Commission for a Virginia beach house

Whimsical, fun, bright, blues, oranges, BIG, aqua, coral, sea green, yellows.... all words used to describe the direction for this piece. Each panel is 20x40. When together, the entire piece is 60x40. The wall it will live on is yellow and the space is a large, bright, open concept. Can't wait to see a photo of this in place.... "Cats in the Water", 60x40 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Thank you Brenda B!


These three have found a home

So many ways to enjoy color.... full blast, with texture... or softly muted with understated simplicity. The range is broad (thank goodness) ..... limitless ways to excite the eye and the heart. One of these little 3x3 morsels was purchased at the May Open Studios. Then ... the same collector decided she needed another. THEN, a few days later the same collector felt three would be best. Thank you, Amy, for welcoming these to your home. I hope they keep you in good energy.