South Portland Art in the Park Saturday

South Portland Art in the Park is tomorrow at lovely Mill Creek Park from 9 to 5. I am at site #5. Join me and tons of other artists for a fabulous day! Watercolor, photography, acrylic, oil. And the weather is going to be PERFECT. While you are in the Portland area, you can check out the Portland Headlight, go to a charming shop or cafe, or take in the coast.... either way, it's all good.
Best in color.... Rose

Finishing touches

I just finished and delivered a commision this August for a lovely family in New Castle. It is of a view of Portsmouth from one of the areas across the water in New Castle. The original direction given to me was a run-on of descriptive possibilities... water, coastal, beach, marsh, blues, greens, (not pink... got it, Ed!), light in feeling, somewhat abstract, but still recognizable. We looked at the place the painting would finally be hung. They looked at pictures of my work and showed me other images they felt comfortable with. I showed them three "sketches". Then many days later, a viewing of progress on the canvas, then conversation. Making a painting for someone else always starts off as a big informational stew... and then somehow, one piece emerges. The process was a joint effort... the owners had visual boundaries and concepts they felt comfortable with in art and they were able to share them with me as I worked on the painting. The painting is now happily hanging above their fireplace... and it was just in time for a wedding party for their son and his wife. (No pressure there! :-). Thank you G and E, for having my work in your home. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Painting Babies

I don't know... a little wierd, but I absolutely LOVE the painting of "Roulin's Baby" by Van Gogh. I rounded the corner in the National Gallery of Art last year and there it was... even more wonderful than it is on the postcard in this photo. (By the way, this postcard was sent to my husband in 1978 by a previous girlfriend at the time... evidently we share similar tastes :-) And I've hung on to the card and to him a lot longer than she did). I'm going soon to visit the painting again. In anticipation, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate the same color simplicity as in "the baby" painting... but not use actual human babies in the process. I don't think I could pull that off and still be considered sane. So I'm thinking of using another kind of baby. My neighbor, Lisa, has all kinds of animals running around in her yard... dogs, puppies, chickens. Her pug puppy, Cupcake, is SO cute. So I'm leaning in the direction of this little pug face. What do you think? Green, white, a touch of blue and a soft mention of redish mauve. Will it work?


Swimming in Sunlight

SOLD Two little paintings at the Willow... Swimming in Sunlight and Barn on a Soft Day. Someone was feeling a summer moment at the Willow. These are two of the softest, lightest paintings I have done... usually my brush goes straight to the strong saturated colors and it usually takes all my strength to lighten up a little. I love light and soft neutral colors, and I love when I can maintain them in my painting. The Willow is a favorite place of mine in downtown Exeter. I love being able to have my work there... Julie's color sense and choices of home furnishings give my art a perfect home. Swimming in Sunlight has a sister painting... another soft, floating watery image with fish... and is still at the Willow if you are inspired by these. It is a 12x12 deep profile gallery wrapped canvas finished with a UV resistant varnish - needed to protect it from the summer rays of the painting :-)

A good thing...

Lisa from New Outlook just stopped by to thank me for participating in the Community Chair Project... so nice to get a personal "visit thank you" which also included a fabulous mug. The fundraiser raised $3500 for the teen center... and I understand their were a lot of happy chair recipients. I followed the bidding online and wondered who the owner of my chair would be... hmmmm... was that you "S. St. M"? Thoughts are in the works for the event again next year. But now, it's time for tea from my new mug. Thank you, New Outlook, for the fun.