More comments for the table top?

Several people have written comments via email.... either way is fine. I am so glad my art brings "good energy" to your day. If you have been checking in to read the notes, please, do leave one! Who knows... you might even read one from someone you met here during class but haven't seen in years.
The random drawing will be Tuesday, March 8. Anyone can enter. I will contact (and post by first name) the winner on Wednesday.

These notes came in via email. Thanks for writing. If you haven't chimed in yet, there is still time! :-) I will add them to the hat.
Rose -- your e-mails are always a bright spot and your blog is the best I have seen ;-} Annie

Hi Rose! Glad to see your newest projects! Best, Peg

Hi Rose - love the painting - enter my name------Claire

Hi Rose,
I was just sitting here doing work when I saw your e-mail come in. Let me just say that I am not fond of accounting work so I was not having much fun! When I looked at your artwork, kitchen wall etc. I felt a smile spread over my face. Your description of yourself made the smile even wider! Thank you, thank you for brightening my day with your creativity and sense of fun! Kris

Rose, I can't believe you are letting go of your table!!!! So many gatherings. Fondly, Marge

Dear Rose, We STILL use the dough recipe and remember the days you brought snow INTO your studio for the students to mold and paint. Best to you in your adventures. Hopefully, we will see you at a summer art show. Fondly, Stephanie

Hi Rose-- Emma will never forget tracing her body on the "big" paper at your outdoor summer art day. Many memories. Having your art would be a pleasure... please, put my name in the hat! Best, hope to run into you sometime, Phyllis

Will the cats ever forgive us? I was always amazed that your big cat would hang around for so long with all the commotion.... did he ever get the paint out of his fur? :-) Love, your stuff, Carla.

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