Rose Bryant original "From the Earth"

I know it will happen... eventually. The earth will again be green (no signs of it yet :-)). This 12x12 original abstract, "From the Earth", $230, is just off the easel and on its way to the Willow in downtown Exeter - a favorite place to find things that entertain the senses. Drop in and take a ... nice ... long ... deep .... breath. Enjoy.


Happy Valentines Day. Print, cut and deliver!

The snow has calmed, the day has warmed (a little) and there was just a tiny touch of sun. I know this is only a short reprieve here in New Hampshire, but it makes sending Valentine wishes so much better! I hope this little collection of color brightens your day.... feel free to print, cut and deliver :-). Enjoy.


On the easel. Sunflowers in the breeze.

Yesterday I added blue sky... today I added a few highlights and strokes of paint for atmosphere. See the video of the end of the process. Stay warm and safe everyone!


Adding blue sky....

I love the process of filling in backgrounds... especially on a bold under-painting. To see some of the progress, click here. Enjoy.


Art on Jewelry for Mothers Day

I know there is still a foot of snow on the ground... and I know the birds are not singing spring songs ... but the sunshine today prompts serious planning for my upcoming art shows and festivals. I have just started playing around with some new ideas.... what do you think? Art in miniature intrigues me. :-)