One in a new series for Art on Union Street

Thank you everyone for recently sending me some of your favorite kayaking photos... can't wait to continue on them. This image is a 12x12 original an canvas finished with a UV resistant varnish. It, along with creations from some of my favorite folks, will be on exhibit this May 10 and 11, here at my studio for Art on Union. Happy paddling. See you then.

Recent color....

A little morsel that went to 3 on Main in lovely Contoocook, NH. It now lives with an admirer who breathes color every chance she gets.
A larger morsel that resides with Susan Gorman Intuitive Counselor in Exeter, NH.... maybe you have seen it? And yes, her walls are really that color. Very welcoming and peaceful... just like Susan.


Spring Snow by Rose Bryant

Just off the easel. "Spring Snow" 24x36 original on canvas. Inspired by the winter and the light and the need for spring. It is almost here in New England. Even though this morning was crisp (very crisp), our little crocuses on the sunny side of the house have been in bloom. So light, so white, so pretty. No one takes the snow too seriously now. We know what's coming.


Just around the corner... May 10 and 11

The days are sunny, the birds are singing. Time to plan our annual open house "Art on Union Street" for Mother's Day Weekend. Mark your calendar... we will have ... hmmmm, let's see... color, oh, and ... more color :-)