"Do You Like My Dress?"

SOLD This girl (the painting) ran around Portsmouth and was spotted by a mom who just had to have her for her own daughter. I love the whimsy of this... how many times have you been asked "Do you like my dress? :-)"

Rose Bryant Original Paintings "Sunflowers"

This little diptych of golden yellow sunflowers was recently done as a commission for someone who loves to incorporate pieces of art and architecture done by people she knows personally. In her home are curtains, tile work, built-in cabinetry, and lighting fixtures that are art ... all designed and made by personal acquaintances. What a nice story she can tell to all who enter. "Sunflowers" is a 20x32 inch diptych and each panel is 16x20. Thank you for looking...


100 Tiny Paintings at South Portland Art in the Park

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. But these little paintings are fun to do. I love the miniature exploration of color relationships. Much of the appeal is knowing that I will see the faces of people as they pick them up, match them with partners, or decide which to give as gifts and which to keep for their own. The viewers become designers and artists themselves as they line them up and hold them next to one another. They decide if it "feels" right for them... all the things I do when I paint.
Pictured are 16 of the 100 I have painted for the South Portland Art in the Park this Saturday. They are each 2.5 x 3.5 inches or smaller. They are all varnished, titled, and signed ... plus they come with a tiny little artist bio tucked in the back. Just like a large work of art. Lots of fun in a tiny format. They are each $26 or three for $69.
Hope you can make South Portland a destination on Saturday... It will be a beautiful day!