Auction chairs for New Outlook Teen Center

The website is up... take a look by clicking on this post title. All for a great cause. Fourteen chairs have been made and painted. The bidding starts July 2. Mine is pictured here and can be seen in person at Exeter Hospital. Once you get to the Auction site, look to the left to "View All" and click. Hmmmm, I think this chair would go nicely on a sunny porch, in an icecream shop, or perhaps as someone's special birthday party throne. Where would you put it?


Beacon Hill Art Walk

Another wonderful day in Boston yesterday! It was so great to see friends and family stop by... even those playing pranks (Steve!). Thank you Nick, Carol, Mal, Alan, Dieter, Kathy, Steve and daughter, and Charlene for seeking me out. Two other artists friends were showing as well that Sunday... Catherine Nolan and Jenny Page. The day was beautiful, the back alleys were lovely, and the music was great. My spot was right across from the duo that played. Look for me at Putnam Place again next year. It is just off Charles Street. You can see the little opening leading to Charles Street in the photo above. The story on that snappy hat I'm wearing.. it is my father's grass cutting hat... he was willing to part with it and now I wear it to my art shows... it is a lucky art hat held together with masking tape. Join me at my next show at the Newburyport Farmers Market this Sunday, June 12, 9 am to 1 pm. Music, food, farm goods, and artisans. Hope to see you!

Best in creativity... Rose


Every year like clockwork...

This photo is from a recent slightly overcast day... but the effect is still the same. I love this rhododendron... my goal is to each year carefully clip from the bottom and let the top continue up until it is a massive pink puff reaching the second floor of my home.