SPCA and De Colores Children's Center

De Colores is a wonderful oasis for children in our community. It is a small learning center that supports cultural diversity... it's also a place where Spanish can be heard on a daily basis. The parents of the center are joining Art on Union Street this year and organizing a fundraiser for the New Hampshire SPCA. Proceeds from the sale of children's art, lemonade, and treats will be sent to the local SPCA... where, I heard from our horse-loving neighbor Kerry, there is a brand new foal. Wow, what a way to pull you in to a good cause... just hearing "baby animals"... well, you know. Look for the party "for the animals" at 13 Union on May 6&7. It is sponsored by the parents of De Colores. De Colores is located in Exeter, NH. Their number is 772-8931.

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