Before and after.... irises

Varnish is drying and the tag is ready .... this art is soon headed to the Willow downtown. The "before" was started during a demo at our annual open house this past Mother's Day weekend. The "after" piece was finished this week and actually has many layers of color even though the visual difference seems minimal. During the process I changed my mind several times. At one point, though, I thought I was done. Then a friend, Mary, asked me questions about my painting processes ......for example, how do you know when to stop? And why is this color/technique not like that color/technique. Well.... I thought I was finished, but apparently Mary's questions challenged me... and I did something I don't often do - which is go back to similar colors I had started with. Yup. All that thinkin' and paintin' and then I go back to a place very close to where I had started. And I lived. Usually re-doing makes me crazy, but I learned a ton. Thank you, Mary! So when does one stop a painting? Good question.... I guess when it has gotten to the point when you say to yourself in amazement... "wow". And since I say that several times while I am painting (because I love to watch the color flow from the brush).... that means I have no good answer. :-) So...carry on.


Summer travel gifts?

Are you on the road soon? Or do you need a "thank you" gift? These little treats travel nicely. Just send me an email. Postcard packs of ten with ten envelopes are $10 each. Folded art cards (blank inside) with envelope are $4 each. Gallery by appointment (lots to choose from).... or I can ship.


Art sale to benefit the American Independence Museum today!

Take a look at downtown Exeter today. Artists will be everywhere.... and what a gorgeous day we have! Artists will be painting plein air from about 8am to 4pm today and then taking their works to the (click link) Museum for an artists reception and sale. The reception goes 4 to 6. You will be able to find art created from places around town like beautiful Swasey Parkway, the iconic bandstand, cascading Exeter Falls, stately town hall and more. You may even find a simple little piece just of a flower near the boat house. 30% of sales from the art goes to the Museum. If you see something you like while it is being painted but can't make it to the reception, buy it from the artist there on the spot. 30% still goes to the museum.
I will be on Water Street near the Willow, Stillwells Ice Cream and the boat house (strategically planned so I can get treats at Stillwells and St. Anthony's nearby!) Look for me. I will be the one with paint, a brush, an easel....oh, wait... :-)
Thank you for supporting local art and the American Independence Museum.

UPDATE: The finished piece... now in a happy home. Thank you, all for coming out to the plein air event. See you on the street next year!