Art of Great Bay

I'm headed to The Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center in Greenland, NH this April 4th, Friday night from 5:30-8:30. Wonderful earthy facility. Lots of artists, lots of good vibes. Click here to see what the facilities look like... and then imagine, the doors wide open, the lights on in the evening, and people walking by the trees up the drive to an art soiree being held to celebrate the environment. The proceeds from sales at the show go to help protect beautiful Great Bay. So if you are thinking about a good time to buy some art, this might be it. Hope to see you!
UPDATE after the show: The show was great so full of art and people! When I arrived at the reception at 5:40, the place was packed... had to wait until late to take a picture with my art (now Laura Byergo's art). Thank you Pam Short (artist) for taking this pic. 
Thank you to the Great Bay Stewards for a lovely show and to all of the volunteers that handled the work of 60 artists! See you next year.


And the winner is....

Trust me. I am not only doing this for you :-). I NEEDED to give a gift today.... the weather is starting to affect me (as well as many of my New England friends)! Hopefully, though, this little gift will also brighten Brenda Conroy's day. Congratulations, Brenda! You are the winner of today's noon:thirty give-away! Thank you for "liking" my facebook page and my art.
To all of you color lovers, if you want to get in on my future facebook give-aways, "like" Rose Bryant Original Paintings.


Appreciating "peas" ....or snow

Ok... it's snowing again.... and when it snows...well. Reminds me of a little family story from the 50's or 60's (that is not the current temperature, by the way). My cousin, Brenda, while expressing frustration to our farming grandfather over eating peas meal after meal was told by my grandfather, "When we have peas in the garden, we eat peas." I see that as a good lesson of resourcefulness artists almost unknowingly and naturally follow. When at the shore, we paint the shore, when in the mountains, we paint the mountains. The snow this winter has been too beautiful to not be influenced by it.
The top painting is 24x36... almost finished... I"m still thinking. The bottom painting is the same painting but a few days earlier. The under-painting is yellow. The trees were painted in dark green for the composition and structure. Then the blues, creamy light yellows, and whites were added. Hope this helps you to appreciate your "peas".


Rose Bryant Original "Green Sky in Snow" on the easel

This painting is based on what I see from my back window... a neighbor's barn and the growth along our shared fence. I love this area in the winter. The birds find shelter, the sun highlights the top of the trees, and when it snows heavily, the growth is weighted with white. I am still working on parts...
In the meantime, take a look at my video of part of the process. This painting and more will be here at ART on UNION STREET, Friday and Saturday, May 9&10.