Off to New York City

I am taking a little "break". Going down to NYC for the Surtex show at the Jacob Javits Center. Lots of artists showing their designs for the home decor and gift industry. Today I go as an observer.... tomorrow a ....? Here is a photo from an earlier trip to Chinatown in NY. I think it would make a great crazy painting. It could even be an abstract.... the yellow dots really carry your eye. We'll see!


Rose Bryant Original Painting "Exeter Bandstand"

SOLD The "Exeter Bandstand" now has a new home. This painting has a special meaning for its owner. Two mornings a week, very early... at 5:45, this person meets in the heart of Exeter with a couple of her closest girl pals and they head out for their run together. They enjoy their time with each other, they appreciate the day, and they love this routine that helps keep them "sane" and whole.
I love it when people share their stories with me. It brings even more meaning to my work. You just never know what speaks to the viewer...

Enjoy the day. Thanks for looking.


Rose Bryant Original Painting Exeter Congregational Church

SOLD This painting was on exhibit at our open house. It is an 8x10 acrylic on board, framed in a simple flat gold leafed frame (not shown). The colors are actually a little more yellow than represented here. The process of painting for this piece was a really fun exercise. I took a photo of the church in winter (the best time to see the whole building). In a photo editing program, I transformed it to black and white. Then, I inverted it and painted the entire piece (without stopping) upside down using a totally different palette from what was actually there. Doing a painting this way takes out all the "perceived" expectations of content and color. It simplifies the process and allows me to explore. The only color similar to the true image is the red on the doors... In real life this church is one of the most striking white structures in Exeter punctuated by its three red doors. This painting now belongs to a family for whom it has a special meaning... I think I can safely say the story behind its purchase for this owner is one of adventure and music, mixed in with a little touch of doubt. Thank you, Laurie.
Please, feel free to pass my color on to someone who needs different view!


Rose Bryant Poppy Paintings Love Rain!

Hello Friends. What a weekend we have planned... and a little rain just makes the color brighter. Each day now the poppy plants in my garden are getting bigger, and I know that when they pop the explosion is going to be beautiful. With poppies (and a slightly breezy day) you can literally watch the pods as they open. I would suggest getting a chair, a cup of tea, and maybe a good friend to share the experience. It is kind of like fishing... My parents would always sit and wait patiently for that nibble, that movement, and then... it happens. The cork goes under. In this case, the poppy pod starts to slowly unfurl. I will take pictures and save them for another day to paint a series.
Don't let the drizzle stop you from enjoying the color this weekend. We have beautiful visions of creativity for you to take in... this Friday 1-8 and Saturday 10-4. Look to the right for all the details. Hope to see you!


Rose Bryant "Fish in Summer Waters"

SOLD This painting has found a happy home. I always love hearing how people interpret my art... it makes me feel I have communicated my own feeling and energy to the visual piece. The new owner describes it best, "I like the fish painting because everything feels like it is in motion but not rushed. And the water is such a wonderful blend of reflected light and a sense of depth. I enjoy all your paintings and appreciate the variety of subjects, techniques, and tones in the work on display at the Divine Cafe (and other places I've enjoyed them). Kendra"
Hope you can make it to the open house this Friday and Saturday... more color in store, plus ... we have just added the Sanok Plant Sale! Open House details are to the right. Have a fabulous May day!