with their work... Deb, Lois, Lori and Gaby..... and I can't wait to see what they have going on. Lori and I talked yesterday while she was opening a fresh kiln. To me, just thinking about that process is exciting... you open the hatch to see the results of ALL of your work. My studio is coming together .... still making room for the gang. Here is a sneak peek.... a larger abstract "Cows by the Stream". You will have to tell me if it "feels" like that to you! Plus a smaller piece that I started from the sidewalk in front of the Willow on First Friday Artwalk. The view is from under a budding tree branch looking toward the American Independence Museum. Also.... a first time appearance... a "test" tray full of "mini art" necklaces. See you this Friday and Saturday at Art on Union Street.


How can you NOT love an event that has a farmer :-)?

Willow Pond Community Farm has garden plants ready to be taken home and loved by you. We are thrilled that they are joining us again this year. Look for them under the tent... with all the REALLY GREEN stuff! See you at Art on Union.

These are cute.... Lori's tiny vases for Art on Union Street

Lori Martone Pottery... just how big do you think these are? I love them all....especially that little pot on the far right. Lori will be here at the studio WITH her wheel for Art on Union. Requests, anyone?