What's been on the easel...

It's been a busy September... with shows, a little family travel and painting commissions... I was beginning to feel REALLY out of touch and slightly "undocumented". I figured out why I like blogging - it is a way for me to actually see progress. Things come in. Things go out. My canvas is everywhere. My paint is all over me and my workspace. Stuff is piled on my desk... sometimes things can become a big stew, without closure, but when I take the time to write and post a photo, I get to look back and think ..."boy, I got through that," or "gosh, isn't that color crazy-great". I don't blog everyday, but I feel like I am doing myself a favor when I write here. It helps me process, communicate, AND document. Anyway... onward. Below are two pictures of recent progress... I just don't know what I would do without paint. Go crazy, I guess.

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