Anna Hardy Evans Furniture and Cymbidium Floral at ART ON UNION STREET

I am thrilled to have Anna Hardy Evans and Jessica Cristoferson show their creations here for ART ON UNION STREET. Anna is a furniture "artist"... She reinvents furniture ...parts of furniture, ...and parts with other parts of furniture. She makes her own paints. She uses found metal. Just this week I found her scouring a local thrift shop for the next adventure. She also is the owner of `In-Home" a local shop in downtown Exeter where she sells her creations plus beautiful items from other artisans and home decor companies. Jessica Christoferson creates elegant beauty in exotic floral arrangements and carries a collection of orchids and unusual flowers plus stylish gifts at her shop "Cymbidium". She will have arrangements here at the open house that will delight the eye ...and the nose. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us. We will have lots of spring color and fun... plus, I am sure you will find an idea worth taking home.

Wishing you the best in creativity, Rose

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