And the winner is...

Wow... what a response... so many of you were right on the nose with the color and then there were a few who needed a ...little ...more ..."help". Thank you all for taking the challenge. Congratulations to Janet Rattigan Riley, the winner of the tiny little "Snowy Landscape"! Janet, I will be in touch to make sure you receive this little gift. The answer? Yes, it is magenta. I accepted variations also... fuchsia, pink, and rose. Some of you might have noticed the hint which was that a few of the words had been written in bright pink. The next give-away will be in October... looking forward to seeing what comes out of the studio for the fall :-).
My next show is Cape Elizabeth this Sunday. Set your GPS for Fort Williams and the Portland Headlight.... you won't be disappointed! Beautiful area, fine arts and crafts, crashing waves on rocks, in a lovely park that is being renovated by caring people. Have a fabulous weekend!

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