My First Day

This blog is a part of a new adventure for me. For about a year and a half now I have been producing my own work to exhibit and show. I have been inspired by many artists - some here in New Hampshire, some in museums, some on the internet. I have been particularly fascinated by the artists of the painting a day practice. I admire them and I can see with my own work the results that come from following a goal to produce on a regular basis... only good things...even if the painting is bad, the true results are good. I learn more about who I am, what I can achieve, and how good it feels to paint when I know what I am putting down is right.

I owe this beginning of my online communication to my husband who has put everything in place to help me get started. He also doubles as what he and I call "The Art Advisory Board".... you know... the other set of eyes that helps you realize what your paintings are actually saying. He has supported me while I have changed gears from teaching private art classes for ten years to producing and exhibiting my own work.

The first painting I am posting is "Color on the Table" because it is representative of the looseness, the color, and the energy that I want to have everyday when I get to the easel. I did this painting last year and I think about it frequently when I ask myself "what is the goal?"

Two other people I must mention so they know how much they have influenced me are my friends Dale and Lisa. Dale, an artist herself, is constant artistic encouragement. And Lisa, a designer, can network a room of people so everyone in it feels like they are all each other's best friends. Both of them have been strong associates in business and friendship.

Please, save my site and check back often... more is coming. Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy my work.


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