Spheres and Lines exhibit at Art Up Front Street

Hello, almost spring! This winter was an exploration for me of a more abstract body of work. My urge was to work organically ... making one thought, then another. 
I remember the days of my youngest "students" - preschool and kindergarten aged children. They really were not the students, though, but rather they were the teachers.

I watched them unfold their thoughts one step at a time. Enjoying each mark. Not over-thinking. Sometimes working so briefly their work looked like a modern stroke from a famous conceptual contemporary artist. Other times, working so long their work was a soupy ooze from corner-to-corner. 

Sometimes when the soupy ooze would drip to other parts on the easel, they would continue to paint the drip on the easel. All the while really only watching for what happens to the paint being pushed by the brush.... never watching the paint being pushed for a goal of satisfying an expectation of a potential viewer (the parent or adults in the room).

The biggest gift at that point in my art life was the gift of being lucky enough to watch their process. Now, finally, at this stage, I feel a true freedom to "make". Why did it take so long? 

If you want to come by for a conversation, please, do! If you want to make art but have a few fears, please, come and sit and watch.

For more info about my show, click HERE


Rose Bryant Original Paintings: OPEN STUDIOS this weekend!

Hope you can join us. Wonderful artist friends at Art Up Front Street. This weekend, November 3 & 4 from 10 - 4 each day, spend some time in a place that will brighten your day! 


From the easel on figure drawing night...

A different way to look at figure drawing. I love exploring with color. Yes, sketching and drawing is excellent... but I am so attracted to trying a colorfilled brush even for short poses... 15 minutes or less. The result is very abstract. These images are from the last 3 evenings of figure drawing.... I will do more I am sure.


At the Willow...

My triptych is currently at the Willow in downtown Exeter. I feel a need to revisit these colors. 


Something will be given away at our open studios.... hmmmmm...

You can definitely make a day of it at our annual spring open studios this May. Leave your obligations at home for a few hours. Take in a breakfast somewhere in Exeter. Stop by the studio and see what the artists have been up to this winter. Lots of color, prints, originals, different mediums, wonderful ideas for your home and heart. Talk to an artist... see all the studios. Drop your name in the hat for a free Rose Bryant Original. Have a glass or two. Take a walk and find a lovely late day dining spot in Exeter. Sounds like an excellent Mother's Day weekend.