On the easel

We just had our open studios this past weekend. What a wonderful weekend. Inspiring. Our artists friends are fabulously great people.... and their work is still up at the gallery if you need an art re-load.

The evenings come early now. It is easy to see someone working in the front gallery. You may have driven by and seen this flash of color. I still have some decisions to make... but this is "mid-stream-brush-thought". Taking a break from it... waiting for it to tell me what is next.

Dear art friends...

Thank you for coming to our first fall open studios. It is always so great to see you. We saw old friends and met new. Our "place" is just over a year old.... with the first artists (Gaby Grossman, Deb Wheeler Bean, Dawn Amey and myself) having moved in during very early 2017. A few months later, we welcomed Anne Kenny and Wo Schiffman. And now we have other artist applicants in progress. Our goal is to stay a little out-of-the-box while we create "stuff" and nurture our artist selves. Thank you for your words and your show of support for us and local art.... it means everything.