Art Give-away... Noon, Oct 19, is the deadline!

The give-away, a 5x7 folded blank note card with envelope.
Ready for the next challenge? For those of you just joining the party, I am giving away a little art each week this October. The clues are given on Mondays and the winner is chosen from all correct answers on Fridays at NOON. This is the second of four. (Oct 12,19, 26, Nov 2). Respond by email or facebook. If you respond by facebook, please, don't post the answer. DO "LIKE" and then send me a message with your answer.
The gift is above, a 5x7 folded blank note card of one of my favorite paintings "Tall Grasses". (The original is a large triptych made of three 18x36 canvas panels. It filled a lovely space in my studio. Now it fills a lovely space in someone's home.) The challenge question will take a little looking... it's not as easy as last week's :-).
This long image with yellow, red and white is a small part of a larger painting. Answer the question correctly by noon Friday, Oct 19:
Where is this original painting currently being shown?
OK. Ready, set, ...find color! :-)

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