Starting the next thought...

This is the beginning for "Birds Under Cover". It is a small bit. The entire piece is large - two horizontal canvasses, each 18x38. So the entire width is 6 feet. (yes, it fills the studio!) I love starting on canvas that has a bright under-painting... as I add the layers, the "ground" color makes wonderful things happen. This is a thought process now... I don't know what it will be in the end. So I ponder. In the meantime, my facebook friends have been sending me great material for the next series... lots of pics of chickens. Take a moment to "Like" my facebook page... I will be posting some interesting specials and FREE offers this spring. LOVE spring, LOVE the energy, LOVE the color.


Flowers in the Water original painting by Rose Bryant

Another in the series of "Flowers in the Water"... this one will be at the Willow Thursday. It has two panels, each 12x36, total size is 24x36. The image is painted around the sides of this deep profile canvas giving the entire piece more dimension on the wall. It works really great on my golden yellow walls as well as my almost chartreuse wall. I often walk around my house holding up a painting to see how it "feels"... every different wall color changes the "feel" of the art. Take a look at my facebook page for the variations in wall color and tell me your favorite combo!