Thank you, Jen...

I do love to paint. I love the smell of paint. I love the way the paint moves with my brush around the canvas. And, I love to paint for people who love color. I feel as if all that energy just swirls around back to a place that feeds the next beginning. This floral piece was done for a client whose office walls are a soothing, warm, light coral pink color. She explained to me how she wanted clients to feel in her office. She saw several samples of paintings and prints I had done... and eventually chose a small 4x6 print which represented some of the feeling, color and subject matter. The goal was to take that feeling and make it larger. The painting was done using five different reference photos of poppies I had taken from my own yard. I love those poppies... I know who gave them to me... I see their beauty each year in the spring. So... it was a very natural process to put my energy in the right place to work on this painting. Thank you, Jen, for appreciating my art... I hope you enjoy this painting for years to come. (painting details: diptych, each canvas is 30x40. total size 30x80 inches)

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