"Birds on the Beach" has landed

SOLD "Birds on theBeach" has landed in a wonderful new home. I always love the story of how the journey takes shape. It usually starts with the words "I am drawn to your color". When someone says that to me, I have an overwhelming feeling of closeness ...its as if they are part of my family. You know how family can give you a "look" (in a good way) or say something as uneventful as "I know" and when they do, almost nothing else needs to be said. You speak the same language with each other... so you know. "D" had seen my work before and now she decided to make this painting a birthday present for herself. She told me of an earlier painting she had purchased from another artist decades ago, how she still loves it and how it brings as much joy to her now as it did then. When she told me that, I felt so connected to her... of course I understand. I am honored that she spent the time looking and deciding and experiencing her relationship with my color before she made the decision. I hope she enjoys this painting ... for decades. Thank you "D".

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