Marsh at Sagamore Creek

Now on exhibit downtown at the Willow, the final art from the detail posted earlier. Total dimension 24x48 diptych.
I love the beginning stages of the painting process... the world is big... so big that somehow putting one thought together on a canvas seems limitless. The first marks are loose and rough... really delightful and fun - I know whatever marks I make are not final but fluid. As the painting continues, my decisions are more focused with a certain amount of expectation ... which can make me a little crazy. Once I get through the "decisions" the last details come a little more easily - more light? more dark? more of my favorite colors? At that point I can see the whole, the all and decide how I feel about it. In the end, when the varnish goes on, the color REALLY begins to live on its own. Sometimes when I step back from a finished work... I feel like it is an offspring (no offense to my children :-))... but it is then something that has come from me that is not me.
Ok, enough of this art babble. If you want to see it, check out the Willow downtown. Say hi to Julie for me.


Sagamore Creek Marsh Detail

I'm already inspired by the thought of fall colors... this detail is from a much larger painting in progress. There is no lack of beautiful changing landscape here in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. I can walk less than a mile east and see a marsh from a tidal riverbank. I can travel a little more and get to ocean. And just 15 miles west I can see rolling hills that lead to mountains. (I throw this visual imagery in with the hopes that more of my Virginia friends will take the bait!) The image here is from one small area of the painting that is about 11x14. The total painting is made of two canvas panels... each one is 24x24 inches making the entire painting 24x48. When finished, I will take it to the Willow downtown on Water Street to hang in the back gallery. I'll keep you posted.... Have a colorful day :-)

Rose of Sharon... a sign of change

I love my Rose of Sharon.... It grows tall enough that when I stand in the kitchen I can see it swaying through the living room window. Makes me feel like my little "intown" home is in the country. Pretty soon the fall crisp will take over and the color here in New England will burst into orange and gold and red. Love the seasons.


finishing touches magenta

SOLD I just put the last bit of magenta and then a good coat of varnish on a painting that I love. It really speaks to my graphic design roots... and I am so glad the boldness in this one spoke to a couple at the Cape Elizabeth Engine One Labor Day Art Show. This was the the 44th annual art show put on by the Cape Elizabeth fire department. Amazing. Engine One finds community sponsors to help fund the event and the awards. There are over 100 artists each year that pay a fee for their "space" to display work. The fees and sponsor donations help support the needs of the fire department. I am glad to be a part of it... thank you, Engine One.
And thank you to DM and EM... it was great meeting you. I hope you enjoy your new color for many years.


A little fun at the National Gallery

Ok, just so you know, if you start making faces, taking funny pictures and laughing a little too loudly while at the National Gallery, you WILL see museum security guards. My husband and I enjoyed a less formal side of art this August while on a trip to visit family and friends... :-). These are some of our favorite pieces.


South Portland Art in the Park

Thank you to all of you who stopped by my space... It is always lovely to see you. The South Portland Art in the Park is one of my favorite art shows to do. Mill Creek Park is beautiful, the food is great, and my artist friends are a wonderful source of inspiration. Click here to see more pics on Facebook. Mark your calendar for next year if you are looking for a fun outing. Saturday, August 14, 2012. Just across Casco Bay Bridge is downtown Portland, Maine. You cannot beat it!


Portsmouth Harbour near South Street

The view from New Castle is wonderful. At one point as you get closer to Portsmouth, you can see the colorful houses that dot the shore. Always a charming sight. The piece pictured here above the fireplace is of that area and a little more. Thank you to G and E... I loved working on this for you.