Visiting Artists Show at Art on Union Street

We are doing a really cool thing this year for the art show on Mother's Day weekend... actually several really cool things :-). One is the Visiting Artists Show...we have 20 artists joining us here each at various stages of "growth". Some as young as 7 years old and some as young as they want to be. Each is bringing one piece of art. For some it's their first time showing work, for others it might be their 25th. I can't wait to see the mix... Another cool thing, landscape designer... Jeff Hyland of Ironwood Design Group will be on hand to help you with ideas for your exterior spaces. You can schedule a 15 minute time slot with him in advance. Bring your notes, your photos, your questions and chat. I'm sure you will feel better about your directions. Contact me to schedule. The schedule is to the left so you can see how it is filling. To add to that, Donna Jensen, a volunteer with the UNH Cooperative Extention Hotline, will be here with a honey bee observation hive and a worm composting unit... I don't know if I can stand it... its going to be great. Not your typical art show... but just how I like it!

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