Hampton Arts Network Art Walk

I stopped in for a visit this past Friday. Local art. Local business. Pictured are (top)"art walkers" at one of the tents, (middle) Kathy Collins (fiber artist), and (bottom) my friend, Karen Raynes of Marelli's Market (she is a super-gatherer-of-people-for-all-kinds-of-good-causes). The annual artwalk was this past Thursday and Friday and is a product of the efforts of the Hampton Arts Network plus downtown Hampton, NH businesses and volunteers. 

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  1. Karen Raynes10/9/12, 5:59 PM

    The poster of "Girls on the Beach" is in a corner wall of my universe. It brighens my day.
    I am most grateful for this gift. Thank you much for the article about the Art Walk in Hampton. Sharing with the community the artists learn how important this event is to make a connection. It was wonderful to see you.
    Karen Raynes


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