Flowers in the water detail

A small detail of a much larger diptych, this painting started with dots of paint randomly splashed in a diagonal movement. Then areas and colors were built around those starts. This may be one for the Willow downtown... the entire painting is a vertical piece, 24x36 (two 12x36 panels side by side). The canvas frame is a deep profile with the image painted around the sides for added dimension on the wall. I love the earthy feel and tones... even though this is water. Enjoy.


Sometimes it starts with dots

When it's quiet, with no movement, no particular thought, no direction.... sometimes it all starts with dots.


Sagamore Creek

SOLD Marsh at Sagamore Creek. 24x48" diptych exhibited at the Willow Shop downtown Exeter. Someone has found this for their home.... I still don't know who... but I look forward to finding out what spoke to them. The scene is from a marsh area near Portsmouth, NH on Sagamore Creek. There are so many twists and turns here in seacoast New Hampshire... you can see a view like this on one side of the road and then turn your eyes to the other and see civilization. Maybe the new owners have a beach/marsh cottage... and they have put this beside a window? :-) Fun thought.