Virginia Beach Neptune Festival

a little rain, but still a fun day....  in front of fiber artist Inna Poole's tent.
I always feel for artists who show in the rain. Saturday was on the damp side, but Friday and Sunday were better. Lots of fun stuff... music, art, sand sculpture, food... thousands of people all along the boardwalk over this annual three day event. (By the way, the water at Virginia Beach at September's end is STILL warmer than the ocean in NH in the summer!)
beachcombings from Newbury, NH
It just so happened the very FIRST art tent of the day we dropped in on was that of a couple from Newbury, New Hampshire. A husband and wife jewelry making team called Beachcombings... beautiful sea glass from the coast of Maine. Funny how you can go almost anywhere these days and there will be a familiar connection.
my sister is the awesome photographer who took this picture. Thanks, Robin!

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